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How MacKenzie Scott Achieved a Net Worth of $53 Billion

Currently, one of the richest women in the world, MacKenzie Scott has a net worth of around $53 billion. This new worth can change slightly some days depending on the cost of Amazon shares, but she stays consistently above $50 billion most of the time. Facilitating this type of net worth has come from a lifetime of hard work and still allowed MacKenzie the ability to be a parent.

Originally from San Francisco, MacKenzie Scott grew up pretty average middle class, but several different factors have contributed to her success and generated a significant net worth that hasn't been achieved by another woman previously. From her own successes to what she generated in her marriage and then divorce later on.

Being married to the owner of Amazon, MacKenzie Scott has been a wealthy woman for several decades and has continued to build that wealth for her family and the communities that she supports.

Graduating from College

After she completed her undergraduate career at Princeton, MacKenzie Scott took on two roles before meeting and marrying Jeff Bezos. She was formerly a research assistant for her mentor, Toni Morrison, and then later took an administrative position with D.E. Shaw. It was this job that introduced her to Jeff and her true net worth began to develop.

Having modest salaries just out of college, MacKenzie Scott's net worth at this time most likely didn't break the $1 million mark, which is a huge stretch from where it is now. She married Bezos and moved to Seattle where her life would change in a different capacity.

Net Worth as an Author

MacKenzie Scott started her own author career after she studied at Princeton University, majoring in English. Working under successful authors such as Toni Morrison, Scott was guided in the right direction to be successful with her writing career.

Her books earned modest sales, not generating anywhere near the substantial amount of wealth that she has developed at this time. She has two books, The Testing of Luther Albright and Traps. During this time period, she was raising children and assisting Jeff as he got the Amazon company off the ground.

Building Amazon

In 1993 Jeff began building Amazon, which grew to be the most popular online retailer in the world. Amazon shares are some of the highest in the world, and Jeff Bezos as the founder and CEO for years generated a net worth of nearly $185 billion. This made him the richest man in the world, and as his wife, she had access to that same wealth.

This is a long stretch for the company that only turned a $0.01 profit in 2001. Only a few years later in 2004, it started really ramping up its profits as more focus on technology and digital shopping took off and Amazon moved to innovate and meet the needs of the consumers. By 2019, the shares of Amazon were worth $3,300 a piece, and trying to purchase these shares was in high demand.

Divorce and Independent Wealth

The biggest portion of MacKenzie Scott's personal net worth was generated in the last few years. In 2019, MacKenzie Scott and Jeff Bezos announced to the world that their 26 year marriage would be ending soon.

Over this time period, these two had built an empire with Amazon, and MacKenzie had been right by his side throughout all the ups and downs that came with the company and a power couple that was hard to see separate.

Because there was no prenup and MacKenzie had her own development in the growth of Amazon, she was awarded a quarter of the shares of the company during the mediation of the divorce.

They were able to be peaceful about the terms of the divorce and remain civil during the hearings. At that time, the shares were over $3300 for each share, generating her an instant net worth of over $20 billion.

Relationship has Remained Friendly

There wasn't much aversion to MacKenzie generating part of the company and the family wealth from Jeff. Their relationship has remained friendly, and they are great co-parents for their children. Being able to provide for them and give them a substantial life is important to both parents, so being able to ensure MacKenzie's net worth was critical. She has not made any rash decisions with her funds or poor investments that would be critical to her fortune since her divorce.

She still owns at least a quarter of the Amazon shares, so as they continue to grow and become more profitable, so will MacKenzie Scott and her net worth. There are no plans at this time to sell or release these shares since MacKenzie is now supporting herself. She did have a temporary marriage to Dan Jewett, a high school teacher in Seattle. At this time, they are also undergoing a divorce.

Moving Forward

Since the divorce, MacKenzie Scott's net worth has continued to grow substantially as an individual. Her net worth has doubled in the last few years due to her growing popularity with Amazon. Amazon has become a worldwide sensation, especially during the years of the pandemic and being able to get products delivered to homes in a timely manner.

The company has also grown its offerings, including Prime video, music, and other benefits for members, making it one of the most sought-after services in many first-world countries. Amazon has opened marketplaces in some of the heavily populated areas and made itself a staple across the country.

It is expected that the growth of Amazon will continue to develop as the company is still remaining popular and highly sought after. Amazon distribution centers are still being built, with their own delivery drivers handling packages, and helping improve the service offered by the company that was just once an online retailer.

MacKenzie Scott has also proclaimed to donate a significant amount of her net worth over the course of her lifetime. In fact, she has been known to donate over a billion dollars in as little as four months. She has made it her mission to give back to communities and families like her own that are middle-class and impoverished trying to make ends meet.


When she is not spending time with her family, she is donating her time and money to her philanthropic efforts, with all 50 states having organizations that have received some form of a donation from Scott. The types of charities she donates to all have different missions, with some being HBCUs, food banks, and large organizations like Habitat for Humanity. it is expected that she will continue these donations to different companies and help improve their ability to service those in need.

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