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10 Games That are Similar to Wordle


Wordle as a game was made by software engineer Josh Wardle, who launched it in 2013. When selling the game to the New York Times (NYT) in February 2022, the engineer ensured it remained free to play. You only incur the subscription fee. Per Cnet, the game keeps track of your playing patterns and the number of victories you have; it allows the player to track themselves. When the NYT acquired it, it developed a WordleBot, a special tool that informs the players of the best moves one could have made and how they should play the next ones. There are several rules which govern the Wordle gameplay, and they include:

  • One has to make a right guess of the right Wordle at least six times.
  • The player must choose words only in the game's word list.
  • When you choose the correct letter, it turns green.
  • If you choose the right letter but place it in the wrong box, it shall turn yellow.
  • Any incorrect letter always turns grey.
  • Players have the liberty to use letters more than once.
  • Are answers must be in a singular form.
  • After you have completed your Wordle, you are supposed to share it with the other players.

NB: For any player who wants to be smart, they must start with simple words which they can develop into new words at any given time. Here are the other ten games that are like the Wordle.

10. Words with Friends

" Words With Friends" is an effective way of reconnecting with your loved ones as you keep your spelling abilities in check. Through social media platforms such as Facebook, players can form a team where they will take turns in the spelling words provided on a board. It is available on desktops and the Google Play store. Compared to other games discussed herein, it has the limitation of demanding that you must have another person to compete with rather than playing with the computer software. According to Video Games Stats, the game had more than 170 million users by April 2022.

9. Spell Tower

The 'Spell Tower' comes in 11 levels where the player is expected to combine word search with the clearance of each level (Tetris). One can play it on computers and Android phones. The longer the words the player joins, the faster they clear a given level. As they head up the level, they face more challenging words. It is available in three varieties: the "rush" (which is very fast and is best suited for the most experienced players), the "search" mode that is displayed on a super-tiny micro board as well as the "Zen," which has no time limits and it allows players to clear each level at their convenient times.

8. WordZen

Available on Google Play Store, WordZen helps players spell difficult words. The player needs to clear tiles with letters to form valid words. Players must choose the longest words when they want more points and word tiles (where they choose their words from). As you advance to higher levels, the player can unlock different music tunes and visuals found in the Zen Garden. Worden has developed other forms, such as proofreading emails and cross-checking spelling errors. As you advance to new levels, the game becomes more difficult.

7. Wordscape

Do you think you are a word professional and looking for an online game where you can participate in an online tournament? Worry no more because Wordscape can offer you that every week. It is available on mobile, and the app has more than 85 million players and downloads. It is one of the best word games made by the famous People Fun (developers of mobile phone word games). Players use random letters to create a crossword puzzle. It is a little different from the other word games in that the player has to create a word into a puzzle that guides them in selecting the right words.

After choosing the correct word, it is when players are allowed to move to the next level. It offers different levels which are very fast. When players feel stuck, they can request a hi9nt how the best word they should choose. The designers chose a different color for each level to make it more entertaining. Professional players have hinted that starting with the longest words, making words plural, and considering abbreviations are some tricks you can use to play the game faster.

6. Codewords

Sometimes there can be fun to match numbers with words. According to Simply Daily Puzzles, the Codewords are so simple to play because the player is only required to fill in a puzzle where numbers represent letters. For a start, the player is given codes for the first two/three letters. After the player enters the letters in the puzzle, they shall use the information to start finding other words. Players only need to click the square they want to begin typing. If the selected square turns yellow, the player should type the letter they believe represents the correct letter. If you get the right number, the other letters shall fill in automatically. The game can also be printed and played on paper using a pencil. There are three key buttons players should be aware of:

  • Restore Button: It takes the puzzle into its original position.
  • Reveal Letter Button: It helps the player display the correct letter they should insert in their selected square.
  • Solution Button: The button displays the complete puzzle solution.
  • The game is free online, and you do not need to have any form of subscription.

