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What Does Kevin Hart Do For Charity?

Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart is one of the most celebrated and successful comedians of his generation, with a witty style that continually pokes fun at himself. However, Hart is also known as one of the most giving people in Hollywood and has continually built a legacy of charity that is as expansive as his Hollywood career. Kevin Hart charity causes are as diverse as his comedy style and his films and provide fans with an even more expansive understanding of this actor and his unique place in Hollywood in recent years.

Early Kevin Hart Charity Work

Kevin Hart has always been one of the most driven of Hollywood comedians, a skill he learned early from his mother. As a result, once he started getting some financial success as an actor, he started giving back to his community almost immediately. For example, he started recording comedic videos and motivational speeches on YouTube exhorting fans to improve themselves and be better people.

These videos were incredibly popular and helped many of his fans lose weight and change their lives. The fact that they were available for free on YouTube shows his giving nature as clearly as anything. Other celebrities may have tried to monetize their videos or sell them directly to fans. Instead, Hart made them available for free on a popular platform to continue to inspire and improve the lives of his fans.

Over the years, Hart has also done things like host charity events and has even run in the New York City Marathon, using his appearance here to raise over $350,000. Hart also hosts yearly Hartbeat weekend concerts to raise money for cancer charities, giving as much as $500,000 every year. This early charity work undoubtedly inspired him to start his own charitable organization when he had the chance.

Help From The Hart

In 2017, Kevin Hart started the Help From The Hart Foundation, a nonprofit group designed to help support a variety of underserved communities. It is focused on supporting community-based organizations to handle health, education, and social concerns for multiple different areas. Hart also focuses heavily on education, helping those involved with the organization get a college degree or higher.

One of its primary goals is to provide educational scholarships for young and underrepresented people, including those in urban areas, minorities, and much more. The organization regularly hosts events to raise money, such as a fundraiser at the New York Marathon in 2017, during which Hart raised over $300,000 for the foundation, which was later distributed to those who needed the money the most.

Causes Supported By Help From The Hart

Help From The Hart has partnered with many organizations and charity groups over the years to provide more support for those who need it. These include Britti-Cares International, a major organization that helps children affected by childhood cancer. This support includes money for treatment, transportation, and help for parents who struggle with the emotional challenges of this situation, including paying for counseling for parents who struggle with the emotional burden.

Beyond this organization, HFTH also helps with multiple educational outlets, works with abuse-prevention groups, and provides important information on how to stop recurring generational abuse. HFTH hopes to stop childhood abuse in this generation to ensure that it doesn't get passed down to further ones, giving young people the best chance possible to thrive and grow beyond their background and pass on better and healthier relationship styles to their children and all future generations.

The $600,000 Student Fund

Beyond Help From The Hart, Kevin Hart has continually given his own money directly to various charity funds to help improve the lives of millions of people. For example, he partnered with the United Negro College Fund in 2018 to help provide scholarships for Philadelphia students who needed them. As a native of the area, he felt particularly compelled to support an area that often needs help.

Hart gave $600,000 of his own money to help fund these scholarships, which was one of the biggest that the UNCF received that year. It was also a donation that raised a lot of attention, as Hart's tweet on Twitter was liked more than 2,000 times and 216,000 times on Instagram. This donation is critically important because the cost of United States secondary education continues to rise.

In fact, the US college system is the second-most-expensive in the world. Some on Twitter, while applauding Hart's donation, were disappointed that a $600,000 donation was only enough to help eight students. This concerning fact is particularly an issue when noting that many countries around the world send their students to university for free and don't get them trapped in student-debt cycles.

Charities That Hart Has Supported

Kevin Hart charity goes far beyond his organization and includes multiple other groups. In fact, long before starting his own groups, Hart has been a long-time supporter of various charities. Hart was raised in a challenging environment and knows how easy it is for people to take the wrong route without help. Furthermore, he understands the impact various diseases can have on people.

For example, Hart has helped the Alzheimer's Association through various donations, hands-on charity work, and providing help with fundraising. Hart has also helped organizations as diverse as Cats Care, Compound Foundation, GOOD+ Foundation, Hilarity for Charity, Make-A-Wish Foundation, NAACP, and the United Negro College Fund, as mentioned in a previous section here.

As someone who came from a challenging environment, Hart works to support those that he knows need help the most. By giving those who need it support during trying times, he works to improve the world around him in many ways. Unlike many other comedians, who focus mostly on themselves and their career, Hart has proven to be as giving to others as he is funny and successful in Hollywood.

Causes Hart Has Helped to Support Over the Years

Beyond the various charities that Hart has worked with over the years, he has also supported various causes with donations and through his speaking engagements. As one of the smartest and engaging comedians of his generation, Hart has worked hard to raise awareness of various concerns to help provide his community with the help that it needs and has also worked on many major national levels.

For example, many of his causes have included help for at-risk children, including those in disadvantaged areas, those who need foster help, orphans in challenging situations, and even children in abusive families that need support with fostering. However, Hart has also worked to provide educational opportunities for at-risk parents who don't understand proper care. This complex problem is one that causes generations of abuse and is something Hart wants to stop before it gets worse.

These causes also include civil rights, creative arts, education, health, hunger, cancer, and literacy movements. It is Hart's goal to make sure that nobody goes hungry and to improve literacy rates in hard-hit areas. By improving the world around him, he hopes to leave a legacy far behind his Hollywood movies, one that will make the world better and stronger after he is gone. This goal shows how noble many in Hollywood can be with their time and money.

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