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How Dorinda Medley Achieved a Net Worth of $20 Million

Dorinda Medley and Other Housewives

As a socialite, entrepreneur and TV personality, Dorinda Medley wears many hats. With a number of different revenue streams, it is easy to see why she has been able to ascend to her current status in the entertainment industry. Dorinda Medley net worth has been on the rise for years now, with no expectations of slowing down anytime soon.

Her hard work has not gone unrecognized, as she has been destined for this path ever since she was a child growing up in The Berkshires, Sandisfield, Massachusetts. According to a wide range of various sources, Dorinda Medley net worth is currently $20 million. Now, the time has come for us to take a closer look at Dorinda’s life and her career arc.

How has she been able to attain such an elite status? What does the future hold for Dorinda Medley net worth? The following guide is here to provide a helpful overview.

Early Life and Career

Medley grew up in The Berkshires, Sandisfield, Massachusetts and was raised by her parents, John and Diane Medley. Her siblings, John Medley Jr. and Melinda, were raised alongside her. Dorinda and her siblings attended private schools from elementary through high school, and Dorinda graduated from The Franklin & Marshall College in 1986, which is located in Pennsylvania.

After college, Medley moved to New York to accept a gig working for Liz Claiborne. After working for Liz Claiborne, Medley moved to London with her first husband, whom she met in New York, and they had a daughter together, Hannah. The couple were married for ten years before they divorced. Medley then returned to New York, where she raised her daughter.

How did Dorinda Medley make her money?

Dorinda’s late husband, Richard H. Medley, was certainly a source of the actress’ current net worth. Richard was the celebrity’s second husband. Despite not being a celebrity, Richard Medley earned a very good living that enabled him to become a million.

He earned his living as a business executive and hedge fund investor. Richard Medley’s net worth was about $5 million at the time of his death.

The fact that Dorinda was married to Richard Medley isn’t the only way in which she has attained her current $20 million net worth. Being an actress on the hit TV show, The Real Housewives of New York (RHONY) is how she has been able to achieve a net worth of $20 million.

Dorinda Medley’s Entrepreneurial Pursuits

Not only did Dorinda’s millionaire second husband and her time on The Real Housewives of New York enable her to achieve her current wealthy status, but before Dorinda even married her second husband, Richard, she owned her own business. She owned her own cashmere company, DCL Cashmere, which did quite well.

According to Bravo, DCL Cashmere prospered beyond anyone’s wildest dreams. In fact, the company became a fixture in the London socialite community, allowing Medley to develop all sorts of incredible connections along the way. Because of her success, she was given the chance to rub elbows with a number of different luminaries, including Joan Collins and Princess Diana.

Real Housewives of New York

Dorinda Medley wasn’t a regular cast member on The Real Housewives of New York in the beginning, as she made many different appearances on the show until season seven when she became a regular cast member.

This is when Medley became popular and well-known as a celebrity. When Medley began making sporadic appearances on the show prior to season seven, she never believed in her wildest dreams that she would be asked to become a regular on the show. That is how she unexpectedly became famous.

She officially joined the cast of the show in 2015, where she would remain until 2020. While she did depart from the show, there were rumors swirling about the reasons behind her decision to leave. Let’s take a closer look at the circumstances that surrounded her departure.

Why Was Medley Fired From Real Housewives of New York?

This situation is an interesting one because the answer that you are going to receive is almost entirely dependent on who you are asking. According to tabloid magazines such as The Sun, Medley was fired from the show. They claim that she was in violation of her contract for breaking the fourth wall and her mean-spirited behavior behind the scenes.

Even if those things were true, it is hard to believe, simply due to the fact that mean-spirited behavior is part of the package when you are dealing with reality television personalities. Series of this nature are built around the idea of mean-spirited behavior and when someone is driving ratings to this extent, they are not going to be let go without warning.

Many people believe that Medley was fired from RHONY, but this is untrue. The celebrity states that she was “put on pause,” and she subsequently began appearing on a spin-off show, The Real Housewives Ultimate Girl’s Trip. 

Medley has had an ongoing feud with another housewife who appears on the show RHUGT. The two celebrities have very different views regarding many aspects of life, including Covid-19 and the vaccine that is currently available.

The ‘pause’ explanation makes far more sense to an unbiased observer. If Medley was such an issue behind the scenes and needed to be punished for breaking the fourth wall, why would she have been invited onto the spin-off show? It’s an interesting discussion but ultimately petty feuds and differences are not going to remove someone this popular from their perch.

Dorinda Medley Net Worth

At the current moment, Dorinda Medley net worth remains at the $20 million mark. However, we would expect this number to rise during the years to come, due to her entrepreneurial spirit and her willingness to constantly expand her horizons. She is always uncovering new side hustles and she has become an integral part of the Real Housewives universe.

