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A Guide To Getting Cheap Concert Tickets in 2022

Concert Tickets

After two years of quarantine and lockdown, we're ready to get out of the house and enjoy the concert scene. When your favorite artist is in the area and you are short of cash, there may be alternatives to missing the concert. You might be unable to afford the high price of premium tickets, but there are a few tricks to help you find tickets at a discount. There are some ways to find free concert tickets. We've compiled a guide to getting cheap concert tickets in 2022 that can help you save money in a few different ways. Here are the best solutions to try.

Buy your tickets in advance

The Penny Hoarder recommends scanning concert touring schedules to find out when your favorite artist will be in town and buying early. Waiting for the bots to get their hands on the tickets to inflate the prices is the mistake many concert-goers make. Get in on the presale of ticket sales to save money.

Join a fan club

Presale tickets are sometimes available to members of a fan club. You can learn more about fan clubs on the artist's website. Some artists also offer free or discounted tickets to fans who volunteer to put up posters. Some clubs reward members who advertise for them on social media about the upcoming concert. Look for opportunities to get discounts on tickets by becoming a club member. Sometimes it helps to become a Super Fan to get in on the best promotions. Some artists offer a discount code on fan club websites.

Use a credit card that offers discounts on tickets

Never discount the power of a good credit card plan. Some credit cards offer discounts on concert tickets, and the savings could be substantial. Many credit card companies also give their members the option of using their cash-back points to purchase concert tickets. It's worth checking into the situation. If there's still time, you can search through the dozens of cash-back cards to find one that will give you the best deals on using points earned to pay for concert tickets. One example of a credit card company that offers simple cashback is Capital One's travel cards. Some even offer meet and greets with the artists that the general public is not allowed to access.

Search the internet for presale codes

Some internet sleuths are experts at finding presale codes. They turn them up for just about everything. Some even find codes that save them money on concert tickets. Use an internet search and type in the artist's name with the word presale, and it will take you to the options for all available offers. You can sometimes find presale codes for concert tickets listed on forums.

Buy tickets on the first day they are available for purchase

The early bird catches the worm and the saying is relevant to buying concert tickets. It's cheaper to buy concert tickets on the first day than it is a few weeks after they become available. If you wait, you might miss out on the standard prices and pay double or more when the bots and scalpers offer the rare remaining tickets. It's best to create an account on the official website you plan to use to buy the ticket the day before. It will save you time when competing for the first tickets online. Do your homework to find the best seats in your price range the day before tickets go on sale to save time searching the available seats. Be sure you use an internet provider with fast speeds, such as WiFi. When competing for cheap tickets on the first day of the sale, a slow connection could cause you to lose out to someone with a faster connection.

Participate in Radio Station giveaways

Stadium Help recommends tuning in to your local radio stations. Most radio stations acquire concert tickets for big-name artists and sponsor giveaways for guessing the right answer to a question. It's the best way to get free concert tickets for knowing the answer to a trivia question. Although there are no guarantees, it doesn't hurt to try. It's essential to stay glued to the station and keep the telephone number for the station on speed dial. Sometimes they give the prize to the first caller, but some DJs change it up and give the fourth or fifth caller a chance to win.

Scan social media for free and discounted concerts

Some bands leverage the power of social media and use the outlets to build hype and loyalty from their fans. You may find offers to win free concert tickets on the artists' social media pages. It sometimes pays to visit their websites and promotional advertisements. It's wise to follow them on social media and give them a few likes.

Watch for ticket lotteries

Some stadiums and other venues provide lotteries that sponsored free tickets to upcoming concerts as a promotional endeavor. They give people the chance to enter lotteries to win tickets to concerts. Most of the lotteries are digitally hosted. It's wise to visit the venue websites for promotional lotteries and throw your hat in the ring for a chance to win.

Buy tickets for seats in the back

Another way to save money on the cost of concert tickets is to opt for seats that are at the back of the venue. Most tickets get more expensive the closer you get to the front where the artist is performing. The further to the back your seat is located at the concert, the less expensive the price. It's especially true for large venues. It's better to find one of the cheaper tickets and sit in the back than to not be able to afford to attend at all. You will sacrifice the view of the artist, but it won't affect the sound quality. You still get to hear the music and enjoy the live performance.

