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How Dude Perfect Achieved a Net Worth of $20 Million

Dude Perfect

The guys at Dude Perfect are living their best life for sure. They get to (literally) play all day long and film it to get paid. It's like Jackass with sports, a brain, and no one paying hospital bills after they say "Cut." How did Dude perfect make twenty million dollars goofing around all day? We looked into their massive popularity and figured it out. The bad news is, it's not as easy as it seems. These brilliant friends work very hard for their money, even while they have fun doing it.

Net Worth$20 Million
NameDude Perfect
Years Active2009–present
Source of WealthYouTuber
CountryUnited States

Where The Magic Began

Every one of the five-person team on Dude Perfect is an outstanding athlete with significant skills. The guys, Coby and Cory Cotton, Cody Jones, Garrett Hilbert, and Tyler Toney, all played basketball in high school. They also all went to college at Texas A&M, where they met because they were roommates.

Long before they started playing together for a living, they had already been working individually to develop their physical skills at the sport they love. Moreover, as ballplayers, they already knew how to work as a part of a team. Plus, the training gave them had better than average dexterity. The gestalt of coming together and the genius of what they did next is where the business came from. The men themselves had, without knowing it, been working toward this for years.

Nowadays (As of 2018), they're the third highest-grossing YouTube channel in history. The only channels that make more are Jake Paul and Ryan Toysreview. Jake is the rapper and prank puller. He's also the younger brother of disgraced Logan Paul, who was famously removed from YouTube's Preferred status because he filmed an apparent suicide victim in Japan. Ryan, on the other hand, is just a little boy who loves to play with toys, and he's managed to make a career out of his adorable enthusiasm for play.

What is Dude Perfect?

Dude Perfect, at its core, is nothing more than five skilled athletes with a sense of wonder and whimsy making incredible trick shots, stunts, and other amusing content. Yes, the concept truly is that simple. However, the execution of these incredible feats is more than talented time-wasting. Critics have voiced complaints about their camera angles being advantageous. Yet Dude Perfect has responded to these accusations by debunking the theory and showing just how hard they work, and how much practice and re-shooting goes into most of their videos.

These guys get up every day and invent, then set up and create amazing feats. Sure, the camera angles need to be correct to look good. Regardless, getting water bottles to land on a moving skateboard in a perfectly spaced row is about more than clever filming. Their drive and passion for being unique and amazing is what took their cool idea and made it work.

More Than One Trick

The guys of Dude Perfect may have gotten the public's interest with their crazy trick shots. The most-watched video they've made so far, Ping Poing Trick Shots 2, has been viewed over 105 million times. However, they've branched out like any smart business. One of their most popular series of videos is the Stereotypes series has managed to pull something like ten million views per video. They make videos about the things that interest them, and as it turns out, their interests are intriguing to a huge segment of the YouTube watching public. We especially liked the one about the world's weirdest pillow.

How Do YouTubers Make Money

There are dozens of guides on the internet for exactly how to make money on YouTube video channels. A large part of the income can come from the portion of the paid advertisements they receive. Doubtless, the most popular channels get quite a pretty penny from the ads YouTube runs on their millions of views. Soe of Dude Perfect's income is from that ad revenue.

Influencer Marketing, also known as Brand Integration, is when a channel and its stars promote a product or service directly. Dude Perfect has thanked major companies like Hasbro for their participation in various stunts they've pulled. That's great for the companies because it drives sales their way. Some of these sponsors give more than gadgets and items, they also pay. Those are two ways that channels like Dude Perfect make their money.

A big company like the toymaker can probably afford to make a substantial contribution to Dude Perfect's income. It's a fair trade for those little natural advertising opportunities. Fortunately, it helps both the channel and the company supporting them look much better in the eyes of the fans. Good fans spend money on the brands and products they approve of.

Dude Perfect could sell their own products or participate in Super Chats. In fact, there are numerous other ways for people to bring in revenue. They can be Brand Ambassadors and enter very publicized relationships with the companies they rep for. Wearing branded merchandise or otherwise showing off the companies that pay them is another way to get paid for being good at YouTube. Of course, Brand Ambassadors have to be an excellent example of the companies' ideal clients. Hence a company like Hasbro toys might want five playful guys to be seen with their products everywhere the same as a major fashion design house might want a Kardashian to wear their clothing and tell people about it.

Final Thoughts

Dude Perfect is a fascinating study in how friendship, brains, luck, and talent can turn into a plausible career option. You have to have a whole lot of savvy and drive to get there, but this group of talented and whimsical sports lovers found a way to make it work. Who says goofing off in college never did anyone any good? We certainly admire the men of Dude Perfect for what they managed to achieve together with their silly antics. There's more to it than that, though. The Dude Perfect crew literally trains every day and practices every trick repeatedly to bring us all the content we crave and enjoy.

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