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The 20 Richest Women in The World

Françoise Bettencourt Meyers

The world of finance, previously dominated by men, is changing. Through the centuries and decades, shifts occurred giving women more equality in business. Women began inheriting large estates and companies. Women earned the right to pursue their ambitions and carve niches in the business world, building fortunes on their own. Through inheritance and innovation, many women have become multi-millionaires or even billionaires. These ladies serve As inspiration and examples for girls entering the competitive business world in modern times. Here are the twenty of the richest women in the world for 2022, and how they achieved their status.

20. Kwong Siu-hing Current worth: $12.2 billion

Wealthy Gorilla shares that Kwong Siu-hing is the 20th richest woman in the world As of 2022. She is the widow of the co-founder of Sun Hung Kai Properties, Kwok-Tak-seng. Since her husband's death, she inherited the entirety of the estate earned through a successful business enterprise. The couple had three sons named Thomas, Raymond, and Walter. The family has endured tumultuous times. Walter was kicked out of the company in 2008 because of a disagreement between the siblings. He died in 2018, leaving the two brothers and their mother. Raymond became the chairman of the company. Her net worth in 2022 is an estimated $12.2 billion. Siu-hing holds the largest number of stock shares in the business.

19. Wang Laichun Net Worth: $12.7 billion

Wai Laichun is the chairperson of the Chinese company Luxshare Precision Industry. The company manufactures connectors for electronics. It is one of the Apple corporation's largest suppliers. Wang Laichun was a worker in the electronics industry for over a decade. She and her brother formed a partnership to purchase the Luxshare Precision company and that is how she became so incredibly wealthy. Her net worth for 2022, thanks to co-ownership of Luxshare is $12.7 billion.

18. Kirsten Rausing Net Worth: $13.2 billion

Kirsten Rausing is the 18th richest woman in the world and the 150th richest individual. She was born in Lund, Sweden on June 6, 1952. She is the owner of 1/3 of a company called Tetra Laval, a holding company. She occupies a seat on the board of directors. She and other members of her family are members of the board of Tetra Laval. She is 69 years old As of 2022 with an estimated net worth of $13.2 billion.

17. Charlene de Carvalho Heineken Net Worth: $15.8 billion

Finances Online reports that Charlene de Carvalho-Heineken of The Netherlands is the seventeenth richest woman in the world for 2022. If the name sounds familiar, it's because she is the sole heiress to the Heineken International brewing company. She is the daughter of Freddy Heineken, the owner, and former chief executive officer of the company. It's the second-largest in the world. Charlene inherited twenty-five percent of the business when her father Freddy passed away in 2022. Charlene was the only child of Freddy, but she didn't become involved in the family business. Instead, she moved to London, England, living there with her husband and children. Her father's death resulted in a big change in her life. Accepting a quarter interest of Heineken International shares meant taking on the responsibilities for the business to become worthy of the inheritance. She serves As the executive director of Heineken International and is currently the wealthiest entrepreneur in the Netherlands.

16. Zhou Qunfei & Family Net Worth: $16.1 billion

Zhou Qunfei is the 16th richest woman in the world for 2022. She is an entrepreneur from China. She founded a company called Lens Technology, which grew to become a leader in the touchscreen manufacturing industry. She filed for the initial public offering to list the company on the public stock exchange on the Shenzhen ChiNext market. The business went public in March 2015. The value of her company exploded, making her one of the richest women in the country of China.

15. Lu Zhongfang Net Worth: $16.4 billion

Lu Zhongfang is a Chinese investor who made an investment in 1999 that would change her life. She put her bets on a test preparation company called Offcn in 1999. She formerly worked in a pesticide factory but had since retired from the job. Offcn Education Technology went public in 2019 and is now listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange As a publicly-traded enterprise. Her son Liu Yongxin serves As Offcn's chairman. Her investment in Offcn has skyrocketed her net wealth to $16.4 billion As of 2022.

14. Fan Hongwei & Family Net Worth: $16.8 billion

Fan Hongwei is the fourteenth richest woman in the world As of 2022. She and her husband Chen Jianhua, both were chairpersons of the company. He is the chairman of Hengli's holding company. Fan is the chairperson for Hengli Petrochemical, a company that supplies chemical fiber. She and her family have a net worth of nearly $17 billion As of 2022.

13. Wu Yajun Net Worth: $17.9 billion

Wu Yajun is a co-founder of a company called Longfor Properties. It is a Hong Kong-based real estate developer. She is also the chairperson of the business. She and her husband Cai Kui founded the company together, but they divorced in 2012. He does not actively participate in the business. Wu Yajun continues her involvement with the company and has an estimated net worth of $17.9 billion As of 2022.