Buy tickets from a third party

Sometimes you can find cheap concert tickets available through third parties such as SeatGeek or StubHub. Look for third-party websites that offer extra tickets that are available for lower prices than you'll find through Ticketmaster. The third-party websites work on a supply and demand platform. When there are more tickets available, these venues offer them at discounted prices to fill the venues. They protect you from buying fake tickets that are worthless, and all purchases are guaranteed. It's safer than going with a scalper or buying them online from a private party. If the event gets canceled or is rescheduled, the third-party vendors issue a one-hundred percent refund.

Buy your concert tickets at the last minute

Another strategy for getting cheap concert tickets is to buy them at the last minute. It's a risky venture as you can miss out on getting any tickets at all, but if the concert is not sold out, you are likely to get tickets at cheaper prices. Venues would rather offer a discount to fill the seats than not maximize their full potential for occupancy. Show up at the venue to ask if there are any tickets available for sale. They may have extras and offer you a good deal on tickets for great seats. When you buy from the venue, you get to bypass the fees charged by Ticket Master and they're going to be cheaper.

Book your seat at a smaller city

Concert tickets go for different rates in different places. Tickets sold in larger cities for grand venues are often more expensive than those sold for concerts in smaller towns. If the city is less populated, there will be less demand for the tickets, and it drives the price of the tickets lower. It's a good strategy if you don't mind driving a few extra miles to attend the event. It's best to check the tour schedule for your favorite band, and compare prices for different venues near where you live. You may be surprised at the price differences.

Buy a single ticket

You can get a concert ticket for a cheaper price by going to the concert alone. Taking a guest doubles the cost. When someone buys tickets for friends or family that wish to go as a group, they run the risk of someone backing out and not paying for the ticket. Ditchers can double or triple the price you will pay for concert tickets by not showing up and not fulfilling their obligation to pay. People who buy multiple tickets usually discover that they either cannot sell the leftover tickets or are forced to offer them at a reduced price.

Buy your concert tickets during National Concert Week

Plan to attend a concert between May 1 and May 7 annually, to save on promotional for National Concert Week. It's a celebration that Ticketmaster and Live Nation participate in annually, to offer concert tickets at the lowest price of the year. Keep an eye out for concerts you want to see during this time.

Check the box office first

Money recommends starting your search for concert tickets at the box office. It's the best way to get tickets cheap before they get sold to other vendors that inflate the prices to make a profit. The box office can be one of the cheapest ticket sales venues, but you should still compare prices to make sure you get the best deal.

Compare reseller fees before you buy

You may find reasonably priced concert tickets advertised on reseller websites, but you must read the fine print to discover what the reselling fees will be. Some resellers charge high fees with backend processing fees that turn a cheap concert ticket into a rotten deal that can cost you more. Only deal with reputable ticket sellers. If there is no disclosure about fees, it's probably wise to shop around and find a reseller that does.

Avoid buying concert tickets from strangers

Sometimes you can find a good deal from someone who can't use their tickets. There are quite a few people who legitimately just want to get their money back n concert tickets. If you know the person, it might be a smart plan to buy the tickets if they're cheap enough. If the seller is a total stranger with no mutual friends, you're taking a chance on getting a worthless ticket that won't get you in the door of the concert hall. There are a lot of scammers out there and they're only after your money. After you buy the ticket they disappear with your money. It's best to walk away from deals on concert tickets that sound too good to be true. They probably are.

Final thoughts

Tech Boomers reminds us to be careful about buying concert tickets online. If you buy tickets from someone you don't know very well, it's wise to confirm the tickets to ensure that they are valid before you move ahead with the purchase. It's a legitimate concern and if they have nothing to hide, it shouldn't be an issue. The best way to get concert tickets cheaper is to avoid getting ripped off by scammers, scalpers, and ticket vendors that charge high reselling fees. You can save money on the cost of concert tickets by choosing seats that are more reasonably priced. You'll pay far more for concert tickets for seats that are closer to the front of the venue than for tickets that are further back. You can often find contests or giveaways sponsored by local radio stations. Sometimes buying tickets for a concert in a smaller town cost less than for concerts in larger cities and venues. Becoming a member of a fan club can give you other opportunities to receive free or discounted concert tickets. Sometimes, it's cheaper to buy concert tickets from the venue right before the concert begins. You take a chance on missing out if the show gets sold out, but if there are repurchased tickets left over, the venues usually sell them at a discount to fill the stadium seats. There are dozens of ways to find cheap concert tickets. We hope you find this guide for getting cheap concert tickets helpful.

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