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What Does Howard Stern do for Charity?

Whether you love or hate him, Howard Stern’s strong and somewhat abrasive personality is anchored firmly in today’s satellite radio world. He’s amassed a net worth of more than $600 million throughout his controversial career and seems to rake in more and more each year.

With all this money sitting in the bank, Stern can easily afford to be charitable in more than one way. But, unfortunately, it’s hard to find out if Howard Stern helps with any charity.

Howard Stern Charity Support of Peers

Howard Stern has had his hand in one sort of media or another for decades, so it’s no wonder he’s had many people come and go on his staff. Regardless, he has allowed his supporting staff to talk about their charity support and events.

For example, Robin Quivers brought up her favorite charities and events on Howard’s show over the years. The fact that he allows those charities to take up airtime is an act of charitable support in itself. Stern has even taken the whole crew down to a charity fundraiser in support of Robin.

Yet don’t think that Stern will hold back if he’s not behind pushing a charity platform. For example, on March 24, 2010, Howard can be quoted saying, “I don’t like this new charity fundraiser, Robin.”

Robin responded by saying that she had always been into charity and was even a Big Sister at one point. Stern later softened his banter, letting Robin know, “I’m proud of you. You know that. I hope.”

If you know anything at all about Howard Stern, then you know a statement like that is rare. And it is most definitely charitable for the star.

Sharing the Good Deeds of Others

Howard Stern has a website where his staff recaps his show and reports on different stories. You might be surprised that charity sometimes makes its way into the news section.

In 2016, Stern’s website shared a story about Snoop Dog donating a personally hand-rolled blunt for auction at Seth Rogen’s Hilarity for Charity fundraising event.

While the story is wacky enough to make Stern’s news page, it’s also free advertising for a meaningful charity event. Even if the exposure wasn’t intended to spread the word about the event, it’s still pretty generous and big-hearted of his brand to promote the auction with that story.

Keep Your Friends Close, Spend Time in the Studio

The Howard Stern show has celebrities and people in entertainment coming and going all the time. Yet Howard gave Jayni and Chevy Chase’s GREEN Community Schools Initiative a day for the winning bidder to spend in the studio with Stern.

Anyone going into this auction had to expect a wild and crazy experience if they won that prize. However, it’s still an act of charity. He didn’t have to invite a stranger into his studio while raising money for another person’s charitable interest.

It’s All About the Animals

Despite Stern’s abrasive and often insulting commentary, he’s somehow managed to enjoy a long-term commitment with his wife, Beth Ostrosky Stern. His wife is a staunch animal rights activist and has somehow involved Stern in her animal charity.

The Sterns started Bianca’s Furry Friends Feline Adoption Center together and named it after their beloved dog after she passed away. This center allows cats looking for forever homes to roam freely instead of being held in kennels. This, in turn, creates healthier, well-adjusted felines who are more likely to be adopted.

The adoption center created by the Sterns became a part of the North Shore Animal League, and Stern and his wife remain active supporters.

Between fostering cats and kittens and funding whatever is needed to help felines find homes, Stern has proven himself to be charitable to animals. Not only that, but he spends time as an animal rights activist, proving he’s serious about his passion for animals.

Never Forget the Howard Stern Charity Efforts in Tough Times

Everyone remembers how 9/11 impacted not just themselves, but the entire world. Stern played a significant role in raising more than 1.5 million dollars for the Twin Towers Fund.

This would be the first time Howard had used his platform to rally his listeners to donate money. Stern also had some pretty influential and well-off friends answer his call. This shock-jock exposed a softer, widely appealing side to pull this charitable call to action off.

Founding Member to Offer Hope and Healing

If you’ve never heard about Janie’s Fund, it’s an organization that helps young girls who live with abuse, neglect, or any other threatening action started by Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler. While the fund has some big corporate sponsors, it’s also supported by well-known celebrities, including Howard Stern, Brittney Spears, Bono, Sir Elton John, and more.

Supporting Research, Better Treatments, and the Search for a Cure

Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation for Cancer Research came about in 1996. The purpose of the foundation is to help find a way to make cancer treatments less toxic and, ultimately, to find a way to eradicate it altogether.

Howard Stern is a supporter who is joined by other celebrities, including Lady Gaga, LeBron James, Blake Lively, Martha Stewart, and many more. Stern joined many other entertainers to support this cause, indicating that he’s sympathetic when necessary and can back it up with his financial donations.

Painting to Honor His Late Father

You might not know this, but Howard Stern is a painter. He’s considered talented by many fans, yet he tends to keep that more creative side private. That may all change now that the passing of Stern’s father has prompted him to create paintings in his honor.

While Stern has mentioned his father’s death at 99 years of age, he’s also talked about honoring his father by painting barns. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been mention of how the paintings will be used. But as it’s known that they’re inspired by his late father, it wouldn’t be surprising to see them up for auction or sale to benefit a charitable cause.

Investing in His Mother’s Health

It doesn’t matter if you think a person has the means to help a parent. It isn’t in any way legally required. Stern has been selective with the information he’s given his audience about his mother’s health struggles, but he has indicated that he’s actively involved in getting her help.

Stern’s mother has been said to have depression. Since she’s in her 90s, it’s also been shared that her body is breaking down as well. Howard admits to calling in some of the medical experts he’s talked about on his show.

Even though he’s helping his mom with medical expenses, Stern also provides her with her own place to live. She’s also receiving medical care at home, all at her son’s expense.

Secretly Charitable Howard Stern

Anyone who champions animals has a heart that’s always rooting for the little guy. So even if Stern is vocal about one charity, it’s one more than most people will donate to throughout their entire lives.

Not many children can provide their parents with their own home and personal medical care. However, even those who do don’t always do as much as Stern does for his mom. This is one of the key indicators that show who Howard Stern really is when he’s away from the microphone.

Howard Stern supports charity, whether in a large organization or in the care of a loved one. This is the real Howard Stern.

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