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What Does Miley Cyrus Do for Charity?

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus has been in the spotlight for most of her life. She's used her fame as a way to give back, becoming active in a wide variety of charities over the years. Miley Cyrus charity includes her own nonprofit, the Happy Hippie Foundation, as well as many others.

Who is Miley Cyrus?

Miley Cyrus was born Destiny Hope Cyrus in 1992. Her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, had a successful country music career. She has the most Billboard 200 top-five albums of any female artist, with 13.

She began her career on the Disney show, Hannah Montana, as a teen. The show portrayed her as the celebrity, Hannah, and as a normal girl, Miley.

She has created music within many genres over the years, including country, pop, and rock.

Happy Hippie Foundation

Miley Cyrus charity portfolio includes the Happy Hippie Foundation, which she founded in 2014. The organization went public in May of 2015. She was inspired to create the foundation after visiting My Friends Place, a charity devoted to homeless youth.

The charity aims to provide aid to homeless youth, and other at risk groups, including LGBTQ youth. Services include support services, crisis response to help meet immediate needs, and homeless prevention services.

Happy Hippie Foundation Activities and Accomplishments

In the first year of operation, Happy Hippie Foundation donated 40,000 meals and 20,000 snacks to homeless children. The foundation also contributed 40,000 pairs of underwear and socks.

The foundation partnered with the Zebra Coalition to offer counseling services for Orlando youth after the 2016 Orlando nightclub shooting.

Miley Cyrus AIDs Charity

Miley Cyrus has contributed to several charities devoted to AIDs care and research. These include AMFAR, The Foundation for Aids Research, Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric Aids Foundation, and The Elton John AIDs Foundation.

She is particularly concerned about the LGBTQ+ community, and their increased risk of contracting AIDs.

Gay and bisexual men accounted for 2% of the U.S. population in 2013. However, they account for 55% of all people with HIV in the U.S. If the current trend continues, 1 in 6 gay or bisexual men will contract HIV during their life.

AMFAR Award and Contributions

The Foundation for AIDS Research, also known as AMFAR, is a foundation dedicated to eradicating AIDS throughout the world through innovative research and support.

Miley Cyrus received the Inspiration Award in 2015. AMFAR has funded over 3,300 grants for research around the world. The foundation also works to improve public policy, including helping to pass federal legislation to protect those with HIV.

In 2017, Cyrus attended the AMFAR auction, and purchased a photograph for $300,000. She donated an additional $200,000 to the American Foundation for AIDS Research.


Miley Cyrus charity contributions also include cancer foundations. She has contributed to Stand Up to Cancer, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, and Bear Necessities Pediatric Cancer Foundation.

Stand Up to Cancer was a telethon which featured an all female group that crossed genres. The song, "Just Stand Up" was simultaneously released on NBC, CBS, and ABC in 2005.

Bear Necessities Pediatric Cancer Foundation funds pediatric cancer research. They also educate the public, and provide support grants for pediatric cancer patients.

Miley Cyrus attended the Power of Youth Street Fair for St. Jude Children's Hospital in 2007, when she was still a teen herself.

Miley Gets Personal

Some of Miley's most memorable contributions are extremely personal. She not only gives her time and money, she shares some of her biggest moments with those in need.

Homeless Teen at the VMAs

She brought a homeless teen that she had met while volunteering to the 2014 VMA awards.

Jessie accompanied Miley to the VMAs. When Miley received the Video of the Year award for Wrecking Ball, she allowed Jessie to make a speech about homelessness, rather than basking in the spotlight. After the award show, Jessie was treated to a dinner date with Miley.

Duet with Cancer Patient

In 2009, Miley invited a young girl with cancer onto the stage. Together, the two sang "The Climb". The moment is still bringing people to tears today.

Make a Wish Foundation

Miley has worked with the Make a Wish Foundation many times. Make a Wish Foundation grants wishes to children with critical illness. While it may seem frivolous at first, it actually has an incredible impact.

87% of alumni state that having their wish granted was a turning point in their treatment journey. 99% of doctors say that wishes help relieve the traumatic stress of illness for family members.

Make a Wish L.A. Tour

In 2011, Miley granted the wish of 14 children. She gave them a tour of L.A. In addition to seeing the city, the children got to spend time with their hero.

Iheart Radio Music Festival with Halley

Halley is an aspiring singer, and idolizes Miley Cyrus. She has been struggling with kidney disease for the last decade. She has found inspiration to keep fighting in Miley's music.

At the 2019 iHeart Radio Music Festival, held in Las Vegas, NV, Halley's wish was granted. She got to see Miley perform, including her soundcheck and festival performance. She was also able to hang out with Miley backstage. The two did a duet of "The Climb" backstage as well.

Red Cross Work

Miley has worked with the Red Cross to support many causes as well. Miley Cyrus charity includes the 2018 wildfires which hit close to home, Haiti relief efforts, and Holidays for Heroes.

2018 Wildfires

Miley lost her L.A. home during the 2018 wildfires that raged. She counts herself among the lucky ones, because her animals and her partner were saved.

Cyrus tweeted about her loss, and her gratitude for what she had left. She also asked for donations for the Red Cross relief effort.

Holidays for Heroes

Miley helped create a special holiday card for members of the armed forces, who must spend their holiday away from their loved ones in 2010. The Holidays for Heroes program continues today. It helps brighten the holidays of those who are protecting us abroad.

Haiti Earthquake Relief

The 2010 earthquake that hit Haiti created a humanitarian crisis. Young Miley didn't hesitate to become involved in the relief effort.

She held an online charity auction, with the proceeds going to the Red Cross Haiti relief fund.

Cyrus auctioned her Herve Leger dress, which she wore to the Grammy Awards in 2010. She also got her famous friends, including Nicole Richie, and Britney Spears, involved.

Miley Cyrus Charity FAQs

How much has Miley Cyrus donated to charity?

It's difficult to determine exactly how much Miley has donated to charity. We do know that in addition to her $500,000 AMFAR donation, she donated $500,000 to wildfire relief in 2018. These are just a few of her contributions.

Is Miley Cyrus a philanthropist?

Yes, Miley Cyrus is a philanthropist. In fact, she was listed as one of the 10 most philanthropic celebrities.

How has Miley Cyrus affected society?

Miley Cyrus's music has made an impact on several genres of the industry. However, she's had bigger impacts in other areas.

She is devoted to social justice issues, including fighting LBBTQ discrimination, feminism, homelessness, and charity work. She uses her success, and social media, to make a difference in society.

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