How Janet Jackson Achieved a Net Worth of $190 Million

Janet Jackson is, without a doubt, one of the most iconic pop figures in the world. We all know about the sensational Michael Jackson and how he dominated the celebrity world. Yet, for obvious reasons, Mariah Carey and Janet Jackson eclipse his success when it comes to record sales in the genre. Even if we argue that pop culture is dominated by female icons more than males, Janet dominates the females within the culture. How did she accrue her $190 million net worth? Did she deserve it? Could she have more? What luck or misfortunes befell her on the way to such lucrative fortunes? Does she think it was all worth it? Well, it is impossible to answer all those questions objectively and accurately, but we sure can try.


For starters, Janet was born way back in 1966. Thus, the sensational American singer has had plenty of time to make or break her bank. In her time, she’s been an actress, dancer, and songwriter. Her time in the limelight has shown the world, not just Americans, her different tenets as she matured from a young girl and into a mature woman.

Numerically and metaphorically speaking, Janet hails from a pretty big family. She was born as the last child of Joseph Walter Jackson and Katherine Esther. Before her, the Jackson family had sired nine other children. Most of them were male, and the family started out as a middle-class household. Joseph Jackson had big plans for his kids, and he compelled them to become the big stars that they all turned out to be in the realm of entertainment.

Janet’s brothers were already famous for their Jackson Five singing group by the time she began her career in the show business. It was only three years after Janet’s birth that her siblings put up the number one hit at Motown Records. In her fourth year, she was telling everyone that she wanted to become a horse racing jockey. Her father had other plans for her, though; he wanted to introduce her to the family business: entertainment. He made her train vocally and compelled her to take acting and dancing classes. When she was only seven years old, he put her on the MGM Casino stage in Las Vegas to sing for a large audience. Her first mega-public appearances were on televised series “The Jacksons.” It was produced and aired in 1976 when she was just ten years old. In the consecutive four years after that, she featured as an actress on:

  • ·Good Times
  • ·Diff’rent Strokes
  • ·Fame

Janet signed her first singing contract with A&M Records when she was just 16 years old. When her age mates were busy wrapping up high school, Janet was leveraging her family and personal fame. It was then that she was taking off the most successful singing career the world had seen before 1982. It only took her four years after the contract deal to produce and release three major albums. The third and fourth albums, which were released in 1986 and 1989 respectively, made her a nationally and internationally celebrated pop icon. She already had studio albums “Control” and “Rhythm Nation 1814” under her name before she turned 24 years old.

The Record-Breaking Signings

Janet’s financial status soared through the roof when she overshadowed her initial record deal with A&M Records. In 1991, Virgin Records signed her at the highest fees ever recorded for recording artists in history. The multi-million dollar deals earned her top stop for the most paid singers of the time. The price was to deviate from socially conscious music and explore her young American adulthood. Her fifth album, “Janet,” was extremely sensual in nature, but it was compatible with a sexy 27-year old of her status. She was on a high demand that she landed a featuring role in the major film “Poetic Justice.”

Janet was acclaimed as the second most successful recording artist of all times after her second album at Virgin Records. The Billboard Magazine acknowledged her after her “The Velvet Rope,” album tallied with her previous five albums to overwhelm other recording artists in sales. MTV Awards had to join the bandwagon after her seventh album. Janet’s sexy body and gracious dancing were driving the young and older men of the world nuts. Her voice compelled even the saints to love her despite her controversial and sensual records, photos, and videos. By the time Janet left Virgin Records, she had nine phenomenally successful albums under her name.

Final Thoughts

After leaving Virgin Records, Janet signed with Island Records. She only did one album with the label, but it was successful as the rest. She was already showing lots of interest in songwriting and a waning interest in doing hectic tours and studio recordings. She was also mature enough to start her own label, and that is what she did precisely. She partnered with BMG Rights Management and spent part of her accrued fortunes to start her own record label. She called it Rhythm Nation. To escape the hectic tour life that made her millions of dollars throughout her life, she planned out the biggest tour of her career yet. It was meant, along with her new album, to promote the newly launched Rhythm Nation.

Think again if you’d dare thinking that Janet could ever go out of fashion. Even in 2015, decades after the young and luscious Janet plagued young Americans with lust, her single hit ranked as number one on billboards and Twitter trending topics. She reminded the world just why and how she sold over 100 million records in her pop career. In the same year, BET Awards feted Jackson as its ultimate inaugural pop icon. Soon afterward, she teamed up with a popular business icon to launch the Janet Jackson Unbreakable Diamonds collection.

Janet Jackson may have suffered the displeasure of a detached father, but she benefited from his talented genes. Entertainment suited her perfectly, even though he may have compelled her into the show business. Janet’s $190 million worth came as a reward for a lifetime’s work and dedication.

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