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How Raquel Leviss Achieved a Net Worth of $35 Million? (In 2023)

As an experienced model, pageant queen, and media personality, Rachel Leviss, formerly professionally known as Raquel Leviss, has worked on curating her image and creating a brand identity for herself over the years. She is most known for appearing on ‘Vanderpump Rules’ when she was dating a star of the show, James Kennedy, from 2015 to 2021, and while she has bigger aspirations than just reality TV, her ‘Vanderpump Rules’ associations still shape her career.

In 2023, Rachel Leviss became the center of reality TV gossip and worked to build her brand identity, resulting in both more public exposure and more influencing and brand opportunities that she could use to bolster her bank account. These events have shaped her rise to amassing even more wealth and setting herself up for a bright future.

Learn more about not only Rachel’s new business pursuits but also her scandals and discover how this influencer has earned herself millions of dollars and continues to work with major brands and products.

Early Life and Career

Before she was called Raquel, Leviss was born in 1994 in California, United States, with the name Rachel. Not much is known about her family since she has always kept that part of her life private. Her biological mother is Susan Leviss, while her dad’s name is still unknown. She was adopted at birth by a woman called Laura. A couple of years ago, she went on Instagram to express her gratitude to all her family members. Rachel also says that her mother encouraged her to try her hand in the modeling industry, a decision that seems to have paid off.

Modeling and Pageants

One thing we know about Rachel is that she has had a soft spot for modeling from a tender age. She would spend a lot of time reading fashion magazines and looking for trendy outfits. Her love of modeling would lead Rachel to participate in pageants. With the support of her family and friends, she took part in the Miss Sonoma County beauty pageant, which she won in 2016.

Besides Miss Sonoma County, Rachel has participated in several other beauty pageants. In 2022, she would return to pageants and became a semi-finalist in the Miss California competition. Although she loved pageants, she has mostly retired from pageantry as many pageants don’t allow contestants older than 27, but she continues to use the poise and passion she has learned in her passions.

Rachel has always been clear that pageants are about more than just beauty, and she wants to use her platform to promote causes she loves. She uses her influence to promote advocacy for people with disabilities. Additionally, Rachel has used her position to speak against racism. She has used her Instagram account, which has a significant following, to show her support for the Black Lives Matter Movement and overall discrimination.

Rachel appeared on the runway in Paris Fashion Week in 2019, which was no small feat. She also shared about working for another designer in Paris Fashion Week, which she described as a dream come true. Leviss shared that her ultimate vision for her modeling career would be walking Victoria’s Secret runway. She also does occasional modeling for advertisements and print media.

Though Rachel has well-established herself, she still has plenty of opportunities to try new things and discover new passions as well as build upon her old ones. Surely, we’ll see new things from her very soon.

Joining Vanderpump Rules

Rachel joined the reality TV show ‘Vanderpump Rules’ in season 5. According to her, having the entire world see pieces of her personal life was quite an adjustment. However, that adjustment seems to have paid off since her net worth has skyrocketed in recent years.

Most people picture reality TV stars as lazy and talentless. But that can’t be said about Rachel. She is known to be a beauty with brains. She studied at Sonoma State University in Rohnert Park, California where she completed a degree in Kinesiology. She shared that her dream is to go to grad school and get her degree in Occupational Therapy.

That means she doesn’t intend to be on reality TV for the rest of her life. Although she has described her experience being on a TV show as great, she is ready to explore other interests in her life.

Gaining Fame Through Her Personal Life and Relationships

Rachel Leviss has no doubt had a lot of ups and downs in her personal life and regarding her relationships. These highs and lows have impacted her net worth and the type of business ventures that she has chosen to pursue.

Rachel Leviss’ relationship with James Kenndey allowed her to build a personal brand. James Kennedy introduced Rachel Leviss as his serious girlfriend in 2016.  That came as a shock to ‘Vanderpump Rules.’ However, during their relationship, there were several allegations of James cheating. At one point, a SUR employee accused him of sleeping with her.

Fast forward to 2021, Rachel and Kennedy got engaged–the engagement was a lavish Coachella-themed affair. James Kennedy went above and beyond to show his commitment to Rachel. Her 2.5 carats diamond engagement ring was worth around $100,000. It had a six-prong solitaire design that could never go out of style.

Unfortunately, they decided to end their engagement, making the announcement just a day after filming the season 9 reunion for ‘Vanderpump Rules. As a result, Rachel lived with James Kennedy in an apartment in Los Angeles. She then moved into Scheana Shay’s apartment, where she stayed for several months. Rachel has now moved out of Shay’s apartment. She got her own apartment in North Hollywood.

In her time in the spotlight, Rachel has not only made friends, but she has also made foes, which add to her fame. One of Rachel’s biggest personal moments was her feud with Lala Kent. Rachel Leviss and Lala Kent turned their feud into a profitable venture. A while back, Lala called Rachel a “Bambi ass bitch.” However, in 2022, Kent launched an eye shadow palette inspired by Rachel. She named the palette “Bambi Eyed B*tch.” What a way to turn lemons into lemonade! Unfortunately, the business opportunity fell apart as a result of Rachel’s Scandoval drama.

