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How Chris Cuomo Achieved A Net Worth Of $12 Million

Chris Cuomo

Chris Cuomo needs no introduction as he has graced many TV cable networks, and his voice has been on various recognized radio shows. Cuomo is a lawyer and journalist and has worked for ABC News as the Chief Law and Justice Correspondent and co-anchor on 20/20. In case the name Cuomo still rings no bell, he is that familiar face you see on television on Cuomo prime time, a regular weeknight CNN segment. The journalist has, for years, enjoyed the fame accompanied by his father's influential political position and his career in the media. He has also attained colossal success as well over his career and wealth. As of March 2020, Chris Cuomo's estimated net worth is $12 million. This piece breaks down how the famed journalist achieved the said net worth.

About Chris Cuomo

Christopher Charles Cuomo was born in New York City to Mario and Matilda Cuomo in August 1970. His father, Mario Cuomo, is New York’s former 52nd Governor while his brother Andrew Cuomo is the current Governor of New York. Cuomo’s parents were of Italian descent while his paternal grandparents were from southern Italy. His maternal grandparents were from Sicily. Cuomo married his longtime girlfriend, Christina Greeven, in 2001. Greeven is an editor with the Gotham Magazine. Together, the two have two daughters named Bella Cuomo and Carolina Regina Cuomo and a son called Mario Cuomo after Cuomo’s father.


Cuomo attended the Albany Academy, which is a private preparatory day school in New York. Later on, he went to Yale University, where he attained his undergraduate degree. He also attended Fordham University, where he got his Juris Doctor in 1995. Cuomo is a licensed attorney.

Career In CNN

Chris Cuomo began his career with appearances on various news channels such as the MSNBC, CNBC, and CNN to discuss political and societal issues. He also had a gig at FOX News, where he covered a wide range of societal vices such s bullying, drug addiction, rape, and a lot more.

His work with ABC soon led him to take a far deep-seated interest in heroin addiction to help better address the threats that heroin posed to young people. Some of his most notable works at ABC include his extensive coverage of the Haiti earthquake. Having moved around various networks at the onset of his journalism career, Cuomo sought to take a step forward. He felt moving to CNN would be the right move towards pushing his career ahead, and in February 2013, Cuomo joined the network.

He was immediately assigned the co-host duties of the stations morning show and additionally served as a field anchor. While working as a co-anchor on The New Day Morning Show alongside Michael Pereira and Alisyn Camerota, Cuomo was announced as the host of his self-titled show called the Cuomo prime time show. Over the years, Cuomo has proven to be an outstanding journalist and presenter, putting up impressive performances throughout his career. His journalism has seen him bag some notable awards and get nominated on various platforms.

Some of his notable awards and recognitions include the Polk and Peabody Award for team coverage, the American Bar Association Silver Gavel Award for his investigation on juvenile justice and the Edward Murrow award for excellent breaking news coverage. According to Wealthy Persons, Chris Cuomo has even received several Emmy Awards nominations and won one for his profile on Good Morning America by the 12-year-old poet Mattie Stepanek. The sensational journalist is still at the height of his career to receiving more awards.

So How Did Chris Cuomo Achieve His Current Net Worth?

While Chris Cuomo does come from a very influential family with both his father and older brother having been successful governors in their runs, Chris Cuomo has managed to create his own success and wealth. Cuomo’s wealth mainly comes from his media career. According to Net Worth Buzz, Chris Cuomo takes home an impressive annual salary of $4 million. With this amount, it is safe to assume that Chris Cuomo stands out from the crowd as the amount placed him in the league of the highest-paid anchors on CNN.

Additionally, Chris Cuomo has a luxurious home and cars, which add up more value in his overall net worth. Cuomo lives with his family at the posh Park Avenue in a 1920s 7-room cooperative apartment house. Chris and his wife bought the house in 2011 for $2.995 million. It was previously reported that Cuomo took home an annual salary of $2.5 million, but the amount shot up due to the massive success of his show the Cuomo prime time.

Why is he paid so much?

Cuomo is among the highest-paid journalist on CNN and in the world, and this is why. His show the Cuomo prime time has a 4.8 rating on IMDb. The show started its run on August 28, 2017, and has been nothing but a success for the network. Melanie Buck is the show’s executive producer. According to Verge Wiki, an average CNN anchor can earn an upward of $58,400 per year while the more experienced ones like Cuomo pocket the 6 figure digit. CNN employees take home a minimum salary of $37,000. The amount can go up to $144,000. News producers on the station earn around $73,000, and an associate producer’s average salary is about $49,000. Cuomo also runs The New Day with Chris Cuomo and Alisyn Camerota. The show is narrated by James Earl Jones and is one of the flagships for CNN. The New Day has a 4.8 rating on IMDb. His other show titled Inside Evil with Chris Cuomo has a 9.6 rating on TV time.

Final Thoughts

As wealthy as Chris Cuomo is, he still doesn’t consider himself a rich man. It is this humility that sees him perform resoundingly well in his field. Despite the several achievements under his belt, Chris Cuomo seems only to be getting started.

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