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How Paris Jackson Achieved a Net Worth of $100 Million

Paris Jackson

Paris Jackson, the daughter of the iconic King of Pop, is no stranger to attention. The 20-year-old model and actress is always in the headlines. But, it's not surprising. Because of who her father was and her choice to become a model, she leads a very fascinating life. For instance, her father made her wear masks in public when she was younger in an effort to shield her from the Press. Can you say the same has happened to you? That's just one crazy event from her life as the daughter of Michael Jackon. Here's another:

Although she is clearly one of the most beautiful women on the planet, she hated herself growing up. She didn't think that she could do anything right and her life wasn't worth living. As a result, she attempted suicide a number of times. Her last suicide attempt was only a couple of years ago when she was 15. To save her life, her family sent her to a therapeutic boarding school located in Utah. it was just what the troubled teen needed and now she's much happier with who she is. Interested in knowing more? Here are a few intriguing facts about Paris Jackson and how she came to be worth $100 Million:

Net Worth$100 Million
NameParis-Michael Katherine Jackson
BornLos Angeles, California
Birth DateApril 3, 1998
Source of WealthActress, Model, Media Personality, Socialite, Humanitarian
CountryUnited States

She has a net worth of $100 million

A very big portion of Paris' millions comes from the 2016 sale of her father's 50% stake in the Sony music publishing company. This was a very lucrative investment as he owned the rights to a variety of iconic songs, even some from the Beatles. The 50% stake was brought back by Sony a couple of years ago from the Michael Jackson estate for a whopping $750 million dollars. Surprisingly, this influx of wealth hasn't turned her into a snob. Despite the fact that she's worth $100, she lives fairly modestly. At least, when you consider that she spent the vast majority of her early childhood on her father's gigantic Neverland Ranch.

After she turned 18, she left her grandmother Katherine's house and moved to the old Jackson Family Estate. But, the main house of this property remains empty. When profiled by Rolling Stone about a year ago, she was living in the very same private studio that her father originally recorded Beat It, one of his biggest hits. The studio has everything she needs, like a bathroom and a kitchen. It's actually the size of a pretty decent sized apartment. Perfect for a 20-year-old with the world at her fingertips. To make the studio her own, she added a couple of personal decorating touches. For instance, there's a Smashing Pumpkins poster on the wall and a picture of Kurt Cobain in the bathroom.

Paris receive some of this inheritance when she turned 18. She will receive the next big chunk on her 30th birthday. In the meantime, she receives a yearly allowance of about $8 million from the estate. One of the things she spends her money on is tattoos. In fact, she has over fifty. Many of them are tributes to her famous father. For instance, she has pictures of his iconic album covers, like the one from Dangerous and Bad, on her body.

Her love of music also shows through her various artistic choices. For instance, she has tattoo tributes to Prince, David Bowie, Motley Crue, and John Lennon. She also has tattoos with religious connotations. For instance, she has the seven chakra symbols drawn horizontally, from the top of her chest to her torso. Interestingly enough, she also has a picture of the Millennium Falcon or her ankle.

If she ever runs out of money, no worries. Ms. Jackson has no plans to sit idle and live like a trust fund baby. Instead, she wants to work for her money. But not in the profession you may think. Though she clearly has her dad's love of the spotlight, she doesn't want to be a serious musician. She wants to forge her own path as a model, actor, and passionate environmental activist. In fact, she recently signed a big contract with IMG models. In the same month, she made her acting debut on the popular Fox series star. For all her protestations, surprisingly enough, she is a member of a band called The Soundflowers. They must be pretty decent, the band played their first gig last summer at Canyon Sessions.

Final Thoughts

Paris Jackson is truly a fascinating individual. Although she's clearly worth millions she chooses a modest life, comparatively. Like her father, her actions show a compassionate that makes her one of America's favorites. But, what else would you expect from the daughter of the King of Pop?

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