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How Victoria Gotti Achieved a Net Worth of $2 Million

Victoria Gotti

Victoria Gotti is an American journalist and writer, who is the daughter of mob boss John Gotti. She is also known as a reality TV personality. She has an estimated net worth of $2 million and more detail about how she achieved this can be found below.

Writing Career

According to Celeb Suburb, she always wanted to be a writer and attended St. John’s University Queens Campus. She was a good student from an early age and loved reading and writing. Even as a teenager she knew that she wanted to establish a career of her own away from her family. Her writing career began as a journalist for the New York Post. She also worked as a reporter for Fox Television Network’s station in New York, WNYW. Gotti continued to write features for the New York Post well into the 2000s.

She is also the author of several books and novels. Her first book, Women and Mitral Valve Prolapse, was released in 1995. She had suffered from this medical condition for most of her life, and the book explored how she had coped with this. It is a condition which affects the valves on the left side of the heart. It is not usually life threatening but it can cause symptoms such as rapid heartbeat and difficulty breathing. Later on in her career as an author, she also turned her hand to fiction writing. She released her first mystery novel, The Senator’s Daughter, in 1997. She went on to write and publish another three non-fiction novels between 1998 and 2006.

Her Personal Story

There was a lot of demand for her to share her thoughts on growing up as part of the Gotti family, especially as her books started to become more popular. However, this was something she resisted for a number of years. She eventually decided to publish a book to offer not only her side of the story, but also that of her siblings. This Family of Mine: What It Was Like Growing Up Gotti was released in 2009. She would have earned a decent wage from her work in journalism, but it would have been the money she made from her books that made the biggest contribution to her overall net worth.

Reality TV

She has also starred in a number of different reality TV shows. It is generally for these appearances that she is most well known. In 2004, she let cameras into her home to record the reality TV show Growing Up Gotti. This followed her life as she raised her three teenage boys. The show ran for three seasons in total. She was still married when this show began but her husband never featured as he was in prison.

She was a contestant on Celebrity Apprentice but was fired in week two. Gotti also appeared in the board room in her first week on the show. In both of the tasks that she was involved in, the board felt as if she could have called on more of her celebrity contacts in order for the projects to be more successful. In the second weeks task she threatened to go and join the other team because she wasn't happy with the job she had been given within her team. This went against her in the board room as it was felt she was not a team player and she was fired.

Mob Wives

She made another appearance on a reality TV show, when she starred in some episodes of Mob Wives. She was invited onto the show by Angela Raiola, also known as Big Ang, who wanted her advice about conflicts she was having with some members of her inner circle. Her appearance on Mob Wives did cause a bit of controversy when the episode aired. She had once made her feelings known about the fact that she was not the biggest fan of the show. SI Live report that she called the show a 'train wreck' when she was asked about it in an interview.

She earned a handsome income for these appearances, and they contributed to her net worth in other ways as well. Appearing on reality TV shows can help to raise the profile of celebrities. They are likely to be offered interviews by media outlets which they will also be paid for. They may be able to use these interviews to talk about the other projects they are involved in. For example, Gotti could have spoken about her career as an author which may have helped to increase her book sales.

Venture Into Film

In 2019, Lifetime created a documentary film about the relationship between Victoria and her father. The film title is Victoria Gotti: My Father's Daughter starring Chelsea Frei. This is the first time in her career she creates films for TV, and she took on several different roles in the production of this movie. As well as co-writing the film and acting as executive producer, she also served as the narrator.

This was something that was completely new to her, and may be something that she wants to pursue further in the future. Producing and writing movies has the potential to add to her net worth quite considerably, and she now has contacts in the industry that she can pitch her ideas to.

Family Money

Given her father’s criminal activities, people believe that he provided for his children in some way. The Richest list inheritance as a source of her wealth, but do not give any details about how much she did inherit when her father passed away. It is likely that most of John Gotti’s assets are lost following his prison sentence.

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