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What Does Tiger Woods do for Charity?

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods’ charity work is not often discussed but he is someone who believes strongly in the importance of giving back to the community. Since his initial rise to fame and fortune, he has worked tirelessly to assist a wide range of charitable causes. For example, he was most recently in the news discussing Tiger Jam.

TGR Foundation

It is an offshoot of his TGR Foundation and one of their most crucial fundraising events each year. “Tiger jam has been an incredible fundraising event for us. It’s been an atmosphere in which we’ve had some of the most iconic artists of all time. Play. Everyone has a great time. But it’s a time in which we can expose the people who are there to what we’re trying to do as a foundation,” Woods shares.

“A lot of donators and people have donated not only the money but significant chunks of their time to making our future as a foundation more impactful,” he added. All proceeds from the event benefit the TGR Foundation, which has been working to change the lives of the less fortunate for the past 25+ years. His initial objective was simple: he wanted to provide access to college programs and classes for youth that may not have been able to attend otherwise.

Earl Woods Scholarship Program

The Earl Woods Scholarship Program is also part of this initiative, as Tiger looked to keep his father’s name alive in the decades since his passing. High-achieving students who have financial needs can turn to this program for all of the necessary assistance. Millions of scholars have gotten the financial help that they need so that they can attend various prestigious institutions.

“Education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty, and we see this every day in the work we do. Almost 90% of our college scholars are first in their families to graduate, which is a game changer for those families,” says Woods. For Tiger, the most rewarding aspect of the program is seeing all of the students that he has assisted becoming integral parts of the workforce.

This is how he has extended his legacy well beyond the golf course. In fact, the TGR Foundation has put some impressive numbers in this regard. In 2021, the organization celebrated a significant milestone. Woods had officially helped his 2 millionth student. While the program was initially focused on assisting Southern California students, they have since expanded their operations.

What Else Has The TGR Foundation Accomplished?

It might seem counterproductive to ask this question about an organization that has already helped over 2 million students further their education, but there is no shortage of accomplishments to be discussed. Woods does not merely provide funding for kids who are looking to head off to college, the organization also assists when it comes to the college admissions process.

Once the COVID-19 pandemic hit and in-person learning was no longer feasible, the TGR Foundation helped students to manage the remote learning process as well. They are given the tools that they need to prepare for a career while they are in school, as Woods prioritizes this sort of readiness.

But Wait, There’s More….

This is not all that the TGR Foundation provides. Tiger and his father Earl looked to create and support programs that would assist children from all over America and it is safe to say that they have achieved their goal. In addition to all of the aforementioned charitable assistance, there are no shortage of events and programs that are designed to help.

TGR Learning Labs, Hero World Challenge, Genesis Open and The National are just a few of them. Tiger Woods is also not looking to further the divides that are taking place in this country between the haves and have-nots. He is looking to bridge the gap and the students that he assists are chosen very carefully.

Minority empowerment is a primary objective, as Woods looks to assist underprivileged minority students specifically. He does not merely cut a check for the students to attend college, he looks to position them for future success. He believes strongly in “developing self-advocacy skills in young people,” which shows in the decisions that he makes.

Employment of Educators

While we have discussed the millions of students that have received timely assistance, it is also important to note that Woods’ organization is responsible for the employment of thousands of educators as well. Some skeptics may wonder what happens once the students are sent off to school but it is clear to see that Woods’ methods have worked wonders as far as assisting underprivileged students.

Students who are sent to college by the TGR Foundation have a whopping graduation rate that compares favorably with any other program in the country. A 98.7% graduation rate is hard for most other organizations to match and it is proof that Woods is making a real difference. He saw a hole in our current society and decided to use his considerable resources to fill it.

“I wanted a permanent, safe space for kids to explore their dreams,” Woods says. Thanks to his tireless efforts, the foundation has achieved a number of different milestones that few would have thought possible. Most recently, the Pathways Forward initiative was birthed through the foundation and has formed a number of different partnerships to provide more programs and resources for needy families.

Further Enhancements

Find Your Grind, Experian, Genesis Bank and Bitwise are working with Pathways Forward currently. In 2020, the TGR EDU program was enhanced even further. This online learning program helped kids through the pandemic and while it existed prior to 2020, the inaugural e-learning series aimed to make educators’ tasks a bit easier during an already challenging time.

The pandemic did not even stop Woods’ other charitable pursuits. The aforementioned Tiger Jam still went off without a hitch in 2020. The charity event was re-branded as a virtual moment and renamed as the TGR EXP: Jam with Purpose. All of the proceeds from this event were provided to the Tiger Woods Foundation’s education programs.

What Other Charities Does Tiger Woods Support?

Caddy For a Cure

This non-profit organization looks to provide monies for a wide range of charities. Fanconi Anemia Research Fund, Birdies For The Brave, the PGA TOUR player’s charity of choice, the host site’s charity of choice and the Caddy Assistance fund are the benefiting programs but these are not the only organizations that receive support. The Tiger Woods Foundation is just one of the many additional regional or national programs that Caddy for a Cure has been able to reach.

Boys and Girls Club of Palm Beach County

Woods is more than happy to lend his name and time to this organization. Charity golf tournaments have been held on behalf of the Boys and Girls Club of Palm Beach County, with proceeds being split between them and the Tiger Woods Foundation.

The Tiger Woods Charity Playoffs provides the necessary incentives for participants, as any team that donates or raises $10,000 is advanced to the finals automatically. Even with all of the work that is done by the Tiger Woods Foundation, Tiger Woods’ charity work knows no bounds. He is always on the lookout for additional organizations that he can assist.

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