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How Liz Cheney Achieved a Net Worth of $14 Million

Liz Cheney

Liz Cheney's political career is an example of how quickly public favor can turn against a formerly popular politician. When Cheney started her career in the House of Representatives in 2015, she won 62% of the vote from Wyoming voters and remained in office for many years. However, she has lost a lot of support from her party and her voters and has even lost important leadership roles as a result.

In spite of this setback, Liz Cheney remains an important voice in the Republican party and has stayed active in politics. Interestingly, one element of her life that has been under heavy scrutiny in recent years is her net worth. There's been a consistent debate about Liz Cheney net worth numbers by multiple outlets. Debates like these showcase the complex nature of the American political scene.

Liz Cheney Net Worth: A Continual Debate

The debate about Liz Cheney's net worth may surprise many who don't understand how divergent American politics have become in recent years. The debate centers heavily on three different estimates, each of which varies heavily from the other.

The most conservative of these estimates is still rather high. The highest value is so far above that smaller value that it's hard to know what to believe. According to various sources, Liz Cheney net worth varies from between $7-44 million.

Why is this estimate so broad and which is the most likely value? That's a question that requires a deep look into the politics of America and an understanding of the value of good resources. Let's look at the three most common of these estimates to better understand what Cheney is likely worth.

The Most Consistent Number

The most consistently reported number for Liz Cheney net worth value was about $7 million. Many net-worth-reporting sites listed this number, claiming that it was a slight increase from her pre-congress value. Others reported between $7-8 million or so.

If we take into account the salary most House representatives earn (between $170,000 to $220,000 every year), this more modest net worth makes sense. Cheney was worth about $6-7 million before she took office. If her worth only increased by a few million, that would make sense given this salary.

Of course, Cheney was already independently wealthy before she took office. She didn't get that money by serving in office, meaning that this number is likely probably a little too conservative. After all, she is still a business person with many interests in the market.

One thing to understand is that net value is often a complex and difficult thing to evaluate. Research into these numbers is important and just checking a few internet sites is often not enough. Liz Cheney's higher potential net worth makes it clear that this process isn't always smooth for many writers.

A Higher and Occasionally Reported Value

Other sources, such as MSN, give Liz Cheney a reported net value of about $14 million. That's obviously double the most conservative estimate of her worth. How could there be such a difference in value? Well, that all depends on the sources and how they estimate net worth.

For instance, many net worth sites use public information from a few sources or use information that may be outdated. News sites like MSN have hired reporters who use more in-depth research methods to identify a politician's net worth and are likely to give more accurate information.

As a result, Liz Cheney's net worth is likely closer to $14 million than it is $7-8, though that may vary. It could perhaps be somewhere in between those numbers. However, there are a few sources claiming that Cheney is worth far more than even $14 million and claim nefarious means.

Are these sites to be believed? It is important to know where they get their information and what agenda that they may possess. While all news sources likely have some agenda or point that they're trying to make with their stories, some provide more accurate details than others.

A Staggering But Controversial Value

The number $44 million has been connected to Liz Cheney's net worth in recent years, particularly by various highly conservative online sites, like Wentworth Report. They state that her net value went from $7 million to $44 million in just five years as a house representative.

Reports like these claim that much of this worth likely came from various illegal deals with countries like China. They consistently link Cheney and other politicians that they don't like with Chinese deals like these, claiming that they have made congress people millions of dollars.

Could these sites truly be reporting on illegal activities as they claim and could their information be accurate? It's possible, naturally. However, sites like these often feed on controversy and use questionable sources and unlikely information to fuel readership.

It is also important to understand the controversy that surrounds Cheney. Unlike many Republicans, she was very critical of President Donald Trump before and after he served. Sites like these often heavily support Trump, which may affect the information that they report.

Liz Cheney's Personal Life

Liz Cheney is the daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney and was born in Wisconsin before relocating to Wyoming. While her father served in congress, Liz moved heavily back and forth between Wyoming and Washington DC and got heavy exposure to the world of politics. It is likely during this time that her interest in political work started to grow.

After graduating from high school in 1984 in Wyoming, Cheney went to Colorado College and earned a Political Science Bachelor's degree. Later, she earned a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Chicago Law School with an interest in Middle Eastern History. Later, she married Philip Perry, an attorney with Latham and Watkins in Wyoming. The two have five children together.

Cheney ran for U.S. Senate in 2014 but withdrew from the race before running for the House of Representatives in 2015. Cheney was reelected twice and was a consistently popular candidate throughout Wyoming at the time. However, she lost important leadership roles after heavily criticizing then President Donald Trump. Since being outed from this role, she has vowed to oppose him and his supporters.

Her Controversy With President Trump

After Donald Trump won the presidency in 2020, many Republicans who had been critical of him and his ideas decided to follow party lines and support him. However, others continued to criticize the president and his policies. Liz Cheney was one of the most vocal anti-Trump congress people serving and continually spoke out against his ideas and his leadership style.

In multiple interviews, she claimed that she would do everything possible to keep him out of the White House, including running for president herself. Trump's critics praised Cheney for her stance, while her own constituents rebelled against her. It ended up costing her the role as the House Republican Conference chair, being replaced by Elise Stefanik from New York. She also lost in the 2022 primary and lost her seat as a representative in congress.

Despite this loss, she has continued to raise interest in opposing Trump and his many supporters. Her time in congress since opposing Trump has seen him calling for other Republicans to oppose her and to attempt to get her removed from office. Such infighting has plagued the party since his win and is a big part of why Cheney and other Republicans oppose him and his supporters.

Could Liz Cheney Win the Presidency?

Liz Cheney has continually hinted that she would likely run for president in 2024 to oppose Donald Trump. Would she be a viable candidate if she did run? There's some doubt from many political experts. Newsweek discussed her polling in a story versus the president, finding that 53% of voters would support Trump and only 3% would support Cheney if she ran for president.

Other candidates, such as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (22%) and former Vice President Mike Pence (8%) had much higher support than Cheney. Trying to win on the primary against those kinds of odds is likely not a wise choice for Cheney, especially after her own state abandoned her on the ballot. Does that mean that she won't run? If she does, it might heavily affect her net worth.

That's because running a presidential campaign is not cheap. Even losing candidates may spend millions of dollars simply to win only a few hundred thousand votes. Some are arguing that Cheney should focus her career elsewhere by running for the house in states that may be more supportive of her anti-Trump agenda or by continuing her fight in various other ways.

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