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How Keemokazi Achieved a Net Worth of $1 Million

You’ve likely seen Keemokazi (aka Kareem Hesri) if you’re on social media. Once you put a face to the name, you’ll know enough to garner that the famous influencer has a big enough online presence to know he’s raking in some significant money. Keep reading to see how this star makes his money and net worth.

The Beginning Wasn’t Supposed to Be a Beginning

Some celebrities work extremely hard at what they do to become famous. Some stars just have great luck. Keemokazi is a guy who has some excellent luck.

In an interview with Arab News, Keemokazi said that he knew his ultimate passion was to be an entertainer. His parents were supportive – sort of. The star’s father was willing to indulge in his dreams as long as he had established a start as an entertainer by the end of high school or moved on to pursue a more traditional job.

As luck would have it, the star acted in a show titled “The Last Ship” on TNT, where he played a Syrian refugee. During the time he dabbled as an actor, he went to an acting camp. He met a producer there and rapped for him, which led to bringing the future influencer into the studio.

At the same time, a new platform called TikTok was becoming increasingly popular. The entertainer wasn’t interested in silly acts or performances that he was seeing from the platform’s performers. Yet he couldn’t resist the promise of potential success he saw with peers killing it on the platform.

The video that changed everything for him was just a prank on his mom. With her blessing, he posted the video to TikTok, and nothing could have prepared him for what happened. The video went viral and had 10 million views overnight!

From one venture to another, the entertainer has had opportunities and results that struggling artists only dream about. So whether it’s luck, talent, or a bit of both, he’s bound to be enjoying a nice paycheck while doing what he loves.

TikTok Is Keemokazi’s Full Time Career

While watching a creator’s content is easy, the work behind a short clip takes time to script, film, and edit. Keemokazi says that he edits several 15 to 30-second videos daily. He claims that each video can take hours to get ready to post.

He’s also gotten his family involved in his online content. This influencer doesn’t take full credit for his success. He says that his family and Arab roots bring in the views and the money.

You Never Know What Kind of TikTok You’ll Get

Most influencers stick within their niche, trying out peripheral gags or challenges from time to time. Keemokazi is a rare social media star. There don’t seem to be any rules for the content Keemokazi puts out there.

While his initial fame came from a prank video, he posts all kinds of content that displays his humor and talent. You can find anything from lip-syncs and challenges to comedy videos and rap music.

It doesn’t seem to matter what the content is for this creator. His fans love him, his family, and his talents. With each subscriber and view equalling a paycheck for the most elite content creators, Keemokazi is definitely enjoying a healthy payday.

What Kind of Numbers Does Keemokazi Have on Social Media?

In 2023, the star had 3.3 million followers on Instagram. He regularly posts photos and reels, many featuring a comedic perspective.

His Twitter account profile has a lesser following at 89.9 thousand. While he doesn’t appear very active, the existing posts deserve a look.

Keemokazi has 4.86 million subscribers on YouTube, making it his second-largest social media platform. You can enjoy his:

  • #shorts
  • music videos
  • comedy skits
  • vlogs

TikTok is clearly where his loyal fanbase loves to watch his content. He has 33.5 million followers, and if you scroll through his content, you’ll see that the number of views on each post shows how much people love his work.

The world has begun to understand that rising talent, influencers, and social media stars are here to stay. Keemokazi is one of the rare talents that understood the power of his platform and has undoubtedly been able to cash in on his hard work. Between his stats, sponsored posts, and partnerships, he’s got to be living comfortably.

TikTok Is the Gift That Keeps on Giving

Since Keemokazi made it on the radar of social media, it was time for him to do something he loves – making music. So he began recording and releasing a song each month, testing the waters and sharing with his millions of viewers what he could do with his music.

In 2021, he released his first album at the age of 18. The album was titled Keemo VS. Kazi, and he immediately started seeing interest in his music.

The first of his songs to be a massive hit from the album was called “Arab Money,” and the release got more than 3 million views! His album made sense to the artist since music has always been an essential part of his life.

Think again if you think the rapper’s music is a gimmick or hobby. He’s serious enough that his work is available on major music services like:

  • Soundcloud
  • Apple Music
  • Amazon Music
  • Spotify

No matter where you listen to his music or watch videos, you’re helping the content creator stay in business. Each view and click matters!

Big Money Means Buying a Big House

This star has a lovely house. If you’d like to see a 360-degree tour of it, you can over on Instagram. As the specifics of what he paid for his gorgeous home are readily available online, it’s clearly a sum most people can only dream of. If he can buy a home this gorgeous, his net worth has to be pretty healthy.

Do You Want to Learn to Be Like Keemokazi?

Believe it or not, you can sign up with to learn how to navigate social media from one of the best. You can actually book a 30-minute Zoom call with Keemokazi when you purchase both the course and subscription to the website. You’ll also have access to exclusive content reserved for the influencer’s friends.

The details and stats provided by the website are pretty impressive. While the superstar seems to be pumping out a lot of content, he’s made time to have his own side hustle. It looks like an excellent deal for the influencer and novices alike.

So What Is Keemokazi’s Net Worth?

More and more influencers are becoming millionaires. So with Keemokazi’s success and staying power, it makes sense that he’s also a millionaire. In fact, according to, he’s got a net worth of approximately one million dollars.

If you spend any time getting to know Keemokazi and his family, then you know they are all on this adventure on social media together. While the money is nice, they’ve prioritized creating fun and entertaining content while putting family first.

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