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How Lauren Boebert Achieved a Net Worth of $2 MIllion

Lauren Boebert

People with an interest in U.S. politics might have heard of Lauren Boebert. This is because she is a congresswoman with numerous controversial stances, with an excellent example being how she is a QAnon sympathizer.

Combined with her outspokenness, this has made Boebert a figure of some note in U.S. politics. She is a staunch supporter of both the first and second amendments as well as the freedom of Americans, which has made her tremendously popular in the U.S.

What Is Laura Boebert's Current Net Worth?

Financial information is personal information. As a result, it is rare for there to be perfect figures for people's net worth known to the public. There is some interest in Boebert's finances, but not enough for there to have been a lot of effort spent in coming up with estimates.

Still, interested individuals should know that those estimates range from $1.7 million to $2 million, which are far from being perfect but should nonetheless be useful for providing interested individuals with a general sense of things.

How Did Lauren Boebert Reach Her Current Net Worth?

Boebert was born in Altamonte Springs, FL. Later, her family moved to Denver, then Aurora, and then Rifle in the state of Colorado. Boebert has claimed that her mother was on welfare. Furthermore, she has claimed that hers was a Democratic household that turned Republican when she was still in her teens.

At the age of 15, Boebert got her first job at a McDonald's. Eventually, she dropped out of high school because she had a child. After which, Boebert got a job as an assistant manager at a McDonald's. Later on, she started working for a natural gas drilling company. Initially, Boebert did filing.

However, she went on to become involved as a pipeliner, meaning that she was a member of a team that was responsible for building as well as maintaining the relevant infrastructure. In time, Boebert got married to Jayson Boebert, someone who was also involved in the oil and gas industry.

Together, the two opened a restaurant called Shooters Grill. Said restaurant tends to be known for a couple of things. One, Shooters Grill lives up to its name by being very pro-gun.

More on the restaurant

As in, the ownership outside encouraged its servers to open-carry firearms. Boebert has claimed that she obtained a concealed carry permit after a man was beaten to death outside of her restaurant. However, this summary of things isn't exactly what most people would consider to be accurate.

Instead, what happened was that a man who had reportedly being in a fight ran to within a block of the restaurant before collapsing and then dying because of he had overdosed on meth.

Two, considering Boebert's politics, chances are good that interested individuals can guess how she reacted to the state governor Jared Polis's order to close businesses for the purpose of bringing the spread of COVID-19 under control. In case they can't, she reopened the restaurant for dine-in service during the middle of May.

Unsurprisingly, Garfield County sent her a cease-and-desist order. Boebert chose to move her tables outside. After which, Garfield County suspended her food license. Nothing much came of the whole thing because it wasn't too long before the state started allowing restaurants to reopen at 50 percent capacity in late May.

Besides these two things, Shooters Grill has also shown in local news because of a food poisoning incident that affected 80 attendees at a county fair in 2017. Apparently, it and its sister restaurant had opened up a temporary location where they proceeded to botch the handling of the food.

Owned another restaurant

On top of that, the two restaurants didn't have the permits needed to operate the temporary location in the first place. Regardless, Boebert was a small business owner before becoming a politician. Moreover, it is worth mentioning that she and her husband didn't just own Shooters Grill.

At one point in time, they also owned Smokehouse 1776, which was situated across the street from Shooters Grill. Moreover, Boebert opened a third restaurant called Putters at a golf course in 2015 before proceeding to sell it in 2016.

It takes a fair amount of money to open a restaurant, so it seems safe to say that the Boeberts were doing well in a financial sense even before 2020 and 2021. Of course, it should be mentioned that Boebert was involved in politics even before that.

For instance, she was an organizer for a rally called "We Will Not Comply!," which opposed a red flag law that would allow the temporary removal of firearms from people who are deemed dangerous to either themselves or other people.

Said rally is notable in that Three Percenters provided security while some members of the Proud Boys participated, thus making it an example of Boebert's association with said groups.

Similarly, while Boebert didn't outright voice her belief in QAnon, she did mention that she hoped that it was true as well as making other sympathetic-sounding statements.

Winning the Race

In any case, she was able to beat the five-term Republican incumbent and then the Democratic nominee when she ran for the position of congresswoman.

The whole thing was a huge upset, so much so that it helped Boebert to secure a fair amount of national recognition. Since then, Boebert has proceeded to become involved in a succession of controversies. A small number have been financial. However, most have not.

To name an example, she reimbursed herself $22,259 in mileage costs, which raised eyebrows because that meant that she would've had needed to drive 38,712 miles. Eventually, the campaign updated its finance filing, with a new claimed mileage of around 30,000 miles made possible by $3,053 that was reclassified as hotels and $867 that was reclassified as Uber rides.

Similarly, she was investigated in August of 2021 by the FEC because of $6,000 from her campaign funds that were used for her personal expenses. Something that has been fobbed off as a mistake that has been reimbursed.

Further Considerations

It will be interesting to see what happens in the future. Currently, Boebert seems as though she could be a rising star for the Republicans which is something that could have a huge impact on her finances in the times to come.

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