How Johnny Depp Achieved a Net Worth of $150 Million

Johnny Depp is a legendary actor known for his often eccentric roles and behaviors, as well as his good looks. Depp has starred in many movies and is a well-regarded professional. However, Depp has run into financial troubles multiple times due to high spending habits and has also gone through two lengthy defamation and libel trials against a newspaper publisher and his ex-wife.

All of this makes Johnny Depp net worth evaluation tricky to handle. The actor still has a significant income and is not struggling financially. However, the sheer success he has had over his career, including significant paychecks on each of his films, indicates the actor could have an even higher net worth if he could get his demons and spending habits under control as a person.

Johnny Depp Net Worth Evaluation

According to several sources, Johnny Depp is worth about $150 million with a $20 million base salary per film. Many of his biggest successes have come through films like the “The Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise, as well as appearances in almost every Tim Burton film. He has even earned an Academy Award nomination for his success in the Pirates franchise.

Depp has been one of the most successful leading men in film history, with his films earning $3.4 billion at the box office in America and $8.7 billion total. In fact, Depp’s $150 million income may seem like a lot but is quite small considering his success. For example, he allegedly earned around $650 million between 2003 and 2016 through salaries, endorsements, and much more.

This information came out in a lengthy contract against his managers, in which he claimed his finances were mishandled. However, his lawyers stated that Depp was spending an almost unimaginable $2 million per month during this period and that he was close to going bankrupt several times. As a result, Johnny Depp net worth values were surprisingly much lower than many people expected.

Depp’s High Spending Habits

In 2016, Johnny Depp fired his financial manager Joel Mandel and then sued him and claimed that the firm had mishandled his finances. During this time, Depp was making headlines for having serious financial problems and he blamed his manager for this problem. However, Mandel testified in court that Depp’s spending behavior spiraled out of control in the 17 years that he represented him.

Mandel claimed that this problem became most persistent around 2010, when Depp made “The Rum Diaries.” It was on the set of this movie that Depp met his future wife, Amber Heard. While making this movie about Depp’s hero, Hunter S. Thompson, Mandel stated that Depp became heavily reliant on drugs and alcohol and that his behavior spiraled out of control during this time.

According to Mandel, Depp spent $100,000 per month on an addiction doctor in 2014. He also spent $300,000 per month on a full-time staff, including a property manager and personal assistant. Depp also paid his security manager, Jerry Judge, $10,000 every day to guard him around the clock. Beyond these persistent payments, Depp also spent money on drugs, alcohol, and other expenses.

During this trial, it was revealed that Depp spent over $2 million per month on these expenses and much more and that he had burned through most of his finances very quickly. While Depp seems to have settled down since then, his high-spending has continually put him in trouble when film roles have started to dry up for the actor.

Other Financial Difficulties

During the trial, Mandel claimed that Depp persistently refused to take his finances seriously and wouldn’t sell his properties. This point was particularly an issue because many of the properties were places Depp seldom visited and were very expensive to support. Mandel also stated that Depp’s reputation as a philanthropist was heavily exaggerated by the actor and mostly an act.

Mandel claims that he didn’t recall “writing large charity checks” and that Depp was more likely to show up at a charity event or let his name be attached to a project without giving any money to it. This point highlighted what Mandel said was Depp’s obsession with appearances. It was important for Depp to be loved, he claimed, without doing anything to earn that reputation.

In other reports, it was stated that Depp spent $40,000 per month on wine, over $101 million on maintaining his 14 residences, millions on over 70 different guitars, $6.7 million on shooting his hero Hunter S. Thompson’s ashes from a cannon, at least $2.7 million on private jets, hundreds of thousands of dollars on a private full-time sound engineer, and millions on 200 pieces of art.

Beyond the intense spending that all this entailed, Depp was also not getting as many roles due to a reputation of “being difficult to work with” as an actor. His former talent agent, Tracey Jacobs, claimed that fewer actors were willing to hire him due to chronic lateness, abusive behavior, and drug and alcohol use that made Depp challenging to manage.

Defamation Suit Against The UK’s The Sun Newspaper

Johnny Depp’s divorce from Amber Heard was ugly and Heard came out later to claim that Depp had physically and emotionally abused her for years, including threatening to kill her. This claim put another huge dent in Depp’s career and caused the UK’s The Sun newspaper to refer to him as a “wife beater” in an article. Depp immediately tried to sue them in the UK for libel.

In this lengthy lawsuit, photos, audio recordings, text messages, and much more information came out to prove that Depp had abused Heard. In the case, disturbing audio recordings and pictures of a bruised and beaten Heard were shown, though Depp continued to deny the claims that he was violent toward Heard or that he had ever threatened her in any way during their time together.

While examining this evidence, Judge Andrew Nicol declared that the paper’s claims were “substantially true” and that there was enough evidence to show that Depp had been physically and emotionally abusive toward Heard in their relationship. He looked at information on 14 difference instances and declared that there was enough evidence to claim that 12 of the 14 events were true.

The judge also stated that he found it unlikely that Heard had committed any of the acts that Depp claimed in court, such as defecating on his bed. This trial was a major setback for the actor and even caused many to question casting him in movies, such as his role in the “The Fantastic Beast” film series created and written by J.K. Rowling.

Defamation Suit Against Heard

In 2022, Johnny Depp successfully sued his ex-wife for defamation of character in a Virginia lawsuit. In spite of the ruling of the UK court, the American jury believed that Heard was lying and awarded Depp $15 million, though that number balanced out to closer to $8 million due to the court also giving Heard $2 million and limiting some damages by Virginia law.

This case was a huge media circus at the time, with Heard breaking down in court multiple times and many on social media accusing her of lying or even doing drugs while in court. Depp’s victory was called a complete vindication by some, though others have been critical of the cruel mocking that Heard has received throughout the internet.

Heard immediately appealed the case and a group of feminists and other women’s rights activists have come out to say that they support Heard and believe her abuse claims. As a result, Depp is unlikely to get any money from Heard for some time, as she continues to appeal the verdict. Furthermore, Heard’s net worth is not high enough to match that kind of payment and her liability insurance company is attempting to back out of paying her any money for this large lawsuit.

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