The 10 Most Expensive Concert Tickets Being Sold Today


It’s been said that ‘Music is good for the soul’ and according to psychologists, it is beneficial for your health too. However, most of the time, good music comes at a cost. You could either incur internet costs from streaming your favorite songs, purchasing them from an App, paying subscription fees or even buying concert tickets to go watch your favorite musician perform live. The Latter is usually a bit pricier as most renown musicians charge an arm and a leg to watch them perform live. Despite that, most people do not mind the cost on such tickets considering the exhilarating and unforgettable experience that usually comes with attending live concerts. But, how much exactly would you be willing to spend on a concert? Is there an amount that you would consider too much, regardless of the artist? Well, below are the 10 most expensive concert tickets being sold today.

10. Paul MCCartney/The Beatles – $241

To start off our list is Paul MCCartney. In one of his concerts, fans got to pay up to $241 to watch him perform. According to SongKick though his concert tickets are usually expensive, online reviews prove that they are sure worth every penny spent.

9. P!nk – $270

P!nk, born as Alecia Beth Moore, is an artist recognized for her edgy pop music. With hit songs such as There you Go, Raise your Glass and What about Us, P!nk has won over uncountable fans. Her commercial success from the sale of these songs has inspired a wild worldwide tour where fans have paid as much as $270 for a ticket to see her in action.

8. Fleetwood Mac – $282

Fleetwood has kept fans entertained with fascinating and outstanding music for five decades now. The magic in their songs never gets old. Despite the fact that they have been through a lot of negatives over the years, the band has still managed to keep their music afloat and produce some of the most beloved rock and roll music. To connect with fans they commonly organize tours, and in some of their concerts, tickets have gone for up to $282.

7. Beyonce – $282

Beyonce is a grammy-award winning recording artist widely celebrated for her thrilling vocals, videos and live shows. Generally, her speaks for itself thus its not surprising that fans would be willing to pay tickets worth $284 to watch her perform live.

6. Roger Waters – $314

He is a multi- Talented man as he is a gifted songwriter, singer, bassist and composer. According to StubHub, his music career and journey to stardom began in the seminal rock group Pink Floyd. He was initially the bassist for the group but later progressed to being a singer and song writer. One of his most outstanding creations in the group is the album Dark Side of the Moon which has recorded the second highest sales level of all albums worldwide. In 1984, he left the group and decided to embark on his musical journey alone. This seems like the best decision he ever made as his solo music is phenomenal and he manages to organize successful concerts with some costing fans as much as $314 per ticket.

5. Justin Timberlake – $339

Occasionally referred to as JT, Justin Timberlake is an iconic artist known for producing superb RnB Hip-hop Music. Most of his songs have topped music charts and gained worldwide recognition. For this reason, his concerts are always packed to capacity. For example, according to Forbes Justin Timberlake’s 13-month Man of the Woods tour, spanned 113 shows where over 1.7million tickets were sold.

According to his fans his music is even better when he sings them live and hence, they do mind spending more as the experience is totally worth it. JT’s highest priced ticket was sold for $339.

4. Eagles – $354

Eagles is among America’s most popular bands famous for producing country rock music. This genre of music has a lot of fans and the band always manages to attract crowds to their concerts. What’s more, the fans do not mind digging deeper into their pockets for a dose of Eagles music. The band has sold concert tickets with price tags of up to $354.

3. Maroon 5 – $364

Adam Levigne is known to produce incredible songs, especially in one of his albums the Maroon 5. Almost all the songs in the album were instant hits, and according to fans, they become extra special when you get to listen to them in a live performance. However, that comes at quite a cost as some of his concerts tickets were sold for upto $364.

2. One Direction – $420

The band which consists of Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles is considered as one of the most popular and successful boy bands of all time. Each of the band members is a star in their own right. The band first got their big break from the X factor, and have since become a force to reckon with after producing albums which topped music charts and billboards. This may justify their costly concert tickets which have cost fans up to $420.

1. The Rolling Stones – $624

This band tops our list. It is an English Rock band from London formed back in the 60s. To date, the band has managed to build a name for itself and acquire an impressive number of fans from all over the world. Their concert tickets are considered costly, as they range in between $150 – $400. However, in the year 2014 the band outdid themselves by charging $624 per head on the secondary market, in a tour which was meant to celebrate their 50th Anniversary. Their most priced stop took place on 11th May at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, where fans had to pay $1044 to watch the band perform. This year, their ticket prices are hovering between $80 – $800 depending on where you buy, the time you buy, number of tickets and also the sitting arrangement.

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