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The 10 Most Expensive Golf Courses to Play In the World

Golf is one of the most expensive sports and if you like to play on upscale courses, you are looking to pay a pretty penny for a round of golf.

There are beautiful golf courses all over the world and some of them are quite costly, but if you have the money, the experience of playing on these courses could be worth every dime.

Every golf course is different and they all have their unique qualities that make the game different, greater or lesser challenges, different terrain, views, weather conditions, as well as other differences.

If you have ever been interested in what some of the most expensive courses are around the across the globe, then keep reading to find out what the ten most expensive golf courses to play in the world, are.

10. The Barton Creek Foothill and Canyon Golf Club - Texas, U.S.

The Barton Creek Foothill and Canyon Golf Club is found in Austin, Texas and it is a very challenging course for even the most skilled players, though the beautiful scenery of waterfalls, limestone caves, and fairways lined with beautiful cliffs, may make you think it's meant to be a relaxing and an easy game.

The course was ranked#4, on their "America's 50 Best Resort Courses," list, and some of the holes on the course were listed as being some of Texas' most beautiful. If you want to play the Barton Creek Foothill and Canyon Golf Club's course, you can expect to pay $298 a person for one round.

9. Whistling Straits - Wisconsin, U.S.

There are two courses at Whistling Straits, which is in Wisconsin; the Straits course and the Irish course. Both of the courses were designed by Pete Dye and both are ranked in the list of best golf courses for the U.S.

The Whistling Straits has hosted several golfing events, including the 2004 and 2010 PGA Championships, the Palmer Cup, as well as the U.S. Senior Open.

As of now, it is also set to be the host of the 2020 Ryder Cup. The Straits course was designed to follow two miles of the Lake Michigan shoreline, and the Irish course was designed with a more Irish terrain of grasslands and dunes, which makes the course more challenging.

This is an expensive course to play, costing $300 per person, per round.

8. Kingsbarns Golf Links - St. Andrews, Scotland

The Kingsbarns Golf Links is located in St. Andrews, Scotland and is one of the most expensive golf courses in the world. At $300 per person, per round of golf, this course and hosts the European Tour's Alfred Dunhill Links Championship, yearly.

A golf resort has recently been opened on the site of the golf course, however, golf has been played here since 1793. The caddies at Kingsbarns are one-of-a-kind here; they take caddying to the next level and guarantee customer satisfaction to the degree that if they should fail to give each golfer the best experience, they will reimburse their caddy fee.

The Scottish hospitality is important to this golf course and it spreads to the resorts and close-by hotels as well.

7. The Spyglass Hill Golf Course - California, U.S.

The Spyglass Hill golf course opened back in 1966 and gets name from the story and legend, "Treasure Island." The author of the story, Robert Louis Stevenson is said to have gone there once, to get some ideas for his novel. 

In honor of, some of the holes have been named after pirates, "Black Dog," and "Billy Bones." The course has been rated, not only as one of the toughest courses globally, but as one of the most challenging.

Some of the world's best golfers have played the course, so if you ever do, you have completed the same challenge as some of the best, including, Phil Mickelson and Luke Donald. To play The Spyglass Hill Golf Course in California, you will pay $315 per person, per round.

6. The Ocean Course - South Carolina, U.S.

The Ocean Course was created to intentionally let the wind effect the game, making it as challenging for the experienced golfers as it would be for beginners. By Reader's Digest standards, this course is the toughest and was even ranked as the toughest golf course in the U.S. in 2010.

While you are trying to make the ball into the hole, you will be delighted by beautiful views of the Atlantic Ocean from every hole throughout the course.

The course has been host to many tournaments, including the 1991 Ryder Cup, 20203 World's Cup, the 2001 UBS Cup, the 2005 PGA Professional National Championship, the 2007 Senior PGA and the PGA of last year. This course charges $320 per person, per round of golf.

5. TPC Sawgrass - Florida, U.S.

The TPC Sawgrass golf course, located in Jacksonville, Florida is said to be one of the very toughest courses and is a real test of skill. This is because the course was designed to not favor any one type of golfing style.

Golf Digest ranked the course as #41 in the publication's 100 Greatest Golf courses for their 2011-2012 edition, and Golfweek ranked it as the best course in the entire state of Florida. The course is not only beautiful, but it is very price, at $350 per person, per round of golf.

4. The Pinehurst Course Number 2 - North Carolina, U.S.

Located in Pinehurst, North Carolina, the Number 2 course is one of the most expensive courses globally. At #375 per person, per round of golf, people come from all over the world to play on this course.

The resort features a total of eight unique courses and the Number 2, the Number 8, and the Number 4 have consistently been ranked at the top of the list for the best courses in the world.

The course has been host to several tournaments through the years, and the course is often running specials to entice golfers to come play, from deals on rounds of golf with hotel stays, to deals with meals and golf.

3. Old Head Golf Links - County Cork, Ireland

The course is located in the Old Head of Kinsale, which is a headland near Kinsale, County Cook. The area is south of Ireland and the course was designed by John and Patrick O'Connor.

You get an amazing view as you play your entire game of golf, that promises to be as amazing as your game. Old Head Golf Links is an incredibly hard and challenging course that surrounds you with a rugged nature of terrain, yet the clubhouse is cheerful and full of old Irish hospitality that caters to your every need.

You can relax in the Lusitania Bar, and five-star restaurant. The locals have continually been a bit miffed that the club does not allow them to the club.

There is significance to the name and location of this course, and it is that this is the closes point of land that was near the RMS Lusitania that sank in 1916 and provoked the U.S. to enter World War I.

The course costs $400 per person, per round of golf and is the third most expensive golf course in the world.

2. Pebble Beach Golf Links - California, U.S.

This is the course that is most often used for the U.S. open and the Ryder Cup. The course is situated in Carmel Bay and gives golfers one of the most beautiful bits of scenery as they play golf, above most other courses.

It overlooks the Pacific Ocean with its magnificent cliffs and rugged coastlines. The designer of the course purposefully designed the course to take golfers out onto a peninsula that juts out over the Pacific, to add some thrill to the game.

This course has been said to be the most beautiful course in the U.S. and it charges $475 per person, per round. It is the second most expensive golf in the world.

1. Shadow Creek Golf Course - Nevada, U.S.

Shadow Creek Golf Course is owned by one of the cities biggest casin Moguls, Steve Wyn and it opened in 1989. The course was built in the middle of the desert and in order to kep it hidden from the public eye, it has over 21,000 trees of over 200 different varities.

It has been estimate to have cost between $60 million and $100 million to build. The cost to play one round of golf for one person is $500 and one of the reasons why, is because you are treated like a king.

You are driven to and from the course in a limo and you must be an invited guest of the MGM Mirage resort in order to even play. The Shadow Creek Golf Course is the most expensive golf course in the world.

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