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20 Things You Didn't Know about Jessica Biel

Not only is Jessica Biel one of the most beautiful women in the world, but she's also one of the best actresses as well. However, there is so much more to this women than meets the eye. Although she may seem mysterious by maintaining a relatively low profile despite her fame and notoriety, she has a completely non-diva attitude that compliments her down-to-earth personality perfectly. It's no wonder she has such a huge fan base of both males and females. We've compiled a list of some of the best information we could find about the talented actress. Here are 20 things you didn't know about Jessica Biel.

1. Parents, Birth, and Ancestry

Jessica Claire Timberlake was born to Kimberly and Jonathon Edward Biel in Ely, Minnesota on March 3, 1982, making her thirty-six years old. She is now an American singer, producer, model, and, as most know her, actress. As a child her parents traveled around quite extensively across the US, taking her to Connecticut, Texas, Woodstock, and finally settling in Boulder, Colorado. In addition, Biel has an interesting multicultural ancestry. She is of Hungarian-Jewish, Danish, German, Swiss-German, and French descent. She may even have just a smidge of Native American heritage as well. Interestingly enough, she only found out about the Hungarian-Jewish when she participated on the show Who Do You Think You Are? in 2017.

2. Cartoon Version

Biel has actually played the cartoon version of herself a couple of times. First, in 2004 on Johnny Bravo episode and then later, in 2016, she did so in an episode of BoJack Horseman, featuring stars such as Alison Brie, Amy Sedaris, and Will Arnett, who plays the title role. The cartoon is about a beloved nineties sitcom horse who is now washed up, who wears colorful sweaters and complains all the time. In season 3, Biel appeared on the show, teaching viewers that before she fell for Justin Timberlake, she had been dating Mr. Peanutbutter, whom she left for her future husband.

3. Feminism

Jessica Biel is a feminist. She's participated in the previous two Women's Marches, painting herself purple in support of the movement. On her Instagram, she explained the paint by saying she didn't own anything purple which the march has asked supporters to wear. She went on to say the reason she votes is to protect her rights and the rights of others. Additionally, she is also supportive of the Time's Up movement, about which she says should be everyone's resolution for the new year: no more sexual harassment and/or inequality at work being accepted as normal.

4. Biggest Regret

While we're on the subject of feminism, it would be a good time to bring up what Biel says is her biggest regret: posing topless for Gear magazine. It happened over eighteen years ago, however, when Biel was young and naive. She says she was pressured into following the photographer's instructions, which led to her baring her top half. What's even worse is that at the time, Jessica was only seventeen and the pics could be construed as child pornography. Fortunately for her, she was still with 7th Heaven which went to bat for her by filing a lawsuit against the magazine. Luckily, the situation has been all but forgotten and she has never posed for any other racy pics since then.

5. Momma's Girl

Biel and her mother are super close. They "have a blast" together going on adventures, traveling, or just sipping wine. After becoming a mother herself, Biel says she's never been more grateful to her own mother. Recently posting a pic of her and her mother sharing some wine, Biel admitted that it had taken her almost thirty years to understand what sacrifices her mother had made for her. She also said she was in awe of her mother's wisdom and grace and hoped that she can emulate those same ideals with her own son. How sweet!

6. Justin Number Two

Jessica actually has two Justin's in her life; however one has been around a lot longer. He's her brother. Justin Biel is three years younger than his big sister and boasts an impressive story of entrepreneurial success. After receiving degrees in both Business Administration and International Business, he actually landed a production assistant gig on the hit ABC sit-com Scrubs. Justin B. has also collaborated with his family and their nonprofit organization "Make The Difference Network." After briefly working for Justin Timberlake's company Tequila 901, he began his own company called BAREMADE which is a design line that is eco-friendly creating wallets, backpacks, and handbags.

7. Career Beginnings

Biel initially began pursuing a career as a vocalist and performed in musical theater. At the age of nine, she starred in "Beauty and the Beast", "The Sound of Music", and "Annie". As a natural beauty, Jessica began modeling as well. It wasn't long before she was doing both modeling and commercial work as part of her competition in several modeling agencies, such as the Talent Association's Annual Conference in 1994. By 1996, she made her television series debut in 7th Heaven playing the part of Mary Camden, which helped her emerge as a breakout star and led to the success of her acting career.

8. Fun Hobbies

Biel's favorite color is pink, Way of the Peaceful Warrior is her favorite book, and Led Zeppelin and Elvis Presley are her favorite musicians - and Justin T, of course! Jessica's favorite hobbies include collecting vintage glasses with no lenses, taking pics of her dog, practicing ballet and yoga, playing soccer - she's a huge fan of Soccer player Mia Hamm - and hiking. She's always been athletic, playing soccer while growing up and playing basketball in her portrayal of Mary Camden. In addition, Jessica also likes to go to the gym with a trainer, practice crossbow shooting, learning and practicing martial arts, (which works well for switching up her gym workouts), playing volleyball, and snowboarding. Obviously, all of this is why she keeps her body in such killer shape.

9. College Student

Jessica actually attended college as well - for three semesters - at Tufts University and she didn't graduate. While she was attending, she was also acting in 7th Heaven at the time as well, which didn't leave much time for studying and classes. Later, after reuniting with her college friends a couple of years prior, Justin surprised one of Biel's college roommates by singing at her wedding. As circumstance would have it, it was the day after same-sex marriage had been legalized nationwide by the US Supreme Court and Biel's friends Amy Wicker and Dana Panzer were happy to be able to say their vows and for Justin to serenade them with "Senorita" as well.

