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How Eiza Gonzalez Achieved a Net Worth of $5 Million

While Hollywood has many talented artists living and working there, an actor has rarely been able to cross-cultural and language boundaries with their talent. Eiza Gonzalez is one of those proud actors. She’s done a lot in her career in a short time, so it’s natural to wonder how much Eiza Gonzalez’s net worth is and how she’s gotten there.

How Did She Invest in Her Future Success?

Before Eiza began acting, she did her homework – quite literally. The first acting school she attended was M&M Studio, started and owned by Patricia Reyes Spindola in Mexico City.

She then attended Centro De Educacion Artistica, Televisa’s acting school. She completed two out of three years before she was cast as the primary character in Lola… Erase una vez at the young age of 16.

These schools gave the actress a solid platform to build her acting skills without accumulating too much debt while learning. Her mother is a former model and owns a modeling agency. So it’s easy to assume that the investments into Eiza’s actor training didn’t put her in debt if her famous mother paid the bills.

More Acting Opportunities on Mexican Television

It’s impressive that Gonzalez landed a prime role for her first acting job, which jump-started her career in Mexico. After the role, she continued with other Spanish language projects that included:

  • Plaza Sesamo and Lola in 2008
  • Mujeres asesinas as Gabriele Ortega in 2009
  • Suena conmigo as Clara Moline/Roxy-Pop from 2010-2011
  • Amores Verdaderos as Nikki Brizz Balvenera from 2012-2013

Gonzalez is also credited with an appearance in a music video in 2013. She appeared in Romeo Santos’ video, “Propuesta Indecente.”

Modeling Pays the Bills While Getting Noticed

The flame burning on Eiza’s bright rising star was noticed, leading to a modeling deal with Avon in Mexico. She was the representative for the Avon Color Trend line. After that, the actress went on to do commercial spots for the popular skincare brand, Asepxia.

Once she moved to the U.S., Gonzalez continued to work as a model. She became the face of Neutrogena. The star especially loved working with Neutrogena as she had personally used the products to help with her acne.

As she rose to fame, Eiza became the first Latina representative for Bulgari in 2022. This luxury brand might be her biggest modeling deal so far. No matter what, it definitely helped to boost her overall net worth.

How About Making Big Moves in the Movie World?

As Gonzales continued to work, her ambitions grew about as fast as her talent. By 2014, the actress began appearing in movies. Some of those titles include:

  • Almost Thirty as Cristina in 2014
  • Baby Driver as Darling in 2017
  • Welcome to Marwen as Carlala in 2018
  • Paradise Hills as Amarna in 2019
  • She’s Missing as Jane in 2019
  • Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw as Madame M in 2019
  • I Care a Lot as Fran in 2020
  • Bloodshot as KT in 2020
  • Godzilla vs. Kong as Maia Simmons in 2021
  • Love Spreads as Patricia in 2021
  • Ambulance as Cam Thompson in 2022

Each time Eiza takes on a role, she gets the attention of the Hollywood community and much of the world. So it’s safe to assume that she must be accumulating an impressive net worth with her continual growth and consistent job opportunities.

More Acting Work With Voice Over, Movies, and Television

Performing off-camera takes a different skill set for an actor, and Eiza proves time and again that she’s got the talent to do it. She voiced characters for Jem and the Holograms as Jetta in 2015, Alita: Battle Angel as Nyssiana in 2019, and Spirit Untamed as Milagro Navarro Prescot in 2020.

Gonzalez didn’t shy away from returning to appear in a music video with Justin Timberlake. The star went uncredited in the video, but the song was “Supplies” from 2018.

Eiza participated in a unique project that took place in 2020 during the pandemic. The performances were streamed live during a fundraising event. Gonzales played the role of Janet Weiss, all live and streamed over the internet.

The star also has several upcoming projects, according to They include the movie, The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare along with television roles like:

  • Extrapolations as Elodie in 2023 (currently in production)
  • The Three-Body Problem in 2023 (Also in Spanish as El problema de los tres cuerpos, in post-production)
  • La Maquina as Irasema (currently in production)

Has She Made Any Money as an Independent Music Artist?

Eiza Gonzalez can sing. While her most recent work has been live or featured in video games or other media, she has some studio albums from several years ago. Those were:

  • Contracorriente in 2010
  • Te Acordaras de Mi in 2012

Since the actress is so popular, these albums definitely drew some notice from fans and the music industry. She’s been nominated for several awards for her music work. She even enjoyed wins like the Kid’s Choice Awards Mexico for Favorite Artist and Favorite Voice from an Animated Movie in 2013.

Buying up Some Real Estate

The Hollywood Reporter says that Eiza bought a 110-acre property in Ojai, CA, in 2022. The home has over 4,300 square feet, three bedrooms, an art studio, and a guest house.

She paid a reported $4 million on the home, which is a great deal considering the amount of land that comes with the property. In addition, the home boasts 20-foot ceilings, French doors, and other features that give the space an open feel.

Luxury Cars for Luxurious Rides

The Mexican actor has expensive taste when it comes to her cars, according to 21 Motoring. Both of her vehicles are from the same makers, showing that she’s loyal to her high-end transportation. Here are her currently known car models:

  • Mercedes-AMG GLE64 Coupe
  • Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class

Don’t let the expensive maker name fool you into thinking of Eiza as overly privileged. Even though she’s got the net worth to buy these expensive rides, you can find plenty of photos of the star pumping her own gas here and in other places online.

Social Media Star Power With Millions of Followers

You have to make an effort on social media if you’re going to connect with your fans, and Eiza has embraced her following on Instagram and Twitter.

The star teases upcoming projects, and details look like she’s been seen in on the red carpet with her followers. With 7.5 million followers on Instagram and 1.5 million followers on Twitter, the singer, model, and actress can showcase all of her worth and personal insights, engaging with fans worldwide.

As with anyone with a large social media following, the star is sure to be making some extra cash. When added up with all of her other endeavors, it’s probably safe to assume that the star’s net worth makes her quite comfortable.

Eiza Gonzalez Net Worth

An actress who models, sings, acts, and provides voice-over work brings so much to the entertainment industry. With this kind of talent, it’s no wonder that Eiza Gonzalez has a net worth of around $5 million.

The actress has only begun making her mark in Hollywood, so her net worth will likely increase over time. Beauty, talent, and the ability to adapt to almost any challenge should provide this star with many lucrative opportunities in the coming.

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