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How Bill Burr Achieved a Net Worth of $8 Million

William Burr

William Burr is a stand-up comedian. The American was born in 1968, Massachusetts, United States to dentist Edmund Burr and nurse Linda Wignet. He, therefore, holds American citizenship and belongs to the mixed ethnicity of Irish, French, and German. With the huge success and enormous experience in the field of acting and comedy, Bill Burr has managed to accumulate quite a considerable amount of money. He has, over the years, made appearances in many TV shows as a comedian and actor. To highlight his long career as a comedian, William Burr has been active in the scene since 1998 until now, and he does not seem to waiver. There is, basically, no limit to what the man can do. From being featured as a character in a video game (he has featured in a game known as Grand Auto: this earned him a good fortune) to being a renowned stand-up comedian, there might be very little left for him to do.

According to Forbes Magazine, Bill Burr’s net worth must be somewhere around eight million US dollars. However, this figure is subject to considerable increment, especially given that he is only 49 years old and still very significant in the comedy industry. Obviously, Burr has been making good money from his numerous shows. Even though it is a tall order to reconstruct all his shows from 1998 entirely, it is possible that he was paid well enough. The release the five stand-up comedy films he completed must have earned him a considerable amount of cash. Additionally, his appearance in Grand Theft Auto is said to have earned him about 300000 US dollars. William Burr, moreover, has appeared in a number of adverts where he was paid well. Burr has also made significant fortunes from his acting career. With the payments, he has invested in some businesses, including real estate.

Net Worth$8 Million
NameWilliam Frederick Burr
BornCanton, Massachusetts
Birth DateJune 10, 1968
Source of WealthAmerican Stand-Up Comedian, Actor, and Podcaster
CountryUnited States

Income and Net Worth

As mentioned a couple of times earlier, William has earned massive success in his career as a comedian. Generally speaking, his net worth is approximated at about eight million US dollars and counting. This figure might rise in the future, given his active role in TV as an actor and comedian. His sources of income vary, but he has made most of his wealth as a comedian. For sure, he ranks as one of the most talented comedians in the United States. William has also made some money out of his acting career, especially after his appearance in Netflix Studios. He has also made some income from his podcast show. These revenue streams have all contributed to his net worth, but the primary source of income remains to be his endeavors as a comedian.

Bill Burr’s Private Life

Bill Burr married his long-time friend Nia Hill in 2013. Nia Hill is a director and a screenwriter, and she appears as a guest alongside Bill on his podcast. The couple is blessed with one child, Lola. Their daughter was born in January 2017. The family lives happily in California. From the look of things, Blurr has managed to maintain his relationship and keep it as strong as his career.

Cars and House

The comedian owns an impressive fleet of vehicles with his best ride being the new Jaguar that he has always driven in most social and public appearances. Bill is a chartered pilot, and he has recently implied of purchasing a chopper. As for his home, he has a mansion in California where he resides with his young family.

Career, Short Bio

The stand-up comedian has always been a joker: ever since his younger years. His friends have always been amazed at how he cracked jokes that left all them lively. Bill, in 1995, moved to New York where he was first introduced to acting. Since 2007, his podcast show has always highlighted some of his experiences as a child and in the past. He believes that sharing your experiences with other people might assist them in similar situations. Blurr has, additionally, appeared on radio shows, but his best achievement in his career life was realized when he opted to venture into comedy where he has shown his talent. More than being a stand-up comedian, however, Bill has made a few appearances in some films. More specifically, Bill has stared in about eight Netflix movies – the shows include: Passionada, Twisted Fortune, Perfect Fit, The Heat, Stand up Guys, Zombeaver, Black and White, Walk of Shame.

Social Media

The comedian prides in a huge number of fans all over his social media platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook. Bill has about one million followers on Twitter and over 700,000 followers on Instagram.


Bill kicked off his role in AMC’s thriller show Breaking Bad and Netflix original series F is for Family. He starred as Patrick, a conman for hire, in the fifth season of Breaking Bad. The series ranks as one of the best shows in the United States, and it has received numerous positive reviews from critics and viewers too. The comedian was labeled the heavyweight champion of rage humor by Rolling Stone. In 2017, the Netflix actor purchased a home in California for 4.7 million US dollars. He drives an impressive fleet of cars with his best ride being the new Jaguar that he has always driven in most social and public appearances.

The comedian his well-known for his satire-filled humor; he has also made a number of appearances on a few comedy specials on comedy central and HBO. Bill, in 2007, started his podcast every Monday morning. Apart from that, he has often made guest appearances on other comedian’s podcasts such as The Joe Rogan Experience, The Adam Carolla Show, WTF with Marc Moron, Nobody Likes Onion and so many more. The comedian is married to Nia Hill, who works as a filmmaker and a writer. The couple got married in 2013, and they have been together for over six years.

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