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20 Things You Didn't Know about Margot Robbie

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Some people know her as Naomi Lapaglia from the Wolf of Wall Street, others as Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad, and others still as "Maggot" from middle school. Whatever you call her; there is no denying that Margot Robbie is one of the most sought after actresses in Hollywood. She is twenty-six and beautiful, in a blue mood, minor knock around key kinda way. She’s blonde but with dark roots; tall but with the aid of certain shoes; and can be sexy when she wants to.

She is Aussie, as most people probably know by now. To understand where she comes from, you need to consider what this means. Australia is the States fifty years ago, slow and sunny, a throwback, where the folks live and die with soap operas in Perth and Melbourne, and still depend on a single massive market in Sydney and Adelaide. An ambitious Aussie actor, or actress (as Robbie is), views the Hollywood scene keenly from a far distance: she studied from afar while waiting for the perfect opportunity, the right wave, which drove her from the drab Australian coast to the billboards of Sunset Boulevard, where she is the face of not 1 but 2 summer blockbusters: Suicide Squad, a Batman spinoff featuring Will Smith and Jared Leto and The Legend of Tarzan, which co-stars Alexander Skarsgard from True Blood.

With that in mind, here are 20 things you probably didn’t know about Margot Robbie.

1. She Has Been Accused of Lying About Her Age

For most women, age is considered a very sensitive matter and not everyone really likes to admit how old they are. In Margot Robbie’s case, the controversy about her age started when a certain interview in 2008 stated that the actress was 23 at that time. This would bring her age to around 30-31 years as of this writing. Apparently, this age issue has been following her for quite some time, with another interview still insisting that the actress was not born in 1990. Whatever the case, Robbie is arguably one of the hottest female celebrities that ace the red carpet in style.

2. She Attended Circus School

For extra-curricular activities, most girls prefer doing such things as ballet dancing, music, and perhaps cooking. But Margot Robbie is not most people. When she was young, 8 years old to be exact, Robbie’s mother enrolled her to a circus school for a trapeze program. As it turns out, the “trapeze certificate” she earned during that tender age proved to be quite useful, as is evident in Suicide Squad.

3. She is not a healthy eater

The assumption in the entertainment industry is that actors, especially actresses, have to eat healthily to maintain their gorgeous bodies. But Margot Robbie couldn’t give a toss about that stereotype. She has always admitted that she doesn’t follow any particular diet, and instead prefers eating fries and burgers and drinking beer. In fact, she is not a very big fan of food moderation: she would be very upset if you insist she just eat a salad and a glass of wine for dinner, and then call it a night. She does, however, love eating carrots when it comes to wearing a bikini.

4. She starting acting on soaps

Most people became obsessed with Margot Robbie when she landed her role in The Wolf of Wall Street. But, while this was a major breakthrough in terms of big budget films, her first real debut in showbiz started with an acting job in a TV show in her home country, Australia. The soap opera was known as Neighbors, where she played the role of Donna Freedman. Neighbors has inspired the acting careers of several other Aussie movie stars, including Russell Crowe and Liam Hemsworth. While her first appearance on the show was as a guest role, she was so impressive that the producers decided to make her a regular with a massive 3 year contract.

5. She got drunk while shooting Wolf of Wall Street

The Wolf of Wall Street was received with mixed reactions from the audience, particularly due to the exclusive scenes involved in the movie. However, for Margot Robbie, this was a career defining moment for the young actress. The quandary is that, during one of the scenes, Robbie had to appear completely in the buff, something she was rather uncomfortable with especially with no prior experience in that department. Naturally, she was extremely nervous and one of the members of the crew was kind enough to offer a little juice to calm her nerves. Robbie admits that the 3 shots of tequila helped neutralize her nerves and boost her confidence.

6. She is a big fan of Ice Hockey

When growing up, Margot Robbie had always wanted to play ice hockey but the heat in Australia could not allow it. As a result, she had to content with field hockey instead. Once she migrated to the States, she was finally able to enjoy the sport she had always loved. In fact, Robbie is involved in an amateur team where she plays as a right wing. She is also a big fan of the New York Rangers, but admits that her ice skating needs a little work.

7. She almost landed a marvel superhero role

Since she was discovered in The Wolf of Wall Street, several major offers have come her way, including the infamous role of Harley Quinn in the just released Suicide Squad. However, there are several other comic book characters she has been asked to play. The biggest one was that of Sue Storm in the recent reboot of Fantastic Four, before the role was given to Kate Mara. Whatever the reason the part wasn’t given to Margot Robbie, it turned out to be a wonderful stroke of luck as the whole Fantastic Four reboot was not up to par with fans expectations.

8. Her childhood nickname was “Maggot”

When she was a kid, Margot Robbie’s classmates notoriously gave her the nickname “Maggot,” which I guess was coined from her first name “Margot.” Maggot is not something you’d really want as a nickname, as it refers to a soft-bodied legless larva of an insect (think fly), found in decaying matter. Unfortunately, the name stuck for years and she just had to go with the flow. Luckily, Maggot, I mean Margot, is one of the highest paying ladies in the movie industry sooo… Robbie 1, classmates 0.

