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The 10 Richest Real Housewives

Kathy Hilton

Did you know that the Real Housewives television franchise is one of the best drama series in America? Yes. The franchise aired by Bravo is currently broadcasted in more than nine cities. Apart from being surprisingly entertaining, the series flaunts to have incredibly wealthy women. Some actresses have risen from the bottom to earn vast money, while others have married into it. Typically, fans may be surprised to know who among the actresses cracks the top ten and how they made their fortunes. Here they are in a nutshell:

10. Margaret Josephs - $50 Million

Born in 1997 in New Jersey, Margaret is an American fashion designer, businesswoman, and lifestyle expert. She joined The Real Housewives of New Jersey in 2017 and has since been an icon of the show. Josephs has also appeared on other TV series, including "The Wendy Williams Show" and many others. Margaret is one of the wealthiest cast members of RHONJ. She parted ways with her ex-husband in 2013 and married Joe Benigno in the same year. Besides being an actress, Margaret has dipped her hands into other industries expanding her wealth sources.

What you didn't know about Margaret Joseph

In 1999, she founded the Macbeth lifestyle collection brand, now the owner and chief designer. Since then, she has continued to expand her fashion empire, topping the list of the best in the country. Josephs has also written and published her book, "How to Survive in Business and Life." Due to her immense success as a businesswoman, Josephs was named the Country's Living entrepreneur of the year in 2007. Her involvement in the business world and her tenure in RHONJ have made Margaret one of the wealthiest cast members in the entire franchise. All her pursuits combined, she has a fortune close to $50 Million.

9. Heather Dubrow - $50 Million

Actress Heather made her first debut in The Real Housewives of Orange County in 2012. During her time as a cast member, Dubrow earned her place in the show and left viewers thoroughly entertained. Before joining RHOC, she had made herself a famous name by casting in the CBS drama series called "That's Life." Heather later appeared in other CBS shows, including the Hawaii Five-0. She then left the RHOC show and returned after five years of featuring in season sixteen. Heather made $300,000 per season before exiting the show.

Who is Terry Dubrow – how he impacts Heather's worth?

In 1999 Heather married Terry Dubrow, a plastic surgeon, and actor. They are both featured in RHOC and the E! reality TV series. Apart from being a director of the former Acne Clinic of Newport Beach, Terry is also a writer and has published in multiple medical journals. Terry and Heather own the Consult Beaute, a skincare line developed for over fifteen years. The two have also explored the real estate sectors where they renovate and sell them, making lots of money. According to, Heather's wealth is primarily contributed by the efforts of her husband, Terry Dubrow.

8. Camille Grammer - $50 Million

Besides being a reality television star, Camille is also a well-known dancer and model. In her early years, she attended theater and filming school in Los Angeles, which motivated her acting career. Camille was once a member of the Tavern dancing group in New York. She was later featured in music videos and worked with Playboy publications and films. In 2010, Camille joined RHOBH and was the primary cast member for the first two seasons. During her time as a regular actor in the show, Camille was top-rated for her enthusiasm. Although she is no longer the primary cast member, she makes regular appearances in the show.

What did Camille get after their divorce with Kelsey Grammer?

Camille met her ex-husband Kelsey in 1996 and was later married in 1997 in California. Due to unclear circumstances, the two later divorced in 2011, and Camille filed for a share of their wealth. After they finalized the divorce, Camille received a $50 million settlement, including properties. She is also the half-owner of Grammnet productions working as a creator, writer, and executive producer. Along with her television appearance, Camille is worth $50 million.

7. Dorit Kemsley - $60 Million

After joining the RHOBH series in season six, Dorit hasn't looked back. She has been a mainstay in the TV series and has built an enormous fan base due to her lively character. While a newbie in the show Dorit used to be paid $10,000 for a single episode. Before joining RHOBH, she worked at a marketing firm and clearly understood the power of a reality show. Advancing her skills and expertise in front of a camera, Dorit has risen to be among the well-paid cast members in the show receiving $300,000 per season.

She makes a hefty paycheck apart from being on the show

Dorit Kemsley is also a famous American fashion designer owning several fashion lines, including Nektaria and Beverly Beach. She is currently on a contract with CBS going above 100 million dollars up to 2024. In march 2015, Dorit married Paul Kemsley, a businessman, and a property developer. Paul has invested in different sectors, not excluding real estate, that bring in a large sum. PK is also the former vice-chairman of Tottenham Hotspur, a football club in the premier league. Combining their assets, they amass an impressive $60 million worth.

6. Bethenny Frankel - $80 Million

Frankel, a television personality, is well known for appearing in The Real Housewives of New York show. Born on November 4, 1970, Bethenny is a degree holder in communications and psychology. She served as a nanny in 1992 while pursuing minor acting roles. In 2003 she joined the NBC show "The Apprentice: Martha Stewart" and was later invited to join RHONY in 2008. She also featured in the FOX talk series Bethenny & Franklin show. Bethany makes $40,000 per episode in RHONY and earns similar amounts in her other performances.

