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How Blippi Achieved a Net Worth of $15 Million

Parents around the world likely know the name Blippi all too well. This YouTube celebrity has become well known as a children's entertainer online and is one of the most popular and watched shows online. While his show has received some criticism for its simplicity, it still gets millions of views and has even inspired DVDs, toys, multiple language videos, and even a musical based on the character.

All of this work has made Blippi net worth numbers higher than you might expect. It also reveals a new world where people can produce content and become millionaires. Blippi isn't even the richest internet celebrity in the world, which proves just how much the online world has transformed the entertainment world. Understanding Blippi net worth estimates showcases this fact in stark relief.

Blippi Net Worth

Blippi is a character created by Stevin John aka Stephen Grossman in response to what he perceived as low quality in children's entertainment on YouTube. His two-year-old nephew was watching low-energy videos that didn't engage the child or provide any fascination for him. As a result, he created the Blippi character, a hyperactive and very excited character with a blue and orange beanie cap, blue shirt, bow tie, and orange suspenders.

Since starting his videos in 2014, Blippi has become internationally famous and is one of the most watched children's entertainment channel on YouTube. Blippi is currently worth between $14-20 million, depending on the source. Much of this income comes from regular video views, as we'll discuss later. However, Blippi also made good money when Moonbug Entertainment purchased the franchise in 2020.

Billions of views and subscribers

The channel has earned billions of views on YouTube alone and also streams on Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Video. Since its purchase, Moonbug dubs the show into multiple languages, including German, Hebrew, Arabic, Spanish, Italian, and French. Blippi also appears on various merchandise items, such as plush toys, books, clothing, and much more.

Blippi also appears on a spin-off show called “Blippi's Treehouse,” which is available on Amazon Kids+. This show features a similar format to the main show but has higher production values. Like the original show, it brings in millions of views. Blippi's most popular YouTube video alone has drawn in 900 million views and is still watched even now.

Blippi's Success is Not Without Criticism

In spite of the show's success, many people have criticized the nature of Blippi and its content. Some claim that the show is overly simplistic and not exactly mentally stimulating for children. The show often features simple and repetitive songs that kids may love but which don't do much to improve their cognitive skills.

Johns has responded by claiming his role models are primarily Mr. Rogers, who used similarly simple tactics to engage very young children. Those who enjoy the show claim that Blippi explains this in a simple way that children can understand and that his enthusiasm helps make the show engaging for children by introducing them to new concepts and ideas that some may not understand.

John also received heavy criticism in 2019 when his live show, “Blippi The Musical” debuted. The show featured a similar format as his Blippi's YouTube videos but with one change: it starred a Blippi impersonator and not John himself. This caused many upset children and parents complaints and resulted in a massive refund campaign for ticket holders.

Steezy Grossman: The Irony of Blippi's Success

Blippi's success has overshadowed Grossman's earlier attempts at internet fame, which is probably for the best. Like many video producers, Grossman attempted a few approaches before landing on one that connected. His first video series, Steezy Grossman, couldn't have been much different from Blippi if he had tried. It was a series of gross-out videos focused on juvenile humor and disgusting ideas.

Steezy Grossman was a character Grossman created with his friends and was literally a boy made out of excrement after his parents had anal sex. The videos were disgusting and included Grossman defecating on another person after performing The Harlem Shake. The videos were not successful and were mostly forgotten until Blippi took off and Grossman's online history became apparent.

After the videos gained some infamy, Grossman used the Digital Millennium Copyright Act to send takedown notices to any search engine or social media pages that hosted the site. He removed them from YouTube and other video sites and the videos are now very hard to find. They likely exist somewhere on various servers and periodically appear on social media and forum sites only to get taken down quickly by Grossman.

Facts About Blippi

Stephen Grossman was a US Air Force serviceman before becoming a YouTube star and grew up in Washington in a very rural area. Little about this lifestyle appealed to him, which is why he joined the military in the first place. His dream was to either become a fighter pilot or limousine driver, and he was a C-17 loadmaster for the Air Force in a nuclear airlift squadron during his time.

When starting his video, Grossman did everything for many years. This included coming up with his trademark look, designing the character's personality, writing the scripts, filming the videos, editing them, creating graphics, and uploading them online. This step helped him save money by avoiding expensive professional support and made his early videos somewhat amateurish and hard to watch in retrospect.

Since his success, Grossman has a professional crew who helps him film his videos. They get paid a consistent wage that helps them stay financially stable. This increase in staff has given his videos a more professional appearance, which has increased his online profile. It has also made his content more consistent and sometimes predictable, but his very young fans don't seem to notice.

How YouTube Stars Like Blippi Make Money

Blippi's success highlights the unique way that YouTube and other video sites have made internet fame possible. The success of him and other video creators (including game streamers on Twitch and other sites) has made internet fame a dream for many people. However, getting the kind of success that Blippi has earned is challenging and doesn't always appear to many people.

For example, a recent article on this subject highlighted a video maker who had over two million subscribers. This creator was producing content for free and focused heavily on providing real advice that users could enjoy without trying to sell them products. Content creators like her may not get the sheer number of views required to consistently make good money on the platform.

Often, creators with more modest viewing numbers must rely on sites like Patreon to fund their videos. Patreon allows fans to provide money directly to their favorite producers to keep them afloat. Patreon and other sites provide simple perks, such as early video access and much more, that helps to inspire fans to give even a few dollars to support their favorite producers.

While YouTube provides some resources for its creators, including the Creator Space in Los Angeles, not every creator has the follower count to use these resources or the funds to travel to and from these regions to access these resources. Not every creator gets lucky like Blippi and finds an audience that supports them so fanatically.

How Much Money John Makes With Blippi on YouTube

The amount of money that Blippi makes on YouTube is almost hard to imagine. Some creators may make only thousands of dollars per year or month on their videos. Grossman makes about $22,400 per day on his video views. That's staggering and is compounded by the amount of money that he makes with his other channel, Blippi Toys. While not as popular, it still makes $18,8000 per day.

To get this kind of income, he needs to get a lot of ad revenue from YouTube. This comes when companies sponsor his videos or buy ad space. Since he is one of the most watched YouTubers on the planet, many companies do buy space on his videos. These include various toy makers and other child-friendly businesses that attempt to reach a very young audience through Blippi's videos.

This practice is often seen as a borderline predatory act that takes advantage of children and their more innocent and accepting nature. For example, Blippi often highlights toys made by people who sponsor his videos. While he is transparent about this fact, showcasing these toys could cause children to want them and cause complex issues that may impact families in various financial ways.

Other parents are concerned that such success would give children the wrong impression about YouTube fame. They may believe that it is simple or easy and dedicate their time to becoming a celebrity. A lot of luck is involved in YouTube success, as well as hard work. Stephen Grossman made videos for years without getting a huge audience or much money. He only reached his success level by consistently and constantly creating content.

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