5. Mini Crossword

The Mini Crossword is five-by-five crossword players have described as one of the most addictive. According to Poynter, the game New York Times-owned game has more than 930,000 subscribers since it was launched in August 2014. After you subscribe to it at $40 per month, you shall only need internet access to play. It is attributed to one of its editors, Joel Fagliano, who sold the first puzzle to the NYT when he was 17. Unlike other complicated puzzles, it has more speed and is more predictable because players know they only have to deal with five. The game comes with six or seven clues which are very easy to get. The Mini Crossword is one of most favorite ways to start your day.

4. Lexigo

Lexigo is for players who are more experienced in playing online games. A player must finish a target word by arranging letters in a pattern like a honeycomb based on a hint. Here players are allowed to use one letter more than once until they achieve their target. The UltraBoardGames gives us a detailed account of the components and how to play the game. The components are 46-letter tiles (with two rings bonus), a dictionary, instructions, writing material for each player, and a one-minute timer. To play the game, you shall:

Choose a dealer (a person) who will draw the tiles in your first round. The dealer will draw 13 tiles from the word containers and arrange them in the tiles to form a grid, and then they will start counting the time with the 60-second timer. You must find as many words as you can. Each player, including the dealer, shall have their turn. Remember, you are allowed not to use the same letter, but they should not follow each other.

After all the players have made their moves and the time is up, you should compare the words you have. If you have the same words, they are crossed off and not accounted for when awarding the points. The words must be cross-checked in the dictionary to determine whether they exist. The bonus rings are used in the game's second and third rounds. The player who has chosen the most valid words will have the highest points and is the winner.

3. Wander Words

In this game, one is expected to drag and connect words either vertically or horizontally. It tests the players' ability to join different words to form phrases which make sense. For example, a player may drag the word 'music' and join it with 'teacher' to form a ' music teacher. It also involves completing compound words such as 'toothpaste' (by dragging tooth and paste together).

Players have the opportunity to play at least one puzzle daily. Wander Words is among the many games owned by, and you only need to log into their website and start playing by matching the right words. It is designed for different levels to cater for different players' language abilities. The good part of the game is that you do not have to give out your correct details. In addition, you do not have to wait until another player is available. The words are self-generated. Log in and play now!


If you are not interested in playing online games with computer software, then here is your opportunity to play with real players in real-time. The Wikihow gives us one of the most straightforward ways to predict what others are drawing. It gives us a step-by-step analysis of how to play the game. Note that there are different results but pick the one at the top. Go ahead and pick a name. You do not need to pick your real name; if you fail to, the system will generate one. Choose your preferred language. If you pick a different language, it may lead to confusion. You can choose three available characters: mouth, eyes, and color. After you choose the character, you can now press "play." Always start your game with a greeting, for example, "Hi."

Now you have joined the game. You can play by: Wait for someone to start drawing, and then you join in turns. At the top of the game, you shall see how a green or red thumb shows whether you like or dislike any letters in each word. You can use the green or the red thump to show the words you like or dislike. Guess the word using the drawing using the dashes or the letters at the top. Each player has their turn to draw their chosen word.

1. Wordmeister

The Wordmeister borrows a lot from the Wordle. The players use letters to create words. The advantage of the game is that it is available on different learning levels. The game is available on Microsoft Office for computers and Android for smartphones. The players play against the computer. One does not need to have a fellow human being to play it. The game starts with each player being affected, even a letter. If you get the letter which comes first in the alphabetical order, then it is your turn to make the first move. A board is provided, and each player should place the letters into them to make complete words. The trickier a letter is, the more they generate points.

The Wordmeister accepts all the words which are accepted in the scramble. The more you correctly form words, the more you will get points. In addition, you should notice that there are different color squares with varied bonuses. The blue color will double the value of your letter in the affected square, green triples it, whereas the orange and red double and triple the value of the words, respectively.

In Conclusion

Online wordplay games are taking the world by storm. They have the advantage in that they are easily available at different levels. They help improve our creativity, proper free time, and cognitive skills, besides helping us develop new imaginative skills. The fact that some do not require other players to be present(online) has effectively killed boredom. For the lovers of word games, it seems that this generation will enjoy them most, for many of them are undergoing evolution, and we shall grow with them till they are fine-tuned.

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