9. She hates Harley Quinn

Suicide Squad was one of the most anticipated movies of 2016. Fans were looking to see more action than drama in the antihero film to get over the disappointment of DC’s Batman Vs Superman. While most people were really looking forward to see Margot Robbie play the Joker’s right hand girl, Margot is not thrilled about the lady. In addition to being the Joker’s girlfriend, Harley Quinn is also a psychopath, which Margot Robbie says does not match with her personality. However, being a professional, she had to adapt to the character and it looks like she pretty much nailed the rol

10. She was roommates with Christina Ricci

Between 2011 and 2012, Margot Robbie and Christina Ricci were cast as the lead roles in a comedy series known as Pan Am. The two played the characters of 1960’s stewardesses and had to wear retro super tight girdles to reflect the old days. Robbie always had a difficult time getting into the costume and had to rely on her roomie, Christina Ricci, to wrestle her way into the dress. Although the TV show seemed to be going pretty well, even going as far as to be called “the Mad Men of the sky,” the ratings hit a slump and Pan Am was not renewed for a 2nd season. Today, Margot lives with 5 of her closest friends in London.

11. She is moral-minded

After her jaw-dropping appearance in The Wolf of Wall Street, Hugh Hefner requested for Margot Robbie to do Playboy for a substantial amount of money. However, Robbie declined the offer stating that she only gets it all out for artistic purposes and does not feel the need to reveal her body on the cover of such magazines. She also stated that she is not shy about her body image, but rather embraces the fact that she is young and beautiful. The actress is particularly fond of surfing, hunting wild pigs on the farm, riding around on motorbike, and building cubbies in the paddocks during her free time.

12. She had an instant connection with Will Smith

To recap, Will Smith has been married to Jada Pinkett Smith for more than fifteen years now, and the couple has one of the most admired marriages in Hollywood. This is enhanced by the fact that the entertainment industry can be rather tempting. The esteemed marriage has not been a smooth journey though, and there have been several unconfirmed rumors of tension and infidelity. As a result, when Margot Robbie auditioned for Focus in 2014, she was afraid she wouldn’t land the lead role beside Will Smith because the two couldn’t appear as a real couple. In a twisted turn of events, Margot Robbie and Smith developed such an “instant chemistry” that the two were seen taking snaps inside a photo booth while lifting their tops and goofing around. While there was no affair going on, Mrs. Smith must have been slightly concerned about her hubby’s instant connection with hi co-star.

13. She beat many significant names for her roles

Margot Robbie has given many known personalities a run for their money, winning several huge roles over other actresses. For instance, she beat Emma Stone and Jessica Chastain for the role of Tarzan, as well as Amber Heard, Teresa palmer, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and Blake Lively for her role in the Wolf of Wall Street in 2013. However, as suggested earlier, she is aware of how frustrating it is to lose out on a role, as she was beaten to the race for Susan Storm in The Fantastic Four (2015) by Kate Mara. On the other hand, she was simply handed the role of Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad, meaning that she didn’t have to audition. Margot Robbie does not audition… (I just had to slip that one in there)… moving on.

14. She is great at playing dress up

Robbie loves to dress up, especially during Halloween. In particular, she was spotted wearing a James Franco outfit in Spring Breakers back in 2012, revealing that she too, can be fun. If that is not enough to convince you, then maybe the fact that millions of people have been waiting to see her costume in the Suicide Squad will. Many have taken to Youtube and fan sites to create mockups and draw sketches prior to the launch of the multi-million dollar movie. What’s more, Margot admitted that she is a comic book fanatic herself, saying that she has always wanted a part as a superhero.

15. She is an amateur tattoo artist

There are several stories from the cast of the Suicide Squad of stars tattooing each other. The tattoos were dubbed “innocuous” among the set. Robbie, for instance, tattooed co-star Cara Delevingne and director David Ayer with similar “Skwad” designs.

16. She’s a hard worker

Before her breakthrough as an actor, Robbie was struggling financially. She had to work as a teenager in order to make ends meet, which was understandably tough. She worked at a local surf shop, at Subway, and even cleaned houses. It was during this time that she got the chance to participate in a low budget movie being filmed close by. Afterward, she got an agent and has never looked back.

17. She is a tomboy

Yep, you didn’t read that wrong. Margot Robbie is a tall, sexy blonde by appearance, so it’s understandable why most people find it hard believing that she could be a tomboy. Of course, some people might had deducted this from her rather manly hobbies, such as playing hockey, riding motorbikes, and hunting wild pigs.

18. She starred in Tarzan

Well, perhaps you knew this, but for those who are still in the dark – after she was done with Suicide Squad, her next assignment was Tarzan. She beat Emma Stone and Jessica Chastain for the role of Jane in the movie, which also features John Hurt, Christoph Waltz, and Samuel L. Jackson. Alexander Skarsgard from True Blood played the lead character.

19. Margot’s grandparents never watched The Wolf of Wall Street

This is probably for the best. In an interview, Margot’s mother revealed that while she did not have any issue with her daughter going completely nude for the role of Naomi in the Wolf of Wall Street, her grandparents weren’t particularly interested. They all agreed that it probably wasn’t the best thing for the pair to see.

20. Margot Robbie wasn’t as obsessed with Leo as she might have been

According to Margot, when she met Leonardo DiCaprio for the first time, she was too worried about her audition to obsess over how FAMOUS he is. She revealed that it was at an audition, and she was too busy thinking about how she was going to fair.

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