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What Does Billy Joel Do for Charity?

Billy Joel

The Piano Man, better yet known as Billy Joel, is a billionaire musician known for his vibrant music and amazing piano skills. While he does his best on stage to help delight fans, he also works behind the scenes to help people in need. Billy is an active philanthropist in his free time and has supported many charities over the years.

Billy Joel has done a lot for charity, including forming Charity Begins At Home, which helps provide resources to needy people. He also created The Joel Foundation, which provides funding for medical research, environmental conservation projects, and music education.

He has donated to the American Red Cross, St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital, and the Special Olympics. Additionally, he has been a major supporter of the Long Island Coalition for the Homeless, donating more than $500,000 and much more.

From supporting charities related to education, human rights, and disaster relief, it's safe to say that he is a great guy wanting to make an impact on the world. Keep reading if you're interested in knowing exactly what he's done throughout his career! Below, we'll give a rundown of everything Billy Joel has done for charity.

Billy Joel Charity

When it comes to charity, Billy Joel is a natural at helping people in need. Besides his music career, he has also focused on aiding people in need over the years. Billy Joel made one of the major efforts by creating a foundation named Charity Begins At Home in 1978 that serves the tri-state area.

About Charity Begins At Home (1978)

Charity Begins At Home is a foundation focused on protecting from child abuse, domestic violence, Autism, cancer, and much more. It is funded through his profits from concerts, which has added up to quite the donation. The charity is focused on aiding anyone in need, and Billy Joel helps manage the foundation from time to time.

The Joel Foundation (2022)

The Joel Foundation is a charity backed by Billy and Alexis Joel. The foundation was formed to help fund music and music education programs in Ukraine. The donation was made of $250k, and partnered with other foundations to help create an everlasting program to help kids affected by the war.

Billy Joel Charitable Donations

Billionaire Billy Joel does much with his money, which can be seen as charitable acts. He goes above and beyond to support people's interests in music and the performing arts. Bily also focuses on helping people in need. Here are some of the donations he's made:

Eastman School $320,000

This donation was made to the Eastman School of Music. The money is expected to be used to enhance music programs at the school.

Autism Speaks $1,000,000

Billy Joel donated $1 million to Autism Speaks back in 2018. The donation was meant to help fund research and support those with Autism.

Syracuse University College of Visual and Performing Arts $320,000

Syracuse University's College of Visual and Performing Arts got a $320,000 donation from Billy Joel in 2018. The donation was intended to help fund music programs at the college.

Long Island High School's $3 million donation

Billy Joel donated $3 million to a school on Long Island in 2016. The donation was intended to help fund music education, including constructing a state-of-the-art recording studio and performance space.

Donations to New York University, Julliard, and State University of New York

Billy has also donated to the New York University, Julliard, and the State University of New York. The donations have been used to support musical education at those universities. However, the amounts of these donations were not made public.

Hurricane Sandy Concert & Telethon Efforts

Billy Joel was also active in the Hurricane Sandy Concert & Telethon efforts. He performed at the concert and helped to raise more than $30 million to support people affected by the hurricane.

Billy Joel's Other Charitable Acts

Aside from his charitable donations and foundations, Billy is also active in other charitable acts. Some are known to the public, while others he does behind the scenes. Here are a few that are known to the public:

Purchase of Personal Protective Equipment for COVID Hospitals

Billy Joel had the resources to help healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. He purchased personal protective equipment for hospitals in New York, including masks and face shields. This amounted to $500,000 worth of equipment.

Donation of Concert Tickets to Military Families

Billy has also donated thousands of concert tickets to military families over the years. This is his way of showing appreciation to those who serve their country.

Annual Christmas Concerts for Wounded Veterans

Billy holds annual Christmas concerts for wounded veterans, which is a great way for them to enjoy music and spend the holidays with family. The concerts are free of charge and open to all who wish to attend. This has become one of Billy's most beloved charity projects.

Bill Joel FAQs

How often does Billy Joel participate in charity?

Billy Joel participates in charity quite often. He has founded two charities and makes donations to various organizations, including music schools and research institutions that focus on Autism. He also participated in the Hurricane Sandy Concert & Telethon efforts, which raised more than $30 million for those affected by the hurricane. Additionally, Billy donates his profits from concerts to his foundation. These charitable acts demonstrate Billy Joel's commitment to helping needy people.

Did Billey Joel win any awards for his charity work?

Yes, Billy Joel has been honored for his charitable work. In 2011, he was named a recipient of the George M. Steinbrenner Humanitarian Award for supporting numerous charities and causes. In 2021, he was awarded the Simon Wiesenthal Center's Lifetime Achievement Award for his commitment to fostering a more just and peaceful world.

Does Billy Joel have a foundation?

Yes, Billy Joel has two foundations. The first is the Billy Joel Foundation (2017), which focuses on helping people affected by poverty, hunger, and illness. The second is the Joel Foundation (2022), which focuses on aiding people in Ukraine affected by war and funding music and music education programs in the country. Both foundations are backed by Billy and his wife, Alexis Joel.

What else does Billy Joel plan to do for charity?

Billy Joel plans to continue his philanthropic endeavors and help those in need. He has expressed a commitment to helping children, veterans, and people facing poverty, hunger, and illness.

He also plans to increase his support for music and music education programs around the world. Lastly, Billy hopes to continue using his resources to help healthcare workers, such as by purchasing personal protective equipment for hospitals during the COVID pandemic.

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