Rachel’s name is rarely uttered without someone bringing up the Scandoval drama. Co-stars on ‘Vanderpump Rules’, Ariana Madix and Tom Sandoval, were in a relationship for nine years before everything came crashing down around them and Rachel found herself in the center of the emerging scandal.

Ariana looked at Sandoval’s phone and discovered sexually explicit material of Tom and Rachel, who was Ariana’s friend at the time. Shortly after the discovery of the affair, TMZ picked up the story, spreading the allegations. The affair had apparently been going on for about seven months and had lingering impacts for many months more on all parties involved.

The timeline of their relationship is messy given the complicated entanglements, but from the information available, Rachel’s and Tom’s relationship only lasted until about May 2023 when their split made headlines.

Though the scandal was hard on Leviss, she decided to make the best of it, and she began selling lightning bolt necklaces for charity. These necklaces were made to emulate the matching necklace she had with Tom Sandoval, which is inspired by the restaurant he shares with Tom Schwartz. She has also started selling TomTom hoodies. The scandal with Tom Sandoval has not been easy, but she has tried to make the best of it.

With so much scandal and strife, there’s no doubt that Rachel needed a new start. Reality TV drama became overwhelming for her, and she knew she needed a change. After receiving three months of treatment in a mental health facility, Rachel Leviss has turned a new leaf. She claims that she is in her “Healing Era.” She has also changed her name on social media from Raquel Levis to Rachel Levis to reflect this new chapter of her life. She wants to go back to her roots by embracing who she really is and being true to herself.

Finding balance is part of Rachel’s self-care routine. She stays in shape so that she’s ready for any opportunity that awaits. Being a model, Rachel prefers to keep her body always beach-ready. When she is not modeling, Rachel still tends to her mental and physical health  She likes to save time for traveling She has visited many cities across the United States and beyond, such as St. Tropez and Paris. She also spends a lot of time taking care of her dog, Graham, though she loves all kinds of animals. These hobbies and interests allow her to stay calm and collected and be ready to do more hard work.

How Did Rachel Leviss Make Her Money?

Rachel Leviss had a modest beginning, but she has made herself a millionaire by taking on various challenges and pushing her personal brand to be more popular and lucrative. But what venture makes up most of her income?

Rachel Leviss Financial Snapshot

Rachel Leviss has been careful to make money in diverse ways to ensure overall financial health. She made quite a lot of money from her pageantry days. She also made a lot more from ‘Pump Rules.’ Besides, she promotes various brands on Instagram as a model, making her quite a fortune. These pursuits all allow her to engage in her passions as well as create a comfortable nest egg for herself.

Rachel Leviss Earnings Fast Facts:

  • It is estimated that Rachel made $15,000 per ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Episode, which is the salary of a primary cast member.
  • Research suggests that her career as a social media personality and creator makes her at least $250,000 per year.
  • One social media sponsorship alone can make her anywhere from $1,354 to $2,257. This number is likely to rise because she is still at the peak of her career.
  • For modeling ventures, she can make around $10,000 per shoot
  • Increased exposure because of her relationship with Tom Sandoval has come with hardships but also more chances to capitalize on that exposure and increased interest in her name.
  • Estimates suggest that she has the potential to earn up to $7 million a year.

By using multiple means of income, Rachel Leviss can ensure that she won’t run out of money any time soon and has plenty of time and energy to focus on her passions.

‘Vanderpump Rules’

There’s no doubt that in one way or another ‘Vanderpump Rules’ has given Rachel Leviss the platform she needs to make money as an influencer. The show not only came with episode salaries, but it also came with attention from the public and correlated brand deals.

Brand Deals

Rachel has also monetized her love for fashion. From a very young age, she has always been a fashion lover and uses her style to express herself. Luckily, this love for fashion has made her money since she has had a chance to collaborate with fashion brands like Windsor Store and PrettyLittleThing. She also attended Los Angeles Fashion Week, and it will be exciting to see the fashion pursuits that she has in mind for the future.

Projects to Come

It’s clear that Rachel wants to begin a new part of her life in which she works on passion projects and is sure to do ventures that allow her to live an authentic life. It will be exciting to see how she continues to develop as an influencer and businessperson.

Rachel Leviss’ Net Worth

Rachel Leviss has no doubt managed to make a name for herself, but with all her pursuits, how much is Rachel Leviss worth? It is hard to estimate how much Rachel Leviss is worth has an estimated net worth of $35 million. This figure showcases her large range of business ventures.

Although Rachel has an impressive net worth, she is not the wealthiest Vanderpump Rules star. That would be Lisa Vanderpump, with a net worth of $90 million. However, it would be accurate to say that Rachel is among the most successful cast members of VPR. Having gained such huge success, the model and TV personality thanks her family tremendously for their continued support.

Despite the scandals in her life, Rachel has been able to reclaim her identity and prepare herself for a bright future. It isn’t clear exactly what that future will hold, but Rachel will surely use her big platform to her advantage.

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