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How George Farmer Achieved a Net Worth of $180 Million

George Farmer

Did you know that 40 is the average age to start a successful business? Surprisingly, more people under that age have become influential tycoons, proving age isn’t the SI unit of starting and maintaining a successful business. That’s where the likes of George Farmer, a London-born entrepreneur, and political investor, dispute the fact.

As of 2022, George Michael Farmer had a net worth of $180 million. So, how did he achieve his millions? This article will share an in-depth insight into his early life, business and political career, and personal life to give you an idea of how he joined the millionaires’ club.

How did George Farmer achieve a net worth of $180 million?

George Farmer’s net worth of $180 million is known in the UK and the US thanks to his business and wife, Candace Owens, political influence. He is a well-known businessman under 40 with a hedge fund managerial background and ex-chairman of Turning Point UK.

The self-made millionaire is the husband of a right-wing supporter and political commentator, Candace Owens, whose net worth is $1 million. In 2018, he became the CEO of Parler, a social media app providing microblogging services.

Early life and family - George Farmer’s entrepreneurial prowess runs in the family

According to Net Worth Fever, George Farmer was born into a royal family on December 15, 1989, in London, UK. His father is Lord Michael Farmer, the former Conservative Party treasurer, and his mother, Jennifer Potts. Another factor that stood out for his father, who is dubbed Mister Copper, is that he invested in international grade famous metals, an industry raking billions. The company was called Red Kite.

Mr. Cooper climbed the ladder and became one of the UK’s most successful businessmen, though he admits to growing up in the slums. His son, George, is the firstborn, so he had to learn to take charge of his two siblings’ upbringing and family business. However, the position he held while working there is unclear. He’s one of the few millionaires under 40 that didn’t ride on his family’s wealth to become successful.

Here's an interview with Farmer:

To make up for his humble upbringing, Mr. Cooper ensured his kids went to the best schools. So, he ensured George went to one of the most prestigious schools built in 1503, St. Paul’s School. After graduating, Georges’ nature to work hard also earned him a first-class Theology degree at St. Peters College. While there, he joined an all-male club known as Bullingdon Boys.

Joining and retaining membership at the prestigious Bullingdon Boys Club isn’t a park walk. Someone much more influential can help you achieve this because the club officials check many things. Thanks to his father’s influence, George became a member there. To show gratitude, George and his fellow club members donated $76,000 to the Theresa May-Led Conservative Party.

Career: Meet the CEO of Parler

George’s wealth primarily comes from his business career. He might not have started working from scratch with companies after school because of his family’s wealth, but he used the capital he received from his father to invest. By then, the family business founded by his father was Red Kite.

The company specializes in trading high-quality metals like copper. Red Kite merged into a hedge fund business with RK Capital Management in 2018. The latter company was co-founded in 2004 by Rob Ammann and Kevin Sonnett.

With time, Red Kite expanded to mining equities and finance. The self-made millionaire chaired Turning Point UK and the Bullingdon Boys Club at the university. Resources reveal that the club has existed for more than two centuries. In 2018, George succeeded the interim head, Mark Meckler, to become CEO of an American social media app called Parler.

The app offers microblogging services for users. According to Scintillating Stars, the app attracted more than 20 million active users, primarily associated with the former POTUS (Donald Trump) supporters. Most features on this app are similar to Twitter, but the former appeals more to users defying the latter’s strict terms and conditions.

Politics and personal life

While we primarily wanted to focus on George Farmer, you can’t overlook his wife’s involvement in his life and career. They met when Turning Point UK was being launched in December 2018. There was something special that George loved about Owens; her speech at the event.

It wasn’t long before they started dating and married in 2019 at the Trump Winery in Charlottesville, Virginia. Away from business, George is an avid political investor. Did you know his wife rallied behind Donald Trump despite being a black woman? Anyone attacking or saying untrue things about Trump would receive a backlash from her.

Unsurprisingly, Candace was the subject of ridicule from the Democratic Party and The Black Lives Matter campaign, but that didn’t deter her from rallying support from the minorities for Trump. In 2018, Owens started a Blexit movement (social media movement) targeting marginalized communities like Latinas, Afro-Americans, and other minorities. Her message was for them to ditch the Democrats for Republicans.

On the other hand, George became part of the 2016 Leader’s Group, making him the youngest member. To reach the prime minister, the club donates not more than 50,000 pounds annually. He’s popularly known anti-EU believer and once described it as a “toxic, socialist, and genocidal superstate.” Furthermore, George was honored to chair Tories’ Black and White Ball for the Conservative Party in 2018 and backs Brexit Political Party.

Social circle: Who is in George’s life?

A wealthy man of George’s status is likely to be surrounded by celebrity friends, some of whom he’s in business with. Others might be ride-or-die friends. They include Bernard Jenkin, Ben Bradley, and Jason Rees-Mogg.

George Farmer’s net worth growth

  • 2022: $180 million
  • 2021: $170 million
  • 2020: $150 million

George’s net worth grew to $180 million from $150 million between 2020 and 2022, thanks to his active political participation alongside his wife. His role as CEO of Parler, chairman of Turning Point UK, and hedge fund manager also made him achieve his millions.

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