How Dorinda Medley Achieved a Net Worth of $20 Million

Dorinda Medley and Other Housewives

Dorinda Medley is an American socialite who has found a measure of fame for her appearance on reality television “The Real Housewives of New York City.” Fans of the show immediately recognize her name. She is reported to have a net worth of $20 million, but how did she become so rich? Was she born into the fortune, did she marry into money, or has Dorinda earned her money on her own? We looked into her personal and career history to learn more about her and here is what we discovered.

Her early career

According to Floor 8, Dorinda’s career began long before she married her first husband. The experiences she gained gave her some valuable insights into the industry. She had already begun her career when she met and married her first husband. Dorinda moved with him to London, England, where she founded the DCL cashmere company. Dorinda was a successful business owner who worked with high-profile clients including Diana, Princess of Wales. While her business was doing well, the marriage wasn’t. She had a child with her first husband, but the couple called it quits. She and her daughter returned to New York in 2005, after the divorce.

Life in the United States

Dorinda had already established a name for herself in the fashion industry. She met Richard Medley and the two were married. They lived in the Berkshires at Blue Stone Manor and enjoyed their time together until tragedy struck. Richard passed away in 2011. This was a difficult time in Dorinda’s life. It took her a whole to come to grips with her new reality and to deal with the loss of her beloved husband. Although the amount is undisclosed, she did inherit a sizable amount of money at his passing.

Moving on with life

After Dorinda healed from the tragedy of her loss, she met John Mahdessian, the Madame Paulette luxury dry-cleaning company founder. She is currently dating John. Dorinda also started teaching aerobics classes. In addition to his, she supports the Ronald McDonald House’s Born This Way Foundation and is actively involved with the charity. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Dorinda Medley made a sizable sum when she sold her DCL company in London. She had already established herself as a socialite and successful business owner.

She knows the meaning of hard work

Medley’s late husband Richard Medley was a partner with George Soros. The couple both dedicated significant time and resources to other charities. According to Bustle, she met Medley after returning from London as a single mom and launching a new career as a real estate broker. For those of you who are familiar with the real estate industry, it’s a hard job that often requires long hours. Dorinda is a socialite who is worth a fortune, but she also knows what it means to work hard for a living. She’s not the type of woman to sit on a fluffy pillow and expect servants to wait on her all day. She has the drive to succeed and to remain a productive member of society. Dorinda had sold the business that she dedicated 10 years to building. The proceeds from the sale of the business gave her the financial resources that she needed to relocate back to America and make a fresh new start after the divorce. She was a hard worker who immediately found another vocation. She sold a house to Medley and the two of them hit it off well enough to form a partnership that endured for the rest of Richard’s life.

Other income sources for Dorinda Medley

In addition to selling a successful cashmere company, Dorinda made an undisclosed amount of money selling real estate in New York. She also joined the cast of “Real Housewives of New York” during the 7th season. She’s earned a lot of money for being on the show and for making promotional appearances. Dorinda also earned an income from Instagram endorsements as a member of the cast. She has consistently worked on a variety of different jobs and projects that brought in a source of income. All of these experiences have helped in building her incredible net worth of $20 million.

How did Dorinda Medley gain a $20 million estate?

It’s safe to assume that Dorinda Medley gained a significant sum towards her net wealth when her husband passed away, but this isn’t her only source of wealth. She has spent most of her life working hard to build a career and earn a living. Her posturing in high society has given her an in-road with the very rich and famous as her clientele. Although she may not be a completely self-made multi-millionaire, she has made some significant contributions to her net worth without the help of others.

Final Thoughts

Dorinda Medley has a fairly large collection of fans from her appearances on “Real Housewives of New York.” She’s a lady who knows her way around society as well as in the business world. She doesn’t back away from a challenge and when times have been hard, she’s always found a way to make it through and come out on the other side. Medley is a woman who has known heartbreak, but she has also known love. She knows how to launch her own business and run it successfully. Dorinda Medley is far from being retired and she’s still active in her charity work, enjoying a romance with her boyfriend John, and working to keep an income rolling in. We watch Dorinda Medley with a degree of fascination because you never know what she’s going to be up to next. She serves as a solid role model for young women who are looking for inspiration to find their own paths in life.

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