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How Bernie Sanders Achieved a Net Worth of $3 Million

Bernie Sanders

If you are interested in politics at all, no matter which party you are affiliated with, the odds are good you know who Bernie Sanders is. The man has been in office for decades in one capacity or another. What you might be wondering is how much the Bernie Sanders net worth is. How much has he earned for being an alleged socialist-leaning Senator? The answer is approximately $3 million. Is all of that from politics? Read this article in its entirety to find out.

Who Exactly Is Bernie Sanders?

This section is for those folks who are not interested in politics and, therefore, do not know who we are talking about. Bernard Sanders, better known as Bernie Sanders, is the long-time junior senator from the great state of Vermont.

Although he has often aligned himself with the Democratic Party, even trying to win their party's Presidential nomination twice, Senator Sanders describes himself as an independent. Some people who are avid political buffs refer to him as an outspoken socialist. Whether he is a socialist has yet to be proven.

The Irony Behind the Bernie Sanders Net Worth

This is a man who consistently talks about income equality among the various classes of people. He often rails against the very wealthy. Yet Senator Sanders himself is hardly poor, with a net worth of about $3 million and no plans to retire any time soon.

In an answer to the question we posed earlier, although not all of his wealth comes from politics, a great deal of it does. This man has made a career out of this niche in society. One might consider Senator Sanders to be a professional politician.

Why Is Bernie Sanders Still a Junior Senator?

That is because the senior senator from Vermont is fellow liberal, Patrick Leahy. Senator Leahy has also been in office for many decades and does not plan to leave. Even though Senator Bernie Sanders is in fact the junior senator, he still draws a lot of attention for his reputation and strong beliefs.

As we eluded to previously in this article, even though the esteemed senator has run for president twice as a Democrat, he considers himself to be an independent. When asked about his party affiliations, that is what he says. He gets a lot of respect from the more extreme members of both Congress and the Senate as well as younger voters among the American population. The senator thrives on all of this attention.

What Factors Contribute to the Bernie Sanders Net Worth?

As a sitting United States senator, he brings in an annual salary of roughly $174,000. That, in combination with savings from prior offices held, investments, and book authorship, comes out to his most recent estimated total net worth of $3 million.

What kind of investments, you ask? Primarily real estate. The home he shared with his wife, Jane Sanders, and family in Burlington, Vermont is by no means tiny. The way he fights for low-income Americans, one who does not know better might think Senator Sanders was one of them. One look at this article and its sources proves otherwise.

Has Bernie Sanders Always Been a Senator?

No. Back in 1981, he won the race for mayor of Burlington, Vermont. Sources say that race was decided by a mere twelve votes, but it was his start. Then, in 1990, he was voted in as the only member of the United States congress for the entire state of Vermont.

Bernie Sanders was the congressman for Vermont until 2006, when he won his race for Vermont's junior senator. As we stated earlier, he has served in that capacity alongside Vermont's senior senator, Patrick Leahy (a Democrat,) since that time.

Senator Bernie Sanders, Champion of the People

This is how he is seen by millions of young Americans who support him. It is true, both of the general public, and by other current members of the United States House of Representatives and the Senate. These are the folks that supported Bernie during his two presidential campaigns.

His legions of followers see his opinions as those aligned with democratic socialism. He promised to help the middle and lower classes in numerous ways. The illustrious senator used to knock anyone who was a millionaire. That activity shifted to knocking billionaires after HE was officially declared a millionaire himself.

Let's Discuss Bernie Sanders' Book Authorships

It is important to talk about this a little further because they figure well in the overall picture of the Bernie Sanders net worth. He has written several notable books over the course of his life.

Not only did they sell nicely after their release, but he has since earned over $1.75 million in a two-year span as a result of royalties from those books. Will Senator Sanders be writing any additional books in the years to come? Who knows for sure, but one can never rule it out as a possibility.

What About Those Real Estate Investments?

We have already told you about the home in Burlington, Vermont that Bernie Sanders shares with his family. In addition to that, he owns one other sizeable home in Vermont and a townhouse in Washington, DC.

Don't worry about the senator losing any of those homes anytime soon. The annual income he receives from being a senator alone takes care of that. Then there are his book royalties, as we just talked about.

Pension Accounts Factor into the Bernie Sanders Net Worth

Yes, you read that correctly. Not only is this man a current United States senator, who brings in around $174,000 per year, but he has pensions too. Based on his decades of public service as well as the income he currently receives, Sanders will receive $73,000 per year from the feds as long as he remains alive.

If the famously-outspoken senator were to sell that income stream and receive a total payout, it would amount to $650,000. Either way, if he retired tomorrow, he would continue to live in the lap of luxury. Needless to reiterate, Bernie Sanders has no plans to retire. That is good news for his legions of admirers.

How About Those Figures for Government Pensions and His Other Income?

You might now be wondering what the approximate dollar value of those government pensions and real estate investments are worth, right? We will tell you how they figure into the Bernie Sanders net worth right now. Check out this impressive list:

  • Cash from investments - $500,000
  • Government pensions - $700,000
  • Real estate totals - $1,300,000
  • Current salary as a US senator - $174,000 per year

What Does the Future Look Like for Bernie Sanders?

We would say, as long as there is a breath in his body, he will remain in the US senate. Will there be any further presidential runs for him? Maybe! Who knows for sure?

Will Senator Sanders write any other books? Possibly! He craves attention, so anything is a possibility. If you are a fan of Bernie Sanders, stay tuned for more news in the years to come.

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