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How Fred Savage Achieved a Net Worth of $30 Million

Fred Savage and Wife

Fred Savage is a US-based actor, film director, and producer born on July 9, 1976, with a net worth of $30 million. He started as a child actor at nine in "Morningstar/ Eveningstar". Most people know him as Kevin Arnold in the American television series "The Wonder Years," which aired from 1988 to 1993. So, how did he make his millions? Here's how he rose to stardom.

Early life

Frederick Aaron Savage was born to Lewis Savage and Joanne in Chicago, Illinois. His father was a real estate middleman and consultant. The actor's grandparents come from mixed nationalities, including Latvia, Germany, Ukraine, and Poland, though he was raised Jewish. The actor went to Brentwood School, a private co-education day school in Brentwood. He also pursued a bachelor's degree in English at Stanford University, graduating in 1999. This made him qualify as a Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity.


Savage's debut movie came in 1987. He's since played various roles in films. Here is a chronological breakdown of the movies he appeared in.


In 1987, Savage played Louis Michaelson in "The Boy Who Could Fly." The role helped him win the Young Artist Award for Best Supporting Young Actor- Motion Picture. He also starred as Phillip in the "Dinosaurs! A Fun-filled Trip Back in Time!" He starred in "The Princess Bride" as The Grandson the same year. He won the Young Award for Best Young Actor- Motion Picture. Before these three films, the actor played a guest actor, Jeff Mattingly, in "The Twilight Zone." He also appeared as Alan Bishop for seven episodes of the "Morningstar/ Eveningstar" television show. Another television he's appeared on is "Hello Kitty's Furry Tale," though his involvement isn't as strong as other characters he's played before.


The following year, he appeared in one film, "Vice Versa," as Charlie Seymour/ Marshall Seymour. He got nominated Saturn Award for Best Young Performer. The same year, he appeared in two television shows: "ABC Weekend Special: Runaway Ralph" as Garfield and "Run till You Fall" as David Reuben. The same year, Savage joined other co-stars in "The Wonder Years." This show ran from 1988-1993. His role as Kevin Arnold made him get the Young Artist Award for Best Young Actor in a Television series. The actor won a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series.


By the time he was twelve, he had appeared in 1989 "Little Monsters" film as Brian Stevenson and "The Wizard," where he played Corey Woods. He got nominated for the Young Artist Award for Best Young Actor- Motion Picture.


In 1990, Savage played Mike Mills in "When You Remember Me" and "Saturday Night Live" television shows. The following year, he played Trevor Atwood in "Christmas on Division Street."


In 1992, Savage appeared in "Seinfield" as himself. However, Fred has had his fair share of inappropriate behavior accusations. The following year, a costume designer, Monique Long, accused him and his co-star Jason Hervey of abusing her verbally and physically. According to Glamour Fame, Savage also faced similar accusations in 2018 when a designer on "Grinder" said he assaulted her on stage.


In 1996, the Primetime Emmy Award winner played Bobby Tennison in "No One Would Tell" and "How Do You Spell God?" as himself (narrator).


After an eight-year break from films to television shows, Savage would go back to acting in films in 1997. He played Josh Cohen in "A Guy Walks into a Bar" during the year. It was a short film. He also starred as Danny Martin in the last episode (Last Supper) of The Outer Limits tv show. The actor also played the lead role in "Working" from 1997-1999.


Savage became the narrator for "Jungle Book: Mowgli's Story." During the same year, he played Stuart in "' Boy meets World" in its "Every Loves Stuart" episode.


Fred came back to television at 26 years old, starring in "The Rules of Attraction" as a junkie called Marc. He also starred as Mole in "Austin Powers in Goldmember." Another television show he appeared on during the same year was "Even Stevens." He only appeared in the show's two episodes.


Two years later, Savage appeared as Steven Goodson in "The Last Run" and "Welcome to Mooseport" as Bullard. During the same year, he voice-acted Hank Hall/ Hawk in "Justice League Unlimited."


Savage proved himself unstoppable in 2007, thanks to his acting talent. This time he went from acting to being a film director for "Daddy Day Camp." This film directorial debut helped him get a nomination for "Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Director."


Savage directed two episodes for "The Goldbergs."


In 2018, Savage played the Grandson/ Himself in "Once Upon a Deadpool" and "Super Troopers 2." He also directed four episodes in "The Cool Kids" till the following year. Also, he became the producer and director of seven episodes for "The Corners," which ran for three years.


He produced four episodes for "Single Parents," which ran from 2019-2020. After this television series, he produced four episodes for "Dash & Lily." According to Celebrity Net Worth, besides acting, producing, and directing on-screen projects, Savage is also a tv host. He hosted his show "What Just Happened??! With Fred Savage" the same year.


Savage appeared in an episode called "Danner" as Vaughn in "The Afterparty" and a reboot of "The Wonder Years" as the director. According to, the Primetime Emmy Award winner was fired as the director of "The Wonder Years" due to allegations of inappropriate conduct.

Personal life

Fred married Jennifer Lynn Stone in 2004, and they have three children.


In a nutshell, Frederick Aaron Savage has earned millions from his work as a child actor, actor, and film and television show producer and director. It's estimated that he has a monthly income and salary of over $250,000. His yearly income and salary are over $3 million. Though he has hundreds of credits as a television director for shows like "2 Broke Girls", "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia," and "Modern Family," how much he got paid for his work in "The Wonder Years" reboot is unclear. Hopefully, Savage's net worth of $30 million will keep growing as he takes on more projects.

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