10. Time to Cook!

Jessica and Justin both love to cook and both have shown off their cooking skills via Instagram. However, Jessica "takes the cake" when it comes to cooking, literally, when she showed off her delicious looking Thanksgiving desserts. Biel also admits she loves to eat and has proven it by countless posts showing her indulgence in scrumptious-looking snacks. Funny enough, Biel used to be a vegetarian, but over the years and throughout her love of food, she has switched to more of a "clean eating regime". Jessica recently opened a restaurant serving organic and locally sourced ingredients while offering vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options. Because she believes veggies and chicken constantly can get boring, she balances it all out with sandwiches, breads, pastas, and cakes.

11. Before Justin

Jessica actually dated Captain America aka Chris Evans for over four years before Evans' big break as the superhero character. The pair met on the set of Cellular, a 2004 thriller they were filming together. Even though they dated for four years, the relationship was mostly private, managing to keep it out of the public eye. Nonetheless, the relationship didn't last, ending in 2006 shortly before Biel began her romance with Timberlake.

12. Expensive Wedding

Jessica and Justin's wedding was not cheap, coming in at seven million dollars, ranking among the most expensive weddings at that time. Their big day, October 2012, took place in Italy. Jessica's beautifully extravagant pink wedding dress was eye-catching and different. They had a private villa for the ceremony, making a cozy reception for their closest friends and family. The wedding began with Justin serenading Jessica as she walked down the aisle and then they partied until five in the morning. The next day they even rented bikes for everyone to explore Italy with them. Sounds like a dream wedding come true!

13. Younger Big Sister

Even though Jessica is actually younger than Beverly Mitchell, Biel played her older sister on 7th Heaven. In fact, Biel is over a year younger than Mitchell. The final episode aired on May 13, 2007, but the two have remained close. In fact, Jessica says she feels like Beverly is more like a real sister and acted as a Bridesmaid at her wedding. Years later, the two women still hang out.

14. She Can Sing!

Jessica actually won a karaoke contest at the age of eight years old and thought about becoming a musical star. Since then she has shown off her singing skills several times over the years. There's even a slim chance of her and Justin maybe doing a duo together, although Biel always shuts down the idea. She says her singing is only for the shower or singing to the baby. She has sung a few songs in acting bits along the years, as fans already know, showing that she has more than just talent for acting, but for singing as well.

15. Charity Work

Biel climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in 2010 with members of the United Nations Foundation for raising awareness of the global water crisis. She also earned an award for doing so, the "Do Something Award". In addition, she has teamed up with Woman Care Global for developing content to help educate girls on sexual education. She participated in charity auctions for rasing medical funds for a teen from Colorado who was injured in an accident involving a limousine. Additionally, she co-founded "Make the Difference Netwerk" with her father and Kent McBride, another business partner.

16. Tina The Pit Bull

Jessica has a pit bull named Tina. Tina has quite a following of her own as Biel has made her the star of #TudesdayswithTina. Every week on Biel's Instagram, she adds pics of Tina on Tuesdays, showing them hiking, buckling up for a ride, doing yoga together - Tina just rolls around - and many other activities. Tina also shares the spotlight with Justin's two boxers, too, Brennan and Buckley plus a new puppy, Billie.

17. Serious Holidays

Jessica takes holidays very serious, including Halloween. We've already talked about all the good stuff she's cooked for Thanksgiving, but she just makes Halloween fun. When Jessica and Justin's son was two, the three of them dressed as Poppy, Branch, and baby Branch from the Trolls movie. Last year, they dressed as Jessie, Buzz, and Woody. Their costumes are awesome and without a doubt, this is building real memories for Silas (their son) to carry with him for the rest of his life. Hopefully, when he grows up and has a family of his own, he'll be sure to make holidays as important as this mother has made them for him.

18. Unplanned C-Section

Speaking of Silas, Biel had to have an unscheduled emergency C-section for delivering Silas. Those are words no mother wants to hear and it's the same no matter how famous or how much money you have - it is still a very scary situation. Biel had the entire birth planned out including midwives, a doula, meditation birthing classes, baby books, and a beautiful home that had been set up as a birthing facility. However, her plans quickly changed and Silas was brought into the world via emergency C-section.

19. Years Ago

Jessica actually played as Jonathon Taylor Thomas' love interest at the height of his popularity, making all the girls jealous, no doubt. In the 1998 holiday movie I'll Be Home For Christmas, she played the part of Allie. She was the love interest of Jake, played by JTT, who was rick and spoiled. It may have been super cheesy at the time, but she was definitely the envy of all the girls who adored JTT. Speaking of years ago, Jessica also dated Adam Lavorgan briefly in the late nineties. Their little romance ending in 2001.

20. The Importance of Family

Jessica Biel may one of the most popular actresses today with fame and fortune to spare, but the most important thing to her is her family. Jessica is a real down-to-earth person who enjoys the pleasures of staying at home with her family. She has said time and again that her relationship with Justin and Silas' subsequent birth are the most precious and important things to her. She said after Silas' birth, her love for Justin grew even deeper and stronger. Awww! She says the secret to their successful marriage is that they appreciate one another and are forever grateful they found one another. What a high note to end on!

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