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How Mick Mars Achieved A Net Worth Of $70 Million

Mick Mars

Mick Mars is one of the best lead guitarists in the world. His prowess in playing the guitar has not only led to worldwide fame, but monetary wealth as well. Mick has a $70 million net worth. In this post, we look at how this legendary guitarist amassed his wealth. Read on.

Who Is Mick Mars

Born Robert Alan Deal in 1951, Mick Mars is a legendary lead guitarist for the Motley Crue. He was born in Terre Haute, Indiana. His parents, however, moved almost immediately after he was born and settled in Huntington, Indiana. Mick and his family would continue living here while he went to school in the same place until he was nine years old. At nine years old, his parents suggested a move to Garden Grove, California as suitable. This move would later be the reason for Mick’s entry into the world of music.

Educational Life

Mick Mars was not the ultimate school lover that many would expect of a 50’s born young man. He attended elementary and part of junior high in Indiana. After the family’s move to California, he continued with his high school education in the new state. All went well for a while until around age 16 when Mick was almost completing his high school education. According to Wikipedia Mick decided to drop out of school, a decision that his family, friends and teachers alike did not receive well. By this time, however, Mick’s passion for music was evident and more than ever, he was convinced he could make it big. Mick therefore left school although his teachers report that he was an excellent Arts student.

Starting Out

It is after Mick left high school that his journey to becoming super rich really began. However, it was never a smooth ride. As an unsigned artist, Mick had a hard time impressing and for a large chunk of his formative years as an artist, he spent his time playing for R&B bands in California. This stint would include performing at small clubs in the city and other B-list events that most people dis not care about. These performances did not pay well and to make ends meet, Mick would do menial jobs on the side as well. This balance allowed him to hold his ground while still looking for opportunities that would scale him as a guitarist. Mick continued doing these performances for close to a decade after he left school. Many in his inner circle had by this time written him off. While to many it seemed that he made the wrong decision leaving schooling, Mick was not losing hope that easily. He kept at what he knew how to do best and that was playing the guitar.

The Turning Point

Frustrated of staying at the same level for extended period of times, Mick decided that it was time for change. This changed happened in 1980. Previously going by the name Robert Alan Deal during his performances, he now decided it was time for a rebrand. According to All Music, Robert decided to officially change his stage name to Mick Mars. The name’s inspiration comes from a previous band member who went by the name Micki Marz. While it may seem like he stole a friend’s stage name, no one really knows the other Micki Marz.

Owning the new name, the next step was to now change his appearances to rhyme with the new identity he wanted to portray. Mick went in for a hairdo and dyed his hair jet black. This simple hair routine would become his signature look. Additionally, it would later make him a fashion icon for many band music lovers around the world.

Mick was not just stopping at that. He also increased the number of tattoos on his skin and changed the way he dressed as well. To show that he was not taking any chances any more, Mick also decided to put up a want ad in a newspaper. In April 1980, in a Los Angeles newspaper, The Recycler Mick described himself as a loud, rude and aggressive guitar player. This want ad would capture the attention of many people including Nikki Sixx and Tommy Lee. The two were looking to set up a band at the time and only needed a lead guitarist to piece up everything together. Mick Mars happened to be just the right person to help Tommy and Nikki do this.

The Motley Crue

When the three paired up, the Motley Crue was formed and it really set off Mick Mars and the rest of his band members. The band would release nine studio albums between 1980 and 2008. Aside from just recording studio albums that took the world by storm, Mick and the Motley Crue also won hearts and fans alike through their electrifying performances. Their energized performances would see them go for multiple world tours.

Source Of Wealth

Mick Mars’s source of wealth is primarily music. According to Celebrity Net Worth, while playing with the Motley Crue, Mick and the band managed to sell over 75 million albums worldwide and an additional 25 million albums in the USA alone.

Income from these album sales coupled up with money from live performances helped Mick build his $70 million fortune. The Motley Crue roughly grossed $1 million per performance while on tour. The band staged its last performance in 2015 in what was its last tour. Mick’s wealth also comes from his personal investments in other ventures as well as from writing music. Mick has contributed to music writing for several bands among them Rock Star Supernova and Escape the Fate. All these continue to grow his wealth. Mick also lives a minimalist life devoid of any flamboyance. Many celeb wealth analysts observe that this also contributes to the growth of his wealth.

Final Thoughts

Arguably, one of the best guitarist of his generation, Mick Mars continues to inspire and entertain with his playing skills. This prowess continues to contribute to his ever-ballooning wealth that makes Mick one of the richest guitarists in the world.

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