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How Chaney Jones Achieved a Net Worth of $27 Million

Chaney Jones

Chaney Jones is a 24-year-old American celebrity, Instagram influencer, television personality, and social media star who has recently been featured in the news headlines for being in a relationship with the pop music star Kanye West. The two were recently seen wearing all-black outfits with large sunnies.

Jones is also the operator and owner of a successful health and fitness organization that offers mental health counseling services to its customers. In addition to her modeling career, Chaney Jones came into the limelight in February 2022 after attending Kanye West's listening party.

She immediately attracted the media with her all-black outfit that resembled that of Kim Kardashian. Jones is a social media celebrity with hundreds of followers on her various social media platforms. In this post, we will tell you how Chaney Jones achieved a net worth of $27 million.

Early Childhood

Chaney Jones was born on August 29, 1997, in the USA. Her father, Avon James, works for a private organization as an employee. Her mother, Nicole Jones, was a housewife but later employed as a principal at Dover Air Force Middle School.

Jones was raised in a Christian family and is of mixed ethnic background. Jones' brother is called Tri Jonas, whom she spent most of her youth with. According to Trendingnewsbuzz, Chaney was enrolled at Caesar Rodney Elementary School for her primary education in Camden Delaware.

She then completed her elementary school career at the University of Delaware. After finishing her elementary schooling, Chaney Jones began her master's degree in counseling at Wilmington University, one of the state's prestigious universities. Finally, she was enrolled at Bryant University in Smithfield, Rhode Island as a freshman.

Personal Life

Unfortunately, Jones has not provided any information about any of her previous relationships, or whether she is currently engaged, but based on one of her Instagram posts, she was seen at Kanye West's listening event for his upcoming album dubbed "Donda 2."

Both were also seen together last month rocking the same outfits, thus speculating that the two are dating. After posting her images with the pop music star, Jones began trending on the internet as people began claiming that she looked like Kim Kardashian, especially with her dressing sense.

Chaney Jones is also a social media personality and Instagram model with more than 154k followers on Instagram. It is also clear from most of her social media posts that she enjoys traveling to different locations and seeing numerous beautiful sceneries with her friends and family. Chaney Jones has never been married and has no children.


Recently, Chaney Jones has been the main topic on the internet after she was spotted with the well-known music producer and American rapper Kanye West.

According to The-sun, the two were seen spending a lot of time together, and on one Monday evening, Kanye and Chaney were spotted wearing nearly the same all-black outfit with Chaney rocking a long black wavy hair and rounded the outfit off with a pair of dark-blue sunglasses.

After Kanye's event where he was launching his new album, the internet went wild with people claiming that Chaney Jones looked like Kim Kardashian.

Some went on to claim that she had undergone a number of plastic surgeries so that she could look like Kim. It is believed that Kanye West and Chaney Jones have been dating since February 2022. Drama is sure to follow in the Kardashian lives with the American rapper being in the spotlight for his scandalous statements and his choice of women, including Julia Fox, Irina Shayk, and now the Kim look-alike Chaney Jones.


Chaney Jones began her professional modeling career by posting videos on her Instagram page. She then became very popular for her dancing videos, lip-syncs, and comedy video clips on Tik Tok. Jones has worked as a model for a number of organizations and private businesses, including GSUWOO, KY Boutique, and many others.

With one of her main personal interests, including advocating for mental health, Chaney also operates a successful Health and Fitness organization, where she also provides her clients with reliable mental health counseling services. She also earned a lot of money doing editorial work for several designers and magazines.

Jones recently launched a campaign to help those people dealing with mental illnesses. In November last year, she opened a mental health facility known as First State Behavioral Health, which mainly aims to assist people dealing with mental health problems. Furthermore, Chaney Jones has further increased her net worth by being involved in various business ventures and ad shoots.

Chaney Jones Net Worth

According to Leedaily, Chaney Jones is estimated to have a net worth of $27 million. The 27-year-old Instagram model achieved this enormous net worth from the various earnings gained from product promotions and ads in which she was featured.

As mentioned earlier, Chaney is the owner of an accomplished Health and Fitness Center that helps provide reliable medical solutions to people suffering from mental illnesses. This has also significantly helped increase her overall net worth from the proceedings earned by the health facility.

Jones is a well-known social media influencer with hundreds of followers on her social media platforms, which has enabled her to serve as a product ambassador for various companies seeking to advertise their products to the market. Several periodicals and designers have also employed her to do editorial work.

Final Words

Chaney Jones is a 27-year-old social media sensation and popular American model featured in various product promotion campaigns. Jones rose to fame after being spotted with the American rapper and celebrity Kanye West during his listening party when he was launching his new music album.

Her fame also increased after people began tweeting that she looked like Kim Kardashian. In contrast, others claimed she invested thousands of dollars in cosmetic surgery for her to resemble Kim Kardashian. Chaney Jones is also a very successful entrepreneur and has been involved in a number of commercial photography and business ventures that have greatly increased her overall net worth of $27 million.

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