How Heart Evangelista Achieved a Net Worth of $3 Million

Heart Evangelista

Most of us would be lucky to find success in one thing we’re passionate about. Then there are those that seem to just have it all: passion, drive, talent, and success. Heart Evangelista seems to have it all figured out; she’s got her finger on the world’s pulse so to speak.

This young woman has managed to create a comfortable net worth for herself on the other side of the world and lives the kind of life most people could only dream of. If you’ve never heard of Heart Evangelista, it’s about time that you do. Here is how Heart has achieved her net worth and how she enjoys life with it.

Early life

Hear Evangelista was born Love Marie Payawal Ongpauco on the day of love, February 14, in the year 1985 in the Philippines. The 36-year old Filipina comes from an affluent background. Her father was a Chinese-Filipino restaurant magnate, and one of her aunts was an acclaimed actress in the Philippines during the 60s.

As a child, she spent some time living in the United States before moving back to the Philippines as a young teenager in order to pursue modeling and acting. Heart Evangelista became her stage name, and it would be the name that would represent her success when she was just starting out.

Actress and musician

Heart started her acting career when she was only 13 years old. It was clear from the start of her career that Heart had a presence about her that was undeniable. It’s the kind of presence you would know by just being in a room with her or watching her on television.

She had a knack for acting that allowed her to climb the ranks of stardom quickly among her peers. Heart had charisma and elegance at such a young age, and many filmmakers, producers, and fellow actors were inspired to work with her time and again. She’s been nominated and has won multiple awards for her acting endeavors.

Although her current affairs don’t allow her to act anymore, acting remains to be one of her true passions. A great part of her $3 million net worth can be attributed to her numerous acting projects on both the small and big screens, various television appearances, and so forth.

In addition, the talented actress also happens to be an established musician. Heart released her first namesake album in 2003. She’s also released other albums and singles that have charted outside the Philippines. While music took a backseat to her acting career, many of Heart’s fans can’t disconnect the actress from the musician—a typical occurrence in Philippine entertainment.

Visual artist

Aside from being an entertainer and performer, Heart is also an artist. By the time Heart was 29 years old, she had become an accomplished painter having sold out solo exhibitions in several galleries.

She had her first solo exhibition in 2014. Interestingly, the painter uses her real name, Love Marie, to sign her pieces. Throughout her career as a visual artist, she has collaborated with designers, book authors, retail spaces, and other businesses.


Speaking of business, Heart knows a thing or two about running one. Her father, being a restauranteur himself, has taught Heart what she needs to know to be successful in a business venture. That’s one of the reasons why Heart is confident enough to start up her own.

The young woman has announced her plans of creating a beauty company. It seems a natural venture for someone that seems to know what beauty and fashion are about, but this wouldn’t be the first business for Heart. She actually launched her first business, Maison Love Marie, last year during the pandemic. Maison Love Marie is an arts and crafts store, which is a testament for Heart’s apparent penchant for creating.

Crazy Rich Asian

Heart’s $3 million net worth comes from her career as an actress, musician, painter, artist, and businesswoman. Although $3 million might not sound like much to some, there’s something about Heart and the way she lives that make it all seem like so much more. Heart is considered a socialite.

She’s also been voted by Forbes France as a top 10 luxury influencer. Heart knows style and has a charismatic appeal to her that makes her admirable in the simplest meaning of the word.

She may not be the craziest or the richest Asian as the book or movie would describe according to author Kevin Kwan, but Kwan considers Heart to be one of the truest example of a crazy rich Asian in real life. In a project for Harper’s Bazaar, Kevin Kwan named Heart as one of his true crazy rich Asians.

Heart knows fashion and style; she’s got elegance and grace. She’s got money, and she also knows how to spend it. Interestingly, Heart actually auditioned for the role of Araminta Lee in the film but didn’t make the cut. Kwan has become a friend of Heart’s, however, and she’s become inspiration for him in many ways.

Life as Heart

She may wear many hats, but we haven’t talked about one of the most important ones: First Lady. Heart happens to be married to a Filipino lawyer and the governor of Sorsogon, a province in the Philippines. As First Lady of Sorsogon, Heart also maintains her political duties.

Before she held this role, Heart was already a philanthropist on her own account. She continues to do charity work for the needy in her province, country, and elsewhere. Heart may seem to live a lavish lifestyle, but she confesses that many of her possessions have simply accumulated over the years and through all her hard work. She rewards herself with the fine things in life but in moderation.

She likes to buy brand new Birkin bags, but she likes to peruse the thrift shops just as much. The combination of hard work and humility is obvious here and is truly beautiful—something that Heart embodies within and throughout herself.

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