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What Does Bruce Springsteen Do For Charity?

Bruce Springsteen, better yet known as "The Boss," graced the stage with his presence and charities. If you're a fan of his music, then you'll be glad to know that Bruce has been a generous donor to several charities throughout his career.

Some big-name charities include the THRU Project, The Angel Network, and many more.

Bruce Springsteen has founded two charity organizations, The Trill Foundation and The Foundation Inc. Both of these foundations focus on helping low-income families gain resources and funding.

He is also performing for non-profit organizations and has been using his talent as a musician to help raise money since the early 1980s.

Aside from that, he's also created a few charities named "Bruce Funds," which focus on providing show tickets to families in need. While his leading charity doesn't tackle serious issues, others do. So, let's get into all of Springsteen's philanthropic work.

The Boss's Commitment to Charity

Bruce has always been known for his kind heart and, to this day, for his generous contributions to charity. While not all of them have been started directly by him, he has taken the time to help establish charities with ranging charitable causes. Here are some of his known established charities.

Thrill Hill Foundation

Bruce also does grantmaking through this company which supports multiple issues. Some include human services for families, and others are antipoverty grants. The Thrill Hill Foundation focuses on providing funds for medical research, food services, and youth programs.

The foundation was formed in 1987 in California by Bruce Springsteen. Furthermore, the foundation has earned more than $3 million and has donated it to non-profits. The foundation also has $5 million raised for use in future non-profit projects.

The Foundation, Inc.

The Foundation Inc. is another foundation Bruce Springsteen founded and focuses on providing house repairs for low-income homeowners in NJ. Springsteen founded this foundation in the late 1980s, covering low-income families in Monmouth County in New Jersey. So far, the company has raised over $1.5 million and continues to raise more funds for other low-income families.

Springsteen's Other Relief Efforts

Aside from the two foundations he has started, he has also partaken in other relief efforts. Some include performances, while for different charities, he makes donations. Below, we'll explain Springsteen's involvement with charitable causes.

The 1736 Family Crisis Center

The Family Crisis Center focuses on helping victims of domestic violence and runaway youth. It also helps homeless youth, families, and unemployed adults. The foundation provides services and resources to low-income families and helps assist them.

Community Food Bank of New Jersey

The Community Food Bank of New Jersey helps provide food for needy families. This also includes handing out food to the homeless. Bruce supported and made donations to the food bank to help struggling families.

New England Shelter for Homeless Veterans

Bruce was denied entry into the army when he was 18 due to being unfit to serve. However, he wanted to give back to veterans who served. This includes donating to the New England Shelter for Homeless Veterans (NECHV).

They provide housing to serving veterans at risk of becoming homeless. Not only that, but the foundation works to provide employment, independent living, and other resources to veterans in need.

Saturday Soup of Asbury Park

The Saturday Soup Kitchen is located at Asbury Park in New Jersey. Bruce has been seen in the past helping in the kitchen years ago. The soup kitchen provides guests with a hot lunch for anyone who attends.

Project Angel Food

Project Angel Food also helps provide meals to those struggling with physical illnesses. Those who need more resources or money to buy or prepare food are welcome to contact the company. Bruce has helped provide grants through his other foundations.

Charities Related to Bruce Springsteen

Some charities are associated with Bruce Springsteen, but he is not actively a member. These charities and non-profits have used inspiration from some of Bruce's activist music or album titles. Below, we'll give a short breakdown of some related organizations.

Light of Day Foundation

The Light of Day Foundation was named after Springsteen's 1987 song for a movie that features Michael J. Fox. The foundation was founded by Bob Benjamin, Springsteen's local music manager. The mission of the foundation is to help assist those fighting Parkinson's and ALS.

By partnering with famous musicians, the proceeds from ticket sales go towards treatments, cures, and research for those suffering from these illnesses. It was founded in 2000 and has since collected more than $4.5 million in proceeds.

Springsteen has had significant involvement by showing up and appearing in 11 shows that they have hosted. All those ticket sales have helped raise enough money to help those suffering from debilitating neurological diseases.

Bruce Funds

Bruce Funds focuses on helping aid those suffering from financial hardships who can't afford to see Springsteen perform. is managed by fans and helps select other fans who may want to see a concert live. These fans go through illness, job loss, or other financial deficits.

Other Charities Bruce Springsteen Supports

Here is a list of charities that Bruce Springsteen is known to support:

  • Aid Still Required
  • Amnesty International
  • Bob Woodruff Foundation
  • Every Mother
  • CountsExploring
  • The Arts
  • Friars Foundation
  • Global Poverty Project
  • Hudson River Sloop
  • Clearwater
  • Kristen Ann Carr Fund
  • Melanoma Research Alliance

Bruce Springsteen Charity FAQs

What is Bruce Springsteen charity concert?

Bruce Springsteen has held dozens of charity concerts throughout his career. The most notable was a benefit concert for the victims of Hurricane Sandy in 2012, where Bruce and his band played for six hours to an audience of over 60,000 in Asbury Park, New Jersey. Bruce has also held charity concerts for veterans, children's causes, and many other causes.

What is Bruce Springsteen net worth?

Bruce Springsteen's net worth is estimated to be approximately $650 million. This wealth has allowed Bruce to donate large sums of money to various charities and causes, including but not limited to: the Bruce Springsteen Fund for Vulnerable Children, Little Kids Rock, The THRU Project, and many others.

How did the boss Bruce Springsteen get his nickname?

Bruce Springsteen got his nickname, "The Boss," from the early days of his career when he was the leader and manager of his band. Bruce has embraced the nickname ever since and often uses it to refer to him since fans were fond of it.

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