The 10 Most Expensive Decks of Playing Cards Ever

Playing Cards

For many people, a deck of cards is something they buy at a low cost as a cheap form of entertainment with which they can play multiple card games no matter where they are. However, there are those who take their card games more seriously and some who have made it their profession. They are often willing to pay a higher price for a decent deck of cards. Some are even willing to pay high prices for a collectible set of cards that have a high value due to their make, materials, history, or design. Here are the 10 most expensive decks of cards ever sold.

10. The Boss Deck, $100

Ashley Edge and Elinor Rooks designed The Boss Deck for the United States Playing Card Company inb2013. Only 2,500 decks were manufactured, which is why collectors are willing to pay upwards of $100 per deck. The artists who designed the cards have also created a fun art course called Draw Like a Boss, and there are two books available.

9. Zenith, $240

Paul Carpenter designed the Zenith decks of cards in 2014, and it was the first deck in the Encarded Signature Series. They were manufactured by Encarded and printed by the Expert Playing Card Company. The cards were sold in a mate black paper tuck box with a side opening. When they hit the market, the decks of cards sold for just $20 each, but they now achieve around $240.

8. Smoke & Mirrors Gold Private Reserve, $350

Smoke & Mirrors Gold Private Reserve cards were manufactured by The D&D Playing Card Co. and printed by the United States Playing Card Company in 2,500. The cards feature the original artwork of Si Scott, who designed the cards for magicians Dan and Dave. They feature touches of gold in addition to the traditional card colors. There were 2,500 of the decks manufactured, and they are now worth $350. Initially, they were only available from Dan and Dave’s private showroom by appointment. After the decks of cards sold out, the magician’s released a second edition of the cards available through their website.

7. Unbranded Black Reserve Note, $300

Jackson Robinson designed the Unbranded Black Reserve Note deck of cards in 2013, and they were manufactured by Kings Wild Project. Only 1,000 of the decks were produced, and they are worth between $250 and $300.They were the rarest cards from a collection called Federal 52 Part 2. Almost a decade later, the cards go for as much as $300 on the resale market.

6. Fontaine Futures 500 Edition, $350

Fontaine Cards designed and manufactured Fontaine Futures 500 in 2019 and produced only 500 decks. The company created 10,500 decks in a collection that included six different designs. In addition to the 500 Edition, the other designs included the Window Edition, Glitch Edition, Polka Edition, Floral Edition, and Parrot Edition. All the designs in the collection were released in blind bags, which is a unique feature. The 500 Edition has a red, white, and blue color scheme, and these decks of cards achieve between $250 and $300.

5. Venexiana Gold, $425

A designer called Lotrek wanted to create a deck of cards with gold foil on the backs, but card manufacturers told him it was impossible. However, Lotrek found a workshop that could apply the foil manually. Half Moon Playing Cards released 212 decks in 2014 and became the first to release playing cards with hot-stamped gold foil on the back. The number released was so limited due to the difficult process of creating the design. Collectors are willing to pay around $425 for a Venexiana Gold deck of cards.

4. Red Fontaine, $600

Magician and designer Zach Mueller founded the Fontaine Cards brand in 2013, and it has become one of the most popular collectible card brands. Mueller designed the Red Fontaine cards in 2013, and 2,500 decks were produced. Inspiration for the design came from the original Fontaine cards, Jerry’s Nugget Playing Cards, and Wynn Casino Playing Cards. Mueller used them in a magic trick on a YouTube video., and his fans wanted to know where to get them, which led to Mueller producing the decks of cards to make them available to other people. They are now worth $600.

3. Scarlett Tally-Ho Legacy Edition, $650

The Scarlett Tally-Ho Legacy Edition cards were designed by Jackson Robinson and manufactured by Kings Wild Project in 2015. Only 50 decks with the design were produced, and their rarity has added to their value. Based on figures from online auctions, the estimated value of these cards is $650. The cards were released of a Kickstarter campaign, and they feature a gold ink design on the back of the cards, two metallic ink designs on the front, gold foil edges, and an embossed finish. At the same time as these cards were released, Robinson also released 200 Gold Edition decks and 700 standard Limited Edition decks.

2. White Centurions, $800

Only 1,100 decks of the White Centurions cards were produced in 2008. They were designed and manufactured by Theory 11. The decks were a limited edition of the brand’s popular Bicycle Centurions cards. Most design aspects are the same, except for the black and white colors being inverted. It also boasts custom Ace of Spades and Jokers, colored court cards, and a double-backed black and white gaff card. The cards now sell for between $600 and $800.

1. David Blaine’s Create Magic, $1000

According to Rarest, the most expensive deck of cards in the world is David Blaine’s Create Magic. Magician David Blaine designed the cards, and the Expert Playing Card Company manufactured them in 2015. The cards were created specifically for a Microsoft event where Blaine performed, and they were never available to the public. It was originally claimed that only 2,015 decks were created, although Blaine has since admitted there are more decks and started releasing a few each year.

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