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What Does Kim Kardashian Do For Charity?

Kimberly Noel Kardashian, or Kim Kardashian, is a socialite and a pop culture icon. Like other members of the Kar-Jenner clan, Kim makes tabloids and headlines more times than anyone can recall. That's because she has never been one to shy away from the cameras or publicity.

But while the 42-year-old socialite keeps her fans in the loop of everything she does, one part of her life never seems to get the attention it deserves: Her Charities.

So, what does Kim Kardashian do for charity? Read on to find out more about Kim Kardashian charity.

What Does Kim Kardashian Do for Charity?

Kim Kardashian contributes to charity in both monetary and non-monetary ways. Check out some of the things she has done for charity in the past:

Assisting the Armenia Fund

As a celebrity of Armenian descent, Kim Kardashian stays true to her roots by supporting the Armenia Fund. For instance, in 2020, she joined California's Armenian diaspora in mobilizing funds for the foundation and individually donated $1 million to the organization. The Armenia Fund offers humanitarian relief efforts such as food and shelter to victims of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict in Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Previously, Kim assisted in shedding light on the Armenian Genocide, a historical event that Turkey vehemently denies occurred.

Ukraine Relief Efforts

Kim Kardashian is also on the list of celebrities helping out in Ukraine relief projects. The businesswoman donated some SKIMs proceeds to the World Central Kitchen, a nonprofit under Jose' Andres'. World Central Kitchen often delivers freshly-made meals to regions with victims of natural food disasters, humanitarian crises or other communal disasters.

Kim Kardashian Gives Back to the Community During Hard Times

Kim also actively contributes to charity by directly giving back to the community. Check out some of her direct community initiatives

The Covid-19 Pandemic Donations

Like most black-swan events, the Coronavirus struck without warning, wreaking havoc on the global community. Kim, typically sensitive to the plight of others, donated $1 million to help families affected by the pandemic. The funds were distributed through organizations assisting Covid-19 victims. Recognizing the joblessness caused by the pandemic, Kim Kardashian partnered with CashApp to donate $500 to 1000 people to help them pay their rent.

Kim also donated 20% of the proceeds from her Skims Cotton Collection to the Baby2Baby Covid-19 Emergency Response Program. The nonprofit program assists low-income families by donating baby items like diapers and formula.

Kimmie, as she is sometimes referred to, also actively used her social media platforms to emphasize the importance of following health guidelines and supporting organizations that help those affected by the pandemic through donations and voluntary work.

A Samaritan after Natural Disasters

Kim Kardashian also actively supports disaster-affected communities. Kim, along with her sisters, donated $500,000 to the American Red Cross in 2019 to help victims of Hurricane Harvey. The reality star also donated 10% of the proceeds from her open personal wardrobe sale on eBay to victims of the Philippines typhoon disaster.

Although she was chastised for donating only 10% of the proceeds, it was later revealed that Kim had been hosting the open wardrobe sale for years and contributed 10% to designated charity causes without fail.

Support for Children Hospitals

Kim K supports children's hospitals and organizations that cater to the medical needs of children in addition to her other direct community charities. The beauty mogul goes above and beyond by physically visiting patients.

In 2018, for example, she paid a visit to patients at the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles and donated $200,000 through the Kim Kardashian West Foundation. The Kardashians have also given to other children's hospitals and medical organizations, including the March of Dimes and the Children's Hospital of Orange County.

What Does Kim Kardashian Contribute to Society?

Here are additional ways Kim Kardashian contributes to society:

The Criminal Justice Reform

Kim has always been one to go the extra mile for causes close to her heart, and in 2018, she did just that by studying to become a lawyer to ensure justice for all. Inspired by her late father's efforts and achievements in the field, Kim is also a leading advocate for criminal justice reforms.

She has worked with organizations such as the Innocence Project and Cut50 to help free people who have been wrongfully convicted or received excessively harsh sentences.

Kim, for example, began pursuing the release of Alice Marie Johnson, a 64-year-old woman serving a life sentence for a first-time, non-violent drug offence, shortly after learning about her story. Johnson, who'd served 22 years of her sentence, was released in 2018 due to Kim K's efforts.

