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The 10 Richest People in Arizona

Bennet Dorrance and wife and friends

In every state, there are people at different ends of the wealth spectrum. While some people are living below the poverty line, there are others who are billionaires. In Arizona, there are residents who have astronomical wealth, either from inheritance or from their professional success. Here are the 10 richest people in Arizona.

10. Jerry Moyes Net Worth -  $1.5 Billon

Jerry Moyes is the founder, former chairman, and CEO of Swift Transportation, which is based in Phoenix, Arizona. It is one of the largest trucking companies in the United States. He is also the owner of charter airline Swift Air and FBO Swift Aviation at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. Furthermore, he is also the controlling owner of SME Steel Contractors Inc. Previously, Moyes was the majority owner of the Phoenix Coyotes of the National Hockey League. However, the team filed for bankruptcy in 2009 and was sold to the NHL. Moyes has been married to Vickie since the early 1980s, and they have ten children together.

9. Peter Sperling Net Worth - $1.6 Billion

Peter Sperling has amassed a fortune of $1.6 billion from his work in the fields of education, communications, and software. He studied for a bachelor's degree in economics from the University of California at Santa Barbara, then earned his MBA from the University of Phoenix. Sperling is the chairman of the Apollo Education Group, which owns several higher-learning institutions in the United States, the UK, Mexico, and Chile. Peter Sperling is also the chairman of the cloud communications and collaborative software platform CallWave, Inc.

8. Bob Parsons Net Worth - $2.2 Billion

Bob Parsons is an entrepreneur and philanthropist who has become a billionaire with a net worth of $2.2 billion. He founded the GoDaddy group of companies in 1997, which include domain registrar, Blue Razor Domains, and the reseller registrar Wild West Domains. Parsons sold around 80 percent of GoDaddy in 2011 and resigned as the CEO. Three years later, he stepped down from his position as Executive Chairman, although he remained on the board until 2018. Parsons also has many other entrepreneurial ventures in the fields of marketing, golf, real estate, and power sports. He founded the company YAM Worldwide, Inc., which is the parent company of his various ventures.

7. Stewart Horejsi & Family Net Worth - $2.3 Billion

Stewart Horejsi worked for his family's welding company after graduating from the University of Kansas in 1962. He took over the company and expanded it, then invested the profits in Berkshire Hathaway stock. Horejski also put millions of dollars into his own closed-end mutual fund. Berkshire's class A stock is the most valuable in the world, and this is how Stewart Horejski achieved a net worth of $2.3 billion.

6. Bennett Dorrance Net Worth - $2.9 Billion

Bennett Dorrance is the grandson of John T. Dorrance, who invented condensed soup, and Bennett Dorrance owns a 15 percent stake in Campbell Soup. However, Dorrance has also made his own money, as he is a founding partner of the real estate development firm DMB Associates. The company focuses on projects in Arizona, Hawaii, California, and Utah. The businessman is also a philanthropist, as he and his wife founded the Dorrance Scholarship in 1999, and this scholarship has supported more than 150 first-generation college students in Arizona.

5. George Kurtz Net Worth - $3 Billion

George Kurtz was the founder of the company security software company Foundstone, and he previously worked as the chief technology officer of McAfee. In 2011, Kurtz began working for Warburg Price, a private equity firm. His role was as an entrepreneur-in-residence. It was during his time in this position that Kurtz began working on CrowdStrike, along with Gregg Marston and Dmitri Alprevitch. The company formally launched in February 2012. The focus of the company is identifying the techniques used by hackers to spot incoming threats, whereas McAfee focuses on antivirus and antimalware products. Kurtz is married to Annamaria, and they have a son, Alex, and a daughter, Allegra.

4. Arturo Moreno Net Worth - $3.4 Billion

Patch says that the fourth-richest person in Arizona is Arturo Moreno. Not to be mistaken with the cartoonist of the same name, Arturo Moreno is a businessman who worked for the billboard company Outdoor Systems, a company which he took public in 1996. He then sold the company to Infinity Broadcasting in 1998 for $8 billion. Moreno is also known for owning the Anaheim Angels baseball team.

3. E. Joe Shoen Net Worth - $3.5 Billion

Edward Joseph Shoen, known as Joe Shoen, is the president, chairman, and CEO of AMERCO, which is the largest moving and storage company in the United States. It is also the parent company of U-Haul International. Shoen is married to Sylvia, and they lived in Arizona. The couple has three sons, Samuel, Stuart, and Corey.

2. Mark Shoen Net Worth - $3.9 Billion

Mark Shoen is the vice-president of U-Haul, a moving equipment and storage rental company that was founded by his father, Leonard Shoen. The parent company of U-Haul International is AMERCO, and Shoen is the largest shareholder of this company. Shoen lives in Phoenix, Arizona, with his wife and their child. He is the brother of E. Joe Shoen, the president, chairman, and CEO of AMERCO.

1. Ernest Garcia III Net Worth - $7.4 Billion

According to Forbes, the richest person in Arizona is Ernest Garcia III. After achieving a bachelor's degree in Management Science and Engineering from Stanford University in 2005, Garcia began his career at RBS Greenwich Capital. In 2007, he moved to DriveTme. Along with Ryan Keeton and Ben Huston, Garcia co-founded Carvana, which was a subsidiary of DriveTime. From the beginning, Garcia was the CEO and president of the company. Five years later, Carvana became independent from DriveTime and was given an IPO in 2017. At the same time, Garcia became the president of the company. He owns $600 million shares in the company.

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