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20 Things You Didn't Know About Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen is a famous model as well as a gorgeous presenter that most of us know at least a little about. She's known for her funny tweets and her tremendous sense of humor. But there are some things that most people don't know about her. We've learned a lot about Chrissy and she's an amazing person and we'd like to share 20 things that you probably don't know about her.

1. She moved around a lot as a kid

Most fans aren't aware of the fact that when Chrissy Teigen was a little girl, her family moved a great deal. She was born in the city of Delta, in Utah, but this isn't where she spent her childhood. The family moved to several different states. Chrissy has lived in Idaho, in Washington State, and in Hawaii. Her family finally put their roots down in Huntington Beach, California.

2. She used to work at a surfing shop

When Chrissy was younger, and before she became famous, she had a job like any other young person her age did. She was employed by a surfing shop. She was only 18 years old at the time. This tells us a lot about her. She was like anyone else before fame and fortune and like most of the rest of us, she had to work for a living.

3. It was at her first job that she was discovered

While working at the Huntington Beach shop, it just so happened that Chrissy was in the right place at the right time. One day, a photographer with connections just happened to be in the shop. When he saw Chrissy, he knew that she had the potential to make a career out of modeling. While we don't know all of the details, what we do know is that from this fortuitous and happen chance meeting, she began her exciting and successful career as a model. This was just a stepping stone on her journey to a bright and prosperous future.

4. Her first modeling job was on a game show

Hey, don't knock it, it's made Vanna White famous. The very first job as a model that Chrissy Teigen was assigned was for the NBC game show, "Deal or No Deal?" as an alternate model. You can look at old clips of the show which ran between 2006 and 2007 and you'll see her there. This is a little-known fact that many people, including Chrissy's fan's, don't know or remember. It was before she became so well-known so we all get a pass on this one.

5. Her favorite word will shock you

We recently found out something that we didn't know and it even kind of shocked us. Chrissy Teigen's favorite word starts with an F and it's the queen mother of all curse words. She has to be careful when she's being interviewed because it's a word that seems to come naturally to her and she's had to make many apologies for her prolific use of the word and even occasional slips. Hey, what can you say? We all have words that become habitual and they're hard to avoid saying. With her, it just so happens to be the F-bomb.

6. She was slammed by Forever 21

Forever 21 said something that wasn't very nice about Chrissy Teigen. They actually had the audacity to say that she was fat. We're not quite sure how they made that ruling. Most people think she looks pretty good but when she arrived at a photo shoot, they asked her to leave and they told her to her face that she was fat. This was the rudest behavior from a reputable company that the news is likely to upset a lot of her fans. Not everyone is aware that this horrible thing happened to her, but everyone should know. It certainly was unprofessional of them.

7. John Legend wrote a famous hit and it was for her

There has been some speculation that John Legend's big hit "All of Me" may have been written for his then-girlfriend Chrissy Teigen. The cat is out of the bag and it's official. John really did write the song for her. They are one of the most glamorous couples around and Legend has a way with words that can melt the heart of a stone. Chrissy said that she doesn't get tired of hearing it. This was a romantic gesture that gives the couple even more of a fairy-tale story.

8. Chrissy has some annoying personal habits

We also discovered that Chrissy Teigen has one of the most annoying habits that make couples quibble. After she brushes her teeth, she leaves the cap off of the toothpaste. We learned that this is one of the things that John Legend gripes about to Chrissy. Although it's a small thing to argue about, it's about as bad as things get between the two which are obviously still passionately in love. She shared that when John finds the cap off the toothpaste, he puts it back on very slowly and just gives her a look. She knows what it means. We're not sure if she leaves the cap off on purpose or if she just forgets?

9. Chrissy wore 3 wedding dresses

Chrissy Teigen shared that she was having a difficult time deciding on just one wedding dress and whenever she went in for a fitting she would get another dress. She ended up buying a total of three of them. She had a ceremonial wedding dress, a different one that she wore for the reception and then the third one she changed into for the after-party when the other celebrations were done.

10. Chrissy's hooked on Cookbooks

We all have our special passions. Some people collect teddy bears, others collect stamps or vintage cars, but Chrissy has a passion for cookbooks. She shared that she is constantly looking for new and interesting cookbooks and she buys a lot of them. She also reads them too. Teigen has even been known to have a cookbook with her on an airplane for something to read. We know that she has an obsession with food, but it certainly doesn't show up in any of the wrong places on her body. Chrissy doesn't merely read the cookbooks and move on to the next one though. She actually cooks interesting recipes and we're told that she has a real talent for cooking. John's one lucky man.

