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Here's The 20 Richest Comedians In The World Today

Everyone needs a hearty laugh everyday, and there are people out there whose sole responsibility in work is to make others laugh. Comedians have the toughest jobs out there, believe it or not. It’s really not that easy being funny, but the people on this list are all naturals at it. That’s why they’re some of the richest people—not only in their niche but also in the entire industry. Here are the 20 richest comedians in the entire world.

20. Ray Romano - $130 million

Romano is still around even though he’s not pushing comedy the way he did in the late 90s to the early 2000s. Everybody Loves Raymond was the ultimate family show. The cast dynamic was just hard to beat, and Romano’s comedic chops were unbelievably perfect. That TV show got him quite a bit of money, especially since the show ran successfully for 9 years. But even more successful was the animated franchise that made Romano’s voice a star—Ice Age. So far, there have been five Ice Age features, several shorts, and a couple of television specials. All of that meant money for Romano and a solid status as one of the most successful comedians in the world.

19. Rowan Atkinson - $130 million

You either love him or you don’t, but you can’t deny the fact that Mr. Bean is a true television icon. British actor Rowan Atkinson is probably one of the most unique actors out there. His comedy is more facial than it is physical, but it absolutely works. He made over $600 million on the Johnny English films alone, and if that doesn’t signify success, we’re not sure what does.

18. Dan Aykroyd - $135 million

Dan Aykroyd will always be considered as one of the best. He was one of the original cast members of Saturday Night Live, which ultimately propelled his career towards a great path. Some of Aykroyd’s films are now considered to be classics. Ghostbusters, Trading Places, The Coneheads, and My Girl are just some of the films that have made Aykroyd a solid comedian in the industry. He continues to be active today, and it’s no doubt that he’s worth $135 million. He’s made quite a name for himself in the comedy genre and beyond.

17. Steve Harvey - $140 million

Oh, Steve. Who doesn’t know Steve Harvey? Harvey is most popular today for his role as host of one of America’s favorite game shows: Family Feud. But really, Harvey never leaves the spotlight of controversy. He’s always getting into something. Regardless, he’s absolutely naturally hilarious, and his expressions and reactions are some of the best. We’ll always remember him from his days on The Steve Harvey Show—the show that ultimately put him on a pedestal. With a net worth of $140 million, Harvey has done particularly good for himself. Not bad, Steve. Not bad at all.

16. Bill Murray - $140 million

It’s a little sad to see Bill Murray aging; we have so many quaint memories of watching his funny films growing up. But Murray has managed to evolve into an extremely well rounded actor. Sure, he can make us all laugh, but doubt not for a single second that he can make you cry as well. Murray’s career has always been projected for success since his early days on Saturday Night Live, and the fact that he’s still around is a true testament to his talent. That particular talent is worth $140 million today.

15. Kevin Hart - $150 million

Kevin Hart is so funny; he doesn’t even have to open his mouth to make people laugh. He has that natural ability to bring out loud guffaws from nowhere. It’s a skill that’s highly coveted today, and it’s why he’s worth roughly $150 million today. Kevin Hart’s career is far from reaching its peak, and he’s definitely well on his way there. The actor is hilarious whether he’s behind a movie screen or on a stage. If you’re going to see Kevin Hart perform, make sure you bring a whole load of laughs because you’re going to shell it out like it’s nothing.

14. Jim Carrey - $150 million

It’s hard to believe that Carrey isn’t higher on this list. The Canadian-American actor, comedian, and producer has done a lot in his career. He may not be active on the big screen today, but this incredibly talented person has managed to solidify his career in the 90s and early 2000s to have a high net worth of $150 million. Carrey is still working and making films when he can. His most recent project is a Netflix series called Kidding.

13. Drew Carey - $165 million

We were all skeptical when we heard Drew Carey was coming onto as the replacement host on The Price Is Right back in 2007. Just over 10 years later, we’re glad that he was the one that replaced Bob Barker. Carey has done so many different things throughout his career. His versatility as a professional in the industry is impressive; he’s an actor, host, writer, producer, director, and so much more. He’s done plenty to make a net worth of $165 million make sense. There really is just no one else like Carey out there.

12. Seth MacFarlane - $250 million

If Seth MacFarlane only did Family Guy throughout his entire career, he’d still be just as successful as he is now. It’s quite rare in the industry to find a long-lasting hit on the first try. MacFarlane not only found his biggest success with the hit animated show, he didn’t stop there. He expanded and dabbled into so many other projects. There’s no doubt he’ll be worth more in the future than his net worth of $250 million today. MacFarlane is more than just funny; he’s smart, talented, and probably one of the most creative minds in comedy today.

11. Jay Leno - $350 million

Televsion host Jay Leno is another American television icon. The Tonight Show with Jay Leno was NBC’s late night powerhouse for over 20 years. It’s the show that made Leno a household name; it’s the show that helped Jay Leno bring his net worth up to a comfortable $350 million. This is one of those situations when hard work really paid off. The story goes that Leno worked the stand-up stage for 300 nights a year before he got the big break. If that doesn’t inspire you to work hard for your goals, nothing probably will.