Here is how Bethenny got rich

Coming from a humble background, Frankel struggled to find her way up. In 2003 she started BethennyBakes, a baking company specializing in cooking healthy foods and delivering them. After rising into a TV star, Bethany started the Skinnygirl brand that deals with alcoholic drinks, DVDs, and book manufacturing. She made a good fortune from selling her skinnygirl cocktail for $120 million, significantly contributing to her wealth. Frankel is also a real estate investor and has been in the business since 2011. She has been purchasing, renovating, and selling properties across the country. By doing this, she has expounded her income sources and is currently estimated to be $80 million rich.

5. Lisa Vanderpump - $90 Million

Lisa, just like many others, started acting at the age of nine and has been featured in numerous television shows and films. Joining RHOBH in 2010 was a breakthrough for her to venture into other interests. She was among the original cast members of the television franchise before her departure in 2019. While at the show, Lisa was pocketing a whopping $500,000 per season.

Where else has Lisa Vanderpump ventured in?

Lisa is a British businesswoman owning over 30 bars and restaurants, including the famous Villa Blanca in Beverly Hills. Lisa married Ken Todd in 1982, and together they built a vast business empire ranging from real estate to hospitality. Ken and Lisa own luxurious mansions across the country. Together with Ken, they are described as philanthropic since they support various charity groups globally. If you combine her wealth with her husband, Lisa is worth $90 million.

4. Carlton Elizabeth - $100 Million

When it comes to money, Carlton is the real gem. Carlton started her professional acting journey at 18 and featured in projects like "Eye of the Serpent," "Pretty When You Cry," and many others. She made a one-season debut in the RHOBH, replacing housewife Marisa Zanuck. Carlton earned her place in the television franchise with her self-proclaimed witch role that left a mark on the whole series. She has made fortunes through acting and is estimated to have received $200,000 from RHOBH season 4.

Is Carlton Elizabeth still rich?

Yes! Besides being an actress, Carlton is a renowned interior designer and writer. In the mid-2000s, Carlton married David Gebbia, a wealthy Beverly Hills businessman, and a real-estate developer. Even after their divorce in 2018, Carlton still owns some of the businesses they started together with her ex-husband. She is estimated to be over $100 million.

3. Kyle Richards - $100 Million

Kyle Richards, a half-sister to Kathy Hilton, has been a cast member of the RHOBH for a long time. Richards was born in 1969 in Los Angeles, California, and started her acting career at age five. Since then, she has been a famous actor in television productions like NBC, Flying High, Time Express, Fantasy Island, and many more. Richards joined RHOBH in 2010 as the primary cast member, and her popularity has since grown. Kyle has been the show's longest-serving cast member for over a decade. She pockets a comfy $500,000 per season and is among the well-paid actresses in the play.

And where else does Kyle Richards accumulate her wealth from? Here is the answer.

Kyle Richards is a renowned fashion designer owning several clothing collections in the country. Nevertheless, Richards also makes money by appearing on different television shows and films. After divorcing her Indonesian husband in 1990, Kyle married Mauricio Umansky, a wealthy real estate developer, in 1994. The couple has since then invested in vast real estate projects multiplying their wealth. As per the report released by Techie Gamers, Kyle is worth $100 million.

2. Diana Jenkins - $300 Million

Diana was born in Bosnia, fled the country due to war, and became a refugee in London. According to her website, Jenkins was later granted the right to live and work in the United Kingdom. Joining the show in season 12, Diana Jenkins is the newest cast member of RHOBH. Despite being a newbie, she has quickly made her way to the top and is among the most popular entertaining actresses in the series.

But who exactly is Diana Jenkins? Here is what you should know.

Diana married Roger Jenkins, one of Britain's wealthiest men, before peacefully parting in 2011. She is currently engaged to musician Asher Monroe. Diana, a mother of three, studied computer science and economics at the University of London. Besides acting, Diana is an entrepreneur and the founder of Neuro beverages, a lifestyle drink company with over 65 000 locations countrywide. She has also invested in jewelry, music, swimwear, and real estate. According to, it's estimated that her worth is $300 million.

1. Kathy Hilton - $350 Million

Kathy Hilton, sister to Kyle Richards and mother of reality star Paris Hilton, is a philanthropist and a fashion designer. Together with her step-sister, she started her acting career in childhood. Although Kathy is not a full-time cast member, she has been recurring in the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills since season 11. Kathy is well known to be rich, and her wealth is nothing to sneeze about. According to Radar Online, she is among the highest paid cast members receiving $750,000 per season. Despite being a part-time cast member, Kathy has a vast fanbase due to her no-nonsense character as a "friend of the housewives."

Besides the show, where else does Kathy's money come from?

Kathy is married to Rick Hilton, grandson of Conrad Hilton, the owner of Hilton hotels. According to Your Next Shoes, Kathy met Rick, who had plenty of money under his name. Apart from being an actress, Kathy is a hospitality titan and is said to own The Staircase, a fashion store located in Los Angeles, California. Together with her husband, they have invested in real estate that brings in incredible cash. Incorporating all the fields she has ventured into, Kathy Hilton is estimated to be $350 million worth.

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