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What Does Tom Brady Do For Charity?

Tom Brady

Love him or hate him, Tom Brady is one of the richest quarterbacks in the NFL and has one of the longest careers in history. Over the years, he has accumulated millions of dollars in the industry and lives one of the most lavish lifestyles currently in Tampa, Florida. However, he is known for more than just throwing down on the field. He is known to be a charitable person, sending out thousands each year for donations to a number of different charities.

His outreach has been so large over his career, that he has given away approximately $30 million of his own funds. He has also helped support several causes and charities to help generate at least that much. Below is a list of his most common charities that he supports, in addition to smaller and more local charities.

The TB12 Foundation

Founded by Tom Brady, the TB12 Foundation is focused around helping other athletes who have suffered from physical or mental distress and need help getting back on their feet. This foundation helps provide the services and treatments needed to heal these athletes of all different sports.

Athletes who are in this foundation also receive the appropriate nutritional assistance they need to help restore their bodies. In order to raise funds from the community, the TB12 hosts a marathon each year in Boston, raising around $125,000 on average from entry fees and donations. This foundation was created in 2015 and is now gaining funds and donations from other athletes who want to help with the cause.

Capital One The Match

While you may think of the Capital One The Match as a standard golf tournament, it is much more. This golfing tournament is sponsored to raise money for charity and give back to a variety of different organizations. As a result, many athletes and celebrities are brought together on the green and compete for winnings that are donated to their preferred charities.

Tom Brady has been a part of the Capital One The Match event for several years, working to provide funding to charities like the Boys and Girls Club of America and also Feeding America, which gives back to families who are impoverished and need healthy meals.

Best Buddies International

Being able to give back to children who suffer from disabilities is another cause that Tom Brady is passionate about, and he makes a point to donate regularly. With nearly a million dollars in donations each year, Tom Brady is one of the biggest contributors to Best Buddies International.

The mission behind this foundation is to help children and adults who suffer from intellectual disabilities find their way in the world and not become lost members of society. They are able to gain social skills, become active in their communities and even gain jobs through this organization.

This organization has moved to help those suffering across the world and one where Tom Brady is found in positions like Co-Chair and now Global Ambassador to help raise awareness and donations. His presence and fight for this organization over the years has led to nearly $50 million in donations outside of his own contributions.

This charity probably gets most of his donated time off the field, as he travels and interacts with potential partners for Best Buddies International throughout the world. He has even brought his family out for these events, making it a priority in his home.

Make-A-Wish Foundation

One of the most well-known charities in the country is the Make-A-Wish Foundation where children who are critically ill make a wish of things of told or people to meet, and this foundation makes it happen. Many of these children will not live past their 18th birthday, so it is essential to help maximize their life experiences.

Many celebrities and athletes are a part of this foundation, and Tom Brady is no exception. He had made numerous appearances for children who wish to meet him and even taken several children on tour of the Gillette Stadium as a way to honor their wish.

Children who receive these gifts are between the ages of 2 and 18 years old. In addition to donating funds to the Make-A-Wish Foundation each year, Tom Brady also donates his time as a way to give back and support the needs of the foundation. In some cases, Tom Brady has even paired up with other athletes in the NFL to collaborate and make a wish true for children who are looking for specific wishes.

DATA (Debt AIDS Trade Africa)

One of the personal missions that Tom Brady has had since he became a well-known quarterback in the NFL is his goal to end hunger and poverty in Africa. He has spent several trips traveling to different countries on the continent, doing mission work by donating his time and his money to help these communities.

In 2004, he underwent a mission to both Ghana and Uganda as a part of the DATA (Debt AIDS Trade Africa) team to gain an understanding of how the US systems of healthcare of education can and has made strides in several communities. Because of this, he has aided various organizations and spent time working to enhance these communities.

Boys and Girls Club of America

Over the years, Tom Brady has been known to make sizable donations to the Boys and Girls Club of America, providing them with donations of around $35,000 or more with each deposit. His heart is always with the children of America, and so is the Boys and Girls Club of America. This charity offers clubs and locations for children all across the country so that they have a safe place to play, learn and grow within their communities.

The donations provided are meant to keep these clubs operational, provide healthy and nutritious meals to the children in these areas, and even offer them books to take home when they otherwise would not have that option. Tom Brady's donations have been utilized for all these purposes as a way to keep the clubs operational and available.

Tom Brady is not the only athlete or celebrity attached with donating tot he Boys and Girls Club of America, but he is in one of the most recognized faces, going out and being an active member in this organization to help raise awareness in the local communities for clubs that are not getting enough donations.


Being able to give back to local communities and help the children in that area have a safe place to play is the mission of KaBOOM! Around the country, they build safe and strong playgrounds for children in the local communities where there is a need for this equipment and local governments have failed to provide this option. Tom Brady has donated time and money to this organization, providing thousands of dollars to the purchase of the equipment, as well as donating his time to work on the site of the playground.

KaBOOM! strives to be a resource for underprivileged children, and communities have the option to apply for the grant and playground assistance. They also work to restore areas that have been affected by tragedy and need playground repairs.

Jimmy Fund

Being able to find a cure for cancer is essential for the Jimmy Fund, an organization that is working to make strides in cancer research to beat this disease. Their research is not limited to just adult cancers, but also pediatric cancers that need more information in the ongoing fight of this disease. Over the past decade, Tom Brady has made several $50,000 donations to the organization to support their efforts. The Jimmy Fund has been able to make progress in their efforts for cancer research and provide services that improve the life quality of the patients within the organization.

Donating to Local Charities

While Tom Brady's name may be associated largely with the charities above, these are not the limits to his donations each year. He has a passion to help the local communities where he lives, especially the children in these areas who may not have all the resources they need for a rich and fulfilling life. Tom Brady was active in New England local charities during the many years that he lived and played for the New England Patriots. Now that he has moved to Tampa, he maintains that same donating energy in the local Florida communities.

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