10. David Letterman - $400 million

Having a 20-year talk show role is not necessarily rare; David Letterman had the same thing. This guy held his talk show host position for 22 years. That doesn’t necessarily translate to the $400 million that he’s worth today, but it surely got him close enough to that. Interestingly enough, Letterman doesn’t seem to be done. He’s back on the host position with his latest series, My Next Guest Needs No Introduction. He’s already interviewed Barack Obama in this show. No, Letterman is not slowing down anytime soon.

9. Byron Allen - $400 million

If you want to be in the business of funny things, you know you’ve got to have funny naturally in your bones. This is why Entertainment Studios’ founder, owner, chairman, and CEO Byron Allen has been so successful. He also happens to be a funny guy, who started his career out doing stand-up just like most of the other guys in the industry. Allen, however, also happens to have a strong business bone in his body. He’s managed to create one of television’s biggest networks, and he’s got a net worth of $400 million to show for it.

8. Bill Cosby - $400 million

Cosby may have been going through tremendous amounts of negative press lately, and many fans have been devastated by everything going on with Cosby. Details aside, there’s a reason why Cosby is worth roughly $400 million today. The collective body of his work is nothing short of awesome. Whether recent events taint his legacy or not is something that we’ll just have to wait on to see. Regardless, Cosby’s name will always be one of the biggest names in the world of comedy—positively or otherwise.

7. Larry David - $400 million

Many people who aren’t familiar with Larry David will be surprised at what he’s done to make it this far down on this list. If there were one thing you should know about David, it’s the fact that he was the head writer and co-creator of one of television’s most successful comedy show—Seinfeld. David’s estimated net worth today is around $400 million, and most of that probably came from his work on Seinfeld. You should know that he’s also the mind behind Curb Your Enthusiasm. However, our favorite David project was probably his regular portrayal of Senator Bernie Sanders on SNL. It was just pure genius.

6. Adam Sandler - $420 million

Happy Madison Productions may be a hit or miss, but Sandler surely hit the jackpot when it comes to a successful career. The truth is it doesn’t matter how bad a Sandler movie is. He’s one of those actors that still manage to gather a crowd no matter how terrible the product is. Perhaps, he’s the only one that can pull that off. That being said, Adam Sandler has done enough good movies to warrant a pretty strong following. And yes, he’s also very funny majority of the time. No wonder he’s got $420 million to his name as of today.

5. Ellen DeGeneres - $450 million

It’s not something that you can just ignore, and it’s definitely no small feat to be the first woman on this list—and be at the top 5 at the same time. However, Ellen is just someone special. There’s no one else like her on the planet. She’s been the host of her own show for a while now, but she’s been around for much longer than that. The best part about Ellen is not even her comedy even though she’s totally hilarious. It’s the fact that she’s such a good-hearted and well-intentioned person that makes people fall in love with her. It doesn’t matter that she’s worth $450 million right now. She’s still just as humble as ever.

4. Matt Stone - $500 million

You would know Matt Stone if you’ve ever watched even a minute of the famed Comedy Central animation, South Park. We know that it’s not for everybody, but you have to realize that there’s a reason why this show has gone on for as long as it currently has. Stone’s creative genius is evident in every single part of the show he co-created. It may be controversial, but South Park has become the voice of a generation that’s politically aware yet unapologetically apathetic. The show has led Stone to his millions--$500 million to be exact, and he’s still continuing on.

3. Trey Parker - $500 million

Parker is the second half of the brilliance behind South Park. Alongside Matt Stone, Trey Parker has created something unique with the show. It’s no surprise that Parker is the owner of four Emmys and even a Grammy award. His work is nothing short of impressive. South Park has become a cultural icon in many ways, and it’s definitely given a voice to a generation that has grown apathetic to the many mishaps of culture and politics. Parker is a $500 million today, but we’re sure he’ll be somewhere higher in the future.

2. Matt Groening - $500 million

There’s probably not a lot that you know about Groening, but the fact that you know Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie is a testament to the incredible talent of this comedian and animator. Yes, Groening created the most successful animation of our time and probably of all time: The Simpsons. He’s definitely worth $500 million, and just think that without Groening, there’d be no Springfield. That’s an alternate world that we’d rather not think about at all.

1. Jerry Seinfeld - $950 million

He’s the true King of Comedy. He’s definitely made a ton of money through his comedy, but Seinfeld has capitalized on his funny chops in so many ways. He’s written books. He’s done hundreds of speaking engagements. The bottom line is this guy just knows how to grow his money, and it doesn’t matter if he’s your favorite comedian or not. It doesn’t even matter if you think Seinfeld is funny or not. What matters is that he’s the richest comedian in the world, and he’s the richest by a few miles. That’s a bow down to you, Mr. Jerry Seinfeld. You get the last laugh out of them all.

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