Dorinda Medley’s Charitable Works

Not all celebrities who are of millionaire status do much philanthropy work, but Dorinda certainly does. In fact, she thrives off such work. She has worked alongside other celebrities, like Angelina Jolie, Desmond Tutu, Brad Pitt, and even Hilary Clinton, while doing her philanthropy work.

When her husband, Richard, was still alive, Dorinda would team up with him to create various fundraisers so they could donate all the proceeds to their favorite charities. His influence on her life played a major role in sparking a passion for helping others, a passion that continues to exist to this day.

Dorinda Medley Social Media Fame

Since Dorinda has been able to become a famous celebrity, despite the fact that she didn’t plan on becoming one, fans via the various social media platforms are curious about all aspects of her life and want to stay in touch.

Medley gives fans exactly what they want, as she has one million followers on her Instagram account, over 274K followers on her Facebook account, and her Twitter account has more than 295K followers. Medley utilizes these accounts as a means of keeping all of her fans in the loop about all of the latest happenings in her career.

How Dorinda Medley Became More Popular After Making RHONY Appearances

There are a number of reasons why Dorinda Medley became so popular after making appearances on Rhony, prompting producers to offer her a full-time gig. First of all, the actress is still very attractive, despite the fact that she’s approaching 60 years old. She is very curvaceous and has ample breasts and cleavage. She has blond hair and blue eyes.

However, it wasn’t merely Dorinda’s looks that got her the full-time gig on RHONY. It was actually her personality and how well she depicted the image that producers were looking for. Medley fit right in with the other housewives, and she was able to get along and bring a great deal to the show.

What Is Medley’s Personality on RHONY?

People either love Dorinda Medley or hate her. She has often been thought of as a bitch, because she doesn’t bite her tongue and she speaks her mind. A majority of the fans of RHONY love Medley and feel that she brings a lot to the show.

However, when it comes to The Real Housewives’ Ultimate Girl’s Trip, fans felt that her behavior was too outrageous and that she was behaving in a manner that they did not like. Some even referred to Medley as “obsessed,” stating that she obviously missed being on RHONY so much that she’s trying too hard on the new show, which isn’t going well.

Fans of RHUGT state that Medley is “angry” and that her public confessions on the show are too over-the-top. Even fans of the show who previously liked Dorinda are starting to dislike her, because they don’t like who she’s become. Fans feel as if Dorinda is making an attempt to be a “mom” to the other housewives and boss them around, which no one is happy with, including the other housewives.

Dorinda needs to relax or she’s going to get fired from RHUGT if she’s not careful, says some other frequent watchers of the show. If Medley is fired or “put on pause,” then this will certainly have a negative impact on the celebrity’s net worth. She’s outspoken, loud, and bossy, characteristics that not many people like. That is why so many people are surprised upon meeting her in person as well as watching her on TV.

What Does The Future Hold For Dorinda Medley?

According to Dexerto, Medley has recently become more well-acquainted with paid appearances. She was given $5,000 just to show up and hang out, a gig that anyone with common sense would jump at. Medley went on to discuss the merchandise that she is selling on Amazon as well, which includes T-shirts. Her co-star Sonja Morgan also spoke glowingly of her work ethic.

She was in awe of Medley’s recent Bluestone tour, which only served to add to her considerable coffers. As for Dorinda herself, she is not someone who is willing to sit idle. She loves to work and she is always going to keep herself busy. While many would sit back and rest on their laurels, Medley is not most people and that’s why we fully expect Dorinda Medley net worth to continue to rise.

Certain people simply have a nose for money and she is one of them. Medley is taking all of the lessons that she has learned and applying them in various facets of her life, which is a definite recipe for success. Since Medley has been rich for so long, it is easy to forget that she did not grow up wealthy.

As someone who has been working since the age of 14, she loves every aspect of it and does not seem willing to power down her battery anytime soon. The aforementioned opportunity to make a quick $5,000? It was not some glamorous nightclub appearance or anything along those lines. It was a much different type of story.

Medley went to Kentucky and visited a tiny store, where a pajama party happened to be taking place. She was paid to spend 90 minutes at this location and she was more than happy to do so. Medley can always be found where the money resides and this is one of the many reasons why fans of the Real Housewives series enjoy watching her.

It’s because she has a personality that they can relate to. As the Real Housewives universe continues to expand and there are more spin-off shows for her to join the cast of, it is easy to see her star rising even further. We also would not be surprised to see her taking on acting roles in the future. Medley has the sort of screen presence that simply cannot be taught.

Dorinda Medley net worth will also remain on the rise because she is someone who is always comfortable in the spotlight. She may be on the shorter side (she is only 5’5″, much to our surprise) but she has one of the most commanding presences that you are ever going to see.

As anyone who has watched any of her shows can tell you, she is someone who thrives on the attention that she receives. It takes a special kind of mentality to succeed as an entrepreneur and as a reality television star. It is safe to say that Medley has that mentality in spades and that her star will always shine bright, no matter what path she may decide upon in the future.

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