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How Ariana Fletcher Achieved a Net Worth of $10 Million

Ariana Fletcher

Ariana Fletcher has generated a net worth that is worth more than many well-known celebrities. In fact, she has recently been confirmed to have a net worth of no less than $10 million. If you're wondering how she's managed to accomplish this, you might be surprised to know that the overwhelming majority of it comes from something that most people scoff at- she has spent a great deal of time monetizing her Instagram posts as a social media influencer. Whether you want to believe it or not, that was how she started making money and she's been making more of it ever since. This definitely isn't a technique that works for everyone, but there is also no question that she's found a way to make it work very well for her.

More Than Meets the Eye

Before you get too enamored with the idea that she's made all of her money doing nothing but posting on Instagram, consider the fact that no person is one-dimensional. As a matter of fact, she actually has multiple streams of income, including that which she generates as a social media influencer. In addition to her activities on social media, she's also a model. Over the years, she has also generated a fair amount of income doing different types of videos. She has her own company, one that centers around hair extensions. It's one that she's built from the ground up and she currently serves as the CEO of that company. As you can see, she stays quite busy. She claims that she's always liked the idea of generating multiple streams of income because it gives her an opportunity to enjoy a level of security that she would not otherwise have. In fact, she's made it very clear in the past that she's not keen on the idea of having all of her income generated from her work on social media, as a model or through any other singular avenue. Her reasoning for this is simple and it's also sound. If something should happen to that particular stream of income, then she's left holding the bag and has to scramble to find something new before the money runs out. That's especially true if something should happen to it that is sudden and unexpected. For her, it's about having the security of knowing that if something should happen to make one stream of income go away, there are two or three more that ensure that she can continue to live her life in a relatively comfortable manner until she's able to replace it.

Promotions Galore

Of course, all of her money doesn't come from social media posts, as previously mentioned. In fact, she claims that she's made approximately one-tenth of her net worth from her social media posts. If you want to know where the real money is, you have to look at promotions that she's done for certain companies. As a matter of fact, she even did a promotion once for Bentley and for her efforts, she was repaid with a brand new car that's worth more than $150,000. All of this contributes to her net worth. As far as cash is concerned, she makes approximately $150,000 per month from her work as a social media influencer and as the CEO of her company. The rest of her net worth has come in the form of massive company promotions and that has allowed her to add to her assets over the years. Make no mistake about it, she's not exactly hurting for cash. Most people would feel like they wouldn't have to worry about money ever again if they made $150,000 in a single month and they were able to do that consistently. She manages to do all that and more. She has often commented that the Bentley and other assets are a nice insurance policy. While she enjoys them, she knows that it's always a possibility to sell these assets if she ever needs to in order to make some quick cash. For her, it's about security and this is one more way that she makes sure that she is financially secure as opposed to having to worry about her finances or getting paid in such a manner that she ends up living paycheck-to-paycheck.

Paying It Forward

She definitely believes in paying her good fortune forward, too. As a matter of fact, she spends quite a lot of her time helping other people monetize their own social media posts so they can experience a similar level of success. She says that she does it because she knows how hard it can be when you’re trying to figure everything out for yourself, especially when you’re forced to figure it out through trial and error. She has clearly figured out a method that works well for her and she wants to help other people achieve the same thing. She often comments that she was raised to bring others up and give a helping hand wherever she could. For her, this is all in a day’s work. She’s merely doing the same thing she has always done. The only difference is that now, there are a few more pairs of eyes watching because she’s been so successful. It’s inspiring to think of the net worth that she’s generated because she’s done it in an arena where most people just roll their eyes and tell you that it can’t be done. In addition, she’s still young, so there’s no telling how much her current net worth could grow in the future. One thing is certain, it will be exciting to watch and see what she decides to do. There is very little doubt that she will continue to do things that most people don’t even have the courage to attempt.

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Written by Allen Lee

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