However, Johnson is not the only one who benefits from Kim. The Eldest-Kardashian has since helped secure the release of over 17 people with excessively harsh sentences through collaborative efforts with organizations such as Buried Alive.

She was also instrumental in the passage of the First Step Act, a federal criminal justice reform bill that provides sentence reductions for various offences. It's also thanks to Kim's birthday that her ex-husband, Kanye West, donated $1 million to prison reform charities like Cut50, Buried Alive, the Anti-Recidivism Coalition, and the Equal Justice Initiative in 2019.

Supporting Mental Health in the Society

Aside from justice, Kim Kardashian is very vocal about mental health and supports related initiatives through public advocacy and fundraisers. For example, in 2018, Kim held her first-ever Facebook fundraiser for a nonprofit dedicated to assisting children with mental health issues. Kim also joined Kanye in launching Yeezy-based lemonade stands to raise funds and awareness about mental health.

But that isn't all.

In collaboration with the Crisis Text Line, the KKW Beauty founder launched her mental health support line in 2020. The service provides free, confidential assistance to people in crisis and has received over 8 million messages since its inception. Kim also uses her social media platforms to raise mental health awareness and encourage people to seek help.

Donations to Organizations that Support Dreams

The Dream Foundation supports the terminally ill and their family by providing financial support to grant their end-of-life wishes and dreams. In 2011, Kim donated all her wedding gifts, estimated to be worth $200,000, to the foundation.

Kim teamed up with the Make-A-Wish Foundation, another dream-based nonprofit, four years later to spend time with a seriously ill fan. Kim made the fan happy by granting her wish to spend the day with her.

Yard Sales for the Greater Good

Kim Kardashian enlisted the help of her family in 2013 for a parking lot yard sale. The funds raised were donated to the Greater Los Angeles Fisher House Foundation and the No Kid Hungry initiatives.

Giving Back to the Fans

Kim Kardashian has an incredibly huge presence on social media. She has over 300 million followers on Instagram and is one of the most followed accounts on Twitter, with over 200 million fans.

Her fanbase consists of critics and supporters, and she appreciates those who return her love through her posts and giveaways. She also occasionally goes out of her way to show appreciation for them. Kimmie, for example, flew every fan she followed to California for a birthday brunch at the Four Seasons in Westlake Village on her 35th birthday. She also travelled to New Orleans to surprise a fan on her birthday. As a gift, she brought a pair of Yeezys.

Shedding Light on Important Social Issues

Kim Kardashian is popular for her controversial opinions and ventures. She occasionally rides on her popularity to raise awareness of important social issues. For instance, in 2017, Kim spent time at the Alexandria House, a women-based shelter, to raise awareness of homelessness in Los Angeles. This simple step helped raise over $1 million in donations for the shelter.

Kim K also contributed to changing public perceptions of transgender issues by publicly supporting Caitlyn Jenner's debut as a transgender woman on Vanity Fair. The 42-year-old beauty mogul is also extremely outspoken about topics such as gender, body positivity, and sexuality. She promotes body positivity by sharing photos on Instagram and other platforms that other celebrities would not.

What Charities has Kim Kardashian Contributed?

In addition to the above, Kim Kardashian has also contributed to the following charitable organizations in the past:

  • Alzheimer's Foundation
  • American Foundation for AIDS Research
  • Breast Cancer Research Foundation
  • Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric Aids Foundation
  • Skin Cancer Foundation
  • The Human Society
  • True Colors Fund
  • Make it Right
  • Clare Lionel Foundation
  • Give Love
  • Generation Rescue
  • Race to Erase MS
  • We Advance
  • Mattel Children's Hospital
  • WomenHeart

According to her internal team, Kim Kardashian also donates 10% of all her earnings to charity annually.

Kim Kardashian and Philanthropy

Even though her scandals get more attention than her charities and enormous wealth, Kim Kardashian is deeply philanthropic and concerned about the plight of others. She has repeatedly demonstrated this through her continuous efforts in criminal justice reforms, her enormous support for the community during the Covid-19 times, and the various charities to which she continues to donate. From yard sales to visiting ailing fans and kids, it's clear there's nothing Kim K won't do for the good of all.

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