11. Her career and passion seem to contradict one another

Chrissy Teigen is a self-admitted foodie and she doesn't care who knows it. She's a bikini model as well as a food blogger and while the two don't usually go together very well, as we can all see, she pulls it off very well. She uses a fair amount of carbs in her cooking and she's not afraid to talk about her love of carbs, but she also includes healthy ingredients such as leafy greens.

12. Her first words to John Legend were not romantic

You would expect such a power couple to have said something cute or funny at their first meeting. Her first words to John Legend were certainly memorable, but not in a romantic way. The couple met for the first time in 2006. Crissy wanted to meet him so she walked into the dressing room that was his and she saw that he was busy with a chore. Legend was ironing his underwear. The very first words out of her mouth were "You do your own ironing?" We didn't find out what his reply was to her so we don't know what his first words were, but it might be interesting to find out. It's obvious that their first exchange wasn't a deal breaker.

13. Chrissy Teigen is bad at lip-syncing

How do we know? Well, she was a commentator on the show "Lip Sync Battle," but that doesn't mean that it's something that she can do. You can talk about something all day long and still not be able to do it well. In fact, that's usually the way it goes. Teigen confided that she was asked to do it, but she refused because she knows that it is an art and not just something that anyone can be good at without a lot of practice. She's a beautiful and talented lady, but she knows her limitations. Lip-syncing is something that she admits gives her a sense of fear. We were glad to hear that John isn't any good at it either and that he refuses to do it. When you watch him sing, it's the real thing and not something canned that he's faking. Way to go John and Chrissy.

14. There are three things she's passionate about

Chrissy Teigen is a very nice person, but there are three things that she insists upon and they are not negotiable. The first is that she likes to have her soup and it had better be hot. While most people prefer to let their soup cool to avoid burning their tongues, lips, and mouths, that's not the way Chrissy Teigen rolls. She has to have her soup just under boiling. She can't explain why, but that's how she feels about it. The second thing she is neurotic about is shaving. This one is a lot easier to understand. Chrissy is a swimsuit model so it makes sense that she would freak out about missing a shaving session. She does it faithfully morning and night. The third thing that she gets excited about is moisturizing. She's fanatical about it and she's been known to apply moisturizer at half-hour intervals.

15. Chrissy Teigen loves animals

With her amazing kind and sweet personality, this should come as no shock. She doesn't just love cats or love dogs, she loves all animals and she is willing to pose in a shoot with any kind of animal that she is asked to. She's even made the request, but so far, she hasn't gotten her way yet. It's important to note that Chrissy has a big-time allergy to cats, but she will still rub them and allow and give them kisses. She has a deep and abiding love and respect for animals.

16. Modeling wasn't her first choice for a career

Chrissy wasn't convinced that her modeling career would go anywhere. She had a strong desire to become a teacher. This was one of her choices. She had also considered other alternatives. She also thought about going into a career that involved food. This is because of her passion for cooking and finding new and interesting recipes. We're sure that she would have been very good at either of the alternate professions she was thinking about. The humble Chrissy Teigen still finds it hard to see herself as a model, even though she's been a successful one, but this is just a part of who she is and why we all love her so much!

17. Chrissy doesn't work out

Although you might find this hard to believe, Chrissy Teigen doesn't engage in daily workouts that push her body to its limits. She has an amazing physique and it's hard to understand how she maintains her appearance without workouts, but it's the truth. She just has one of those fantastic metabolisms that allows her to maintain the great appearance that she has without packing on extra pounds. She did admit that when there's a shoot coming up, she'll spend some time working out prior, but it's not something that she does on a regular basis. Wouldn't it be nice to have a body like Chrissy Teigen's without working out?

18. She's not a fan of swimming

You would think that being a swimming suit model that Chrissy Teigen would spend a lot of time in the water. There were a few stories circulating about her that said she had a fear of the water. Chrissy quickly cleared this up and confirmed that she doesn't have a fear of the water. She just doesn't like swimming and she isn't fond of the sand either.

19. Her parents are the reason for her exotic beauty

It's in the genes of Chrissy Teigen. She's a lovely girl and she gets her beauty from a blend of two ancestries. Chrissy's mom is of Thai descent and her father is Norwegian. The two gene pools blend together wonderfully don't you think?

20. She's not afraid of bugs

Chrissy and John were recently on a trip with their daughter. She found a big and interesting looking bug. She picked it up and was examining it. She even showed it to her daughter. Most of us would have recoiled in fear but Chrissy had none. She later learned that it was in fact a poisonous bug.

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