12. Laurene Powell Jobs Net Worth: $20.6 billion

Laurene Powell Jobs is the widow of the late Steve Jobs, who passed away from cancer in 2011 at the age of 56. Laurene was left with a company to run while grieving over the loss of her beloved husband while caring for their children. She was a single mother. Laurene has never been one to crave the spotlight. She is a private person who stepped up to the plate to take care of business, but she does so As much As possible from behind the scenes. Laurene is a prolific philanthropist and founder of the Silicon Valley Emerson Collective organization. She advocates for social change but does so from behind the scenes. She is successful in her own right, but the bulk of her fortune comes from the estate left to her by her late husband.

11. Abigail Johnson Net Worth: $21.2 billion

Forbes reports that the 11th richest woman in the world today is Abigail Johnson. Ms. Johnson is the daughter of Ned Johnson II, who passed away. She inherited a 24.5 percent stake in the Fidelity Investments firm. Her father was previously the CEO of the company until his death. The firm was founded in 1946 by her grandfather and grew to a company that has an estimated $4.2 trillion in assets under management. She served As the CEO of Fidelity Investments since her dad's death in 2014.

10. Yang Huiyan Net Worth: $22.4 billion

Yang Huiyan is a Chinese heiress who has also made a fortune on top of her inheritance. Yang is the daughter of Yang Guoqiang, who transferred 70 percent of the Country Garden Holdings real estate developing business. She is one of the largest shareholders in the business and became one of the wealthiest persons in China when she was just 25 years old. She is the richest woman in China at the age of 37. Yang earned an additional two billion in 2018, on the first four days that the company traded publicly. At the present, she owns 57 percent of the shares of the company. She is also an entrepreneur who owns a company called Bright Scholar Education Holdings. The firm operates China's biggest international schools at levels K through 12. Yang Huiyan received a good start from her father when she was a very young woman. She used the resources to her advantage and continue to build her wealth, being China's wealthiest woman before even reaching the age of 40.

9. Iris Fontbona Net Worth: $22.8 billion

Iris Fontbona is the ninth richest woman in the world As of 2022. She is a Chilean billionaire who was married to Andronico Luksic, a Chilean magnate, who passed away in 2005 from cancer, but not before building a large estate in beverages and mining. Iris and her family own Chilean copper mines which function through the London Stock Exchange-listed Antofagasta Plc. The family has made a fortune in the mining industry but they have additional wealth through their ownership of a major stake in Quinenco. The company is a conglomerate in Chile that operates across the manufacturing, banking, and beer industries.

8. Susanne Klatten Net Worth: $24.3 billion

Susanne Klatten is the 8th richest woman in the world in 2022. She is the heiress of the BMW car-making company. Her inheritance was a 19 percent stake in the German automaker. Additionally, she owns Altana, a chemicals company.

7. Miriam Adelson Net Worth: $27.5 billion

Miriam Anderson is the widow of the late Sheldon Adelson, a stakeholder in the Las Vegas Sands casino and other high-value venue3s in the city. When he passed away in 2021, Miriam gained a 50% stake in the Sands. The casino company sold off assets after Adelson's death including the Sands Expo and Convention Center and the Venetian Resort for over $6 billion. The Sands retains some of its other assets and has turned its attention to the Asian market. She is still a major stakeholder in the Sands.

6. Georgina Rinehart Net Worth: $30.2 billion

Georgina Rinehart, also known As Gina, is the chairwoman of Hancock Prospecting of Australia. She is the daughter of its founder Lang Hancock. The company also extends into agriculture. The Hancock Prospecting Group has existed for decades. Rinehart's father passed away in 1992, making her heir to the family fortune. She is involved in an ongoing legal fight with her children regarding a family trust that is expected to continue for at least another year or more.

5. MacKenzie Scott Net Worth: $43.6 billion

MacKenzie Scott is the ex-wife of Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon. Since her divorce from him in 2019, she has retained a net worth of $43.6 billion. Her fortune comes from a division of the marital property in the terms of the divorce. Since that time, she has donated $12.5 billion to charity.

4. Jacqueline Mars Net Worth: $48.8 billion

Yahoo Finance reports that Jaqueline Mars is the fourth richest woman in the world in 2022. She is the heiress of the Mars Food Group. She inherited her fortune which she split with her two brothers. The three of them still run the company together. They're among the richest people in the food industry.

3. Julia Flesher Koch Net Worth: $56.9 billion

Julia Flesher Koch was married to David H. Koch until the time of his death in 2019. He was the owner of Koch Industries. When he passed away, she inherited more than 40 percent of the company, giving her a net wealth of $56.9 billion making her the third richest woman in the world.

2. Alice Walton Net Worth: $62.7 billion

Alice Walton is an heiress of the Walmart founder, Sam Walton's fortune. Before his death in 1992, she had a fortune of $3.5 billion. After her father passed, her wealth exploded and it is currently estimated at $62.7 billion. She is the owner of many shares in the company.

1. Françoise Bettencourt Meyers Net Worth: $74.1 Billion

Francoise Bettencourt-Meyers is the richest woman in the world for 2022. She is the heiress of the L'Oreal cosmetics empire. The company was built by her grandfather. Francoise is the chairperson of the company and she owns thirty percent of the L'Oreal business, along with other ventures.

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