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How Scott Disick Achieved a Net Worth of $45 Million

Scott Disick is the kind of “here today, gone tomorrow” reality television star that many people think probably just disappeared for good after he left the Keeping Up With the Kardashians. However, Disick had a lengthy career long before that show and has kept busy after leaving it and the family for good.

Understanding Scott Disick's career can give you a better grasp of how reality television stars react to life after their brief fame. Scott Disick net worth numbers are considerable, which might be all the motivation many need to follow in his unique lifestyle.

What is Scott Disick's Net Worth?

Scott Disick is currently worth about $45 million, depending on various sources. Much of his worth was inherited from his family, which we'll talk about below. However, Disick has been a consistent business person, in spite of some personal issues.

If it wasn't for the huge and unexpected success of a reality show, Disick would likely be little remembered or known beyond specific real estate markets.

However, Scott Disick rose to fame when he appeared on “Keeping Up With the Kardashian's” with his then partner Kourtney Kardashian. Disick was known for his startlingly good looks and his brash personality.

He was infamous for saying things like “I have realized that I'm perfect and that other people around me are the ones with issues” and other ridiculous things.

Disick also became popular due to his on-again-off-again relationship with Kourtney. The two both had potent tempers and would get into heavy arguments throughout the show's long reign of terror. Disick, in particular, was known for his anger management issues. These were not feigned for the show, as we'll discuss later. Whatever the cause, fans flocked to the show to watch the next huge outbreak.

Disick eventually left both Kourtney and the show due to personality conflicts and to focus on his career. He currently has three children with Kourtney and raises them together with her as co-parents. Disick earned a regular salary with this show, which helped increase his value. However, Scott Disick net worth numbers have always been high and only increased marginally due to the show.

Disick Was Born Into Wealth

Scott Disick was lucky enough to be born into a wealthy family of real estate developers. Both his grandfather and his father were heavily successful in his business, with his mother helping at times. Scott also helped his father when he was young, learning the ropes of this business model. It helped him later when he struck out on his own and started investing money in himself.

Disick was an only child and, when his parents passed away unexpectedly within a month of each other in 2014, Disick inherited at least $25 million. That obviously makes up a significant portion of his $45 million wealth. However, he has nearly doubled that value since then and is likely to make more money as he looks to further invest in real estate and other purchases.

Clearly, these investments are made easier due to having a significant net worth from his parents' passing. However, Disick had been pursuing other career options long before his parents passed away.

The reality show with Kourtney helped give him a steady income, as did his jobs in other realms. His parents pushed him to break away from the family business to earn his way in the world.

That gave him the unique ability to avoid falling back on his parents' wealth and to learn some business for himself. While he's obviously benefited from the money he's earned from them since, his ability to advance his career has never been in doubt. He has even succeeded in spite of some personal demons that will be discussed in more depth later in this article.

Early Career

Disick, who is known for being very handsome, started his career outside of his parents' money as a model. He started modeling for the young adult book series, Heartland, and eventually moved into entrepreneurship.

These included a tanning product for men known as Monte Carlo. His appearances with the Kardashians helped raise his public profile and make it easier to fund his business ventures.

Some of these have been successful. For instance, he appeared on shows such as Kourtney & Kim Take New York and Kourtney & Khloe Take the Hamptons, spin-offs of the main Kardashians reality show. However, he also appeared on shows such as Punk'd and Lord Disick: Lifestyles of a Lord. However, other ventures have been less successful for this constantly on-the-go business person.

For example, Disick tried to take advantage of his popularity on the Kardashian's show by developing a Japanese restaurant in the New York City meatpacking district. This restaurant, Ryu was a very quick failure for Disick and closed within 191 days. Some argued it was merely a publicity stunt because he opened the show while on Kourtney & Kim Take New York and promoted it on the show at the time.

In spite of these struggles, Scott Disick net worth numbers continue to increase. That's because he keeps finding new ways to promote himself and invest the money his parents left him when they passed. Later, we'll discuss some of his real estate investments and how they've helped him continually increase his value in spite of other business problems.

Disick's Struggles Outlined on the Kardashians

Disick had always been a partier, a fact that's shown heavily throughout his time with Kourtney. Many of their fights centered on his alcohol and drug abuse. For example, Kourtney convinced him to go to rehab for alcohol abuse. After regaining his sobriety in 2010, the couple were together for several years. However, they eventually broke up in 2015 after he fell off the wagon.

Disick's abuse history increased significantly after his parents' deaths. He was emotionally devastated by their loss and, emboldened with new wealth, he fell into an abusive pattern of behavior. Those close to him have accused him of not only being an alcoholic but struggling with cocaine addiction and even cheating on Kourtney with her sister, Khloe, though these claims are not substantiated.

Disick has also overdosed several times and has gone in and out of rehab over the years. Disick has also struggled with an admitted anger-control problem. Many of his fights with Kourtney occurred when he lost his temper over something minor and couldn't stop himself from getting angry. Since then, he has fought to learn how to better manage both his anger and abuse issues.

Other concerns he's had to manage include a touch of narcissism. As a very attractive only child, Disick sometimes struggles to accept his mistakes and move on from them. However, he seems to be maturing more on this front in recent years and has become more self-aware and even humorous about his failures and struggles as a person.

Other Businesses

Besides his work in reality television, Disick has also worked with several business over the years. For example, he has worked with GNC for years and manages businesses that create products like Rejuvacare and QuickTrim. Disick, who has always focused heavily on great physical fitness, has used many of his businesses to help the average person get into better shape and look better.

Furthermore, he started a clothing line, Talentless, which sells things like t-shirts, cargo pants, and sweatshirts. The name is a humorous jab at claims by his critics that he is talentless and riding on the coattails of his parents' success. This clothing line has been fairly successful for Disick and is still available online from various retailers.

Furthermore, Disick has moved into real estate development, like his family, and this is where he's likely seen the most success as an adult. These successes included a connection with a reality show that helped him advertise his real estate even further and reach a broader range of potential buyers and investors interested in his skills as a home flipper.

Real Estate Development

Scott Disick has made a career for himself as a real estate developer, one with some skills in developing and flipping high-value homes. This career began when he started the show “Flip It Like Disick” to compete with the many home-flipping houses on the market today.

He purchased a $3.2 million property in Hidden Hills in 2018 and paid for a significant renovation on the home. Though he didn't get the $7 million that he wanted, he did sell it for $5.6 million. That was a significant profit even considering the money he put into developing it.

In 2015, he had also purchased a house in the area for $6 million. After renovations, he finally sold it for $13 million in 2019. That's double the purchase price and has been by far his most successful real estate project. Since then, he has continued to buy and sell properties. Though not the biggest dealer in the market, he has held a continued presence in this always competitive and high-earning field.

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