How Tom Brady Achieved a Net Worth of $180 Million

Some say that he might be the best ever. Others claim that he’s absolutely the best of his generation. His rings say it all, but this quiet star quarterback is not stopping any time soon. Tom Brady is the epitome of modern football. He’s the ultimate American quarterback, and his net worth says it all. With that number being at $180 million, Brady is easily one of the highest paid athletes in the entire world. He’s also one of the richest NFL players to ever play on the field. How exactly did Tom Brady amass such a large amount of money throwing a football around?

Brady is certainly one of the most famous names in football. People who don’t watch the game still know his name. It could be because of his supermodel wife, Gisele Bundchen, but we highly doubt it. Brady was famous way before that union, and he had been for years.

The NFL’s New England Patriots selected Tom Brady in 2000 as their new backup quarterback. His yearly salary at this point is about $26.5 million. That’s a large sum for any athlete, but as high profile as this football player is, that number is to be expected. You’d also have to take into account that he didn’t always start out with that kind of salary. After all, no rookie ever gets that amount—not even Tom Brady. But still, fast-forward to this point in time, and $26.5 million is not a bad paycheck to take home. He himself probably never thought that he’d be bringing that home one day or that he’d be married to the highest paid supermodel in the world, but here he is.

Born on August 3, 1977, Brady had always been interested in sports even as a young kid. He had always been interested in both football and baseball, and he had always been good at both. However in high school, Brady discovered that he actually had a unique talent for football. He idolized famous football icons such as Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw. He even joked then that one day he would be at the same level as those he idolized. Little did he know what the future had in store for him at that point.

He graduated high school in 1995 and moved on to play for the University of Michigan. He completely outshone everyone else by his junior year, throwing 350 passes for a total of 2,636 yards. He pursued football despite of his busy schedule in school, and by the time he won his first Orange Bowl, Brady knew that his future was in the world of football.

Being the backup quarterback then, Brady sat on the bench more than he played. That first year, Brady trained a lot but only played one game. The following year would prove to be very different for him, as he got a chance to really show off his skills on the field. Unfortunately, the Patriots’ quarterback then, Drew Bledsoe, got injured. That was the unfortunate opportunity that gave Brady his chance to shine, and so he did. With 11 wins over 3 losses that season, his role as permanent lead quarterback was solidified.

Since then, history was continuously in the making for Brady. He broke records; he made MVP; he won championships and Super Bowls, and he can probably easily say that he has already surpassed his idols. By 2009, Brady’s net worth was already at $28 million. Although that might still seem small compared to other athlete standards, that’s a hefty sum for any other folk.

That number just increased over the year, with so many endorsements and commercials. This is another way that Brady has built up his net worth. You can occasionally spot Brady doing a commercial for a product that he likes, and he’s even made some Hollywood appearances from time to time. However, the best reason why Brady has a lot of money is because you never see him flaunt it. Brady is not the type of guy who flashes his money any second he gets a chance to, and he certainly has a lot of it to flaunt or spend. He claims to live a very simple life with his family despite their social and celebrity status. Brady is one stand-up guy on the field and off of it. We’re sure his net worth would only keep on growing even when he’s done with football.

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