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How Drea De Matteo Achieved a Net Worth of $10 million

Drea De Mateo

Drea De Matteo is an American actress born on January 19, 1972. You might know her as Adriana La Cerva from "The Sopranos," a tv show that helped her bag a Primetime Emmy Award. However, she's also starred in various tv shows like "Desperate Housewives," "Sons of Anarchy," "Joey," "Shades of Blue," and more. Her roles in these popular tv shows and other career achievements have made her $10 million richer by 2022. Here is a breakdown of how she made that much money.

Matteo's early life

According to NUORDERTECH, Drea de Matteo is a stage name for the popular American actress Andrea Donna de Matteo. Born in Queens, New York City, to Albert and Donna, Matteo is native to Italy and was raised as a Roman Catholic. Her father manufactured furniture for his company, Avery Boardman and Carlyle, in New York. Matteo's mother was a faculty member at HB Studio and a playwright. Watching her mother playwright for the performing arts training center triggered her interest in acting. She went to Loyola High School before training as a film director at New York University. At NYU Tisch School of Arts, she graduated with a degree in Fine Arts, specializing in film production.

She owned a clothing store after school

Though Matteo came from a well-off family, she didn't rely on her mother to land her a job in show business. After earning her Bachelor of Fine Arts in film directing, she launched a clothing store for vintage and rock music-inspired designs. Her ex-boyfriend, Shooter Jennings, also worked with another vintage store in NYC, where de Matteo designed custom t-shirts for her product line. She was so talented in designing such outfits that her product line got recognized in leading publications like Elle. Her store closed in 2004 for unknown reasons. The two dated for many years before Jennings went down on his knees, asking her to be his wife at the Stanley Theater in 2009. Unfortunately, they never got married until their relationship culminated in two kids.

Her career in professional acting

De Matteo got her most significant break in acting in 1996 for a minor role in "Swift Justice" and "Meet Prince Charming," a 1999 film. "

"The Sopranos" (1999-2007)

"The Sopranos" was a popular tv hit from 1999-to 2007, with de Matteo being the main actress. However, that doesn't disclose the full figure of her current net worth. According to The Things, the tv show was de Matteo's stepping stone to demanding more pay after it ended. While at the show, de Matteo used to earn $75,000 per episode. With an Emmy Award and other nominations on her palms, it was clear that she had set the bar too high. That meant the next film director and producer she'll be working under is to increase this amount if they consider it worth any role. Thanks to her role on this tv show, de Matteo achieved the following:

  • Nominations for Golden Globe
  • Nominations for Screen Actors Guild Award
  • Won an Emmy Award for "Outstanding Supporting Actress"
  • Won a Gracie Allen Award
  • Featured in Maxim's Hot 100 Women in 2001 and 2002

"Desperate Housewives," "Sons of Anarchy," and "Joey"

After "The Sopranos," de Matteo also starred in "Desperate Housewives," "Sons of Anarchy," and "Joey." It's still unclear how much she earned per episode for these shows. However, what's inevitable is that she crushed the ceiling, mostly because of the recognition she received thanks to "The Sopranos." According to Wealthy Gorilla, de Matteo appeared in "Joey" as his sister, Gina. The show only survived two seasons. "The Sons of Anarchy" was another show she acted in for the role of Wendy Case. The producers renewed her contract for the 7th and final season like fate had it. She also starred in "Desperate Housewives" in the Season 6 finale in 2010.

Other tv-shows

De Matteo once played Steve Wilde's stepmother in "Running Wilde," a Fox comedy show. Her appearance as Krissi Cates in "Dark Places" with the likes of Charlize Theron also contributed to her acting success. In addition, she played Holly in "Californication" in the "Here I Go Again" Episode. She was Karla Faye Gideon in "Agents of Shield" and Detective Tess Nazario in "Shades of Blue." In 2019, she played Barbara Morgan in the 2019 "A Million Little Things." The "Paradise City," which began running in 2021, is a TV spinoff of American Satan that also selected her. "The Sopranos" introduced a rewatch podcast with her as the main host in 2020 called "Made Women, alongside Chris Kushner." In July of the same year, the directors repurposed and renamed the podcast to "Gangster Goddess Broad-Cast."


De Matteo's acting career also helped her land roles in films like "Swordfish," "Free Ride," "Stalker," "Dark Places," and "Mob Wives." It's difficult to imagine, let alone believe, that she gets millions per episode. Usually, actors and actresses with long-term contracts and recurring roles earn royalties. Plus, she takes breaks away from the silver screen to focus on other obligations. Only a well-paid actress will take a break after earning her millions.

She's the host of an Amazon Prime Show alongside Kevin Bacon

De Matteo also has an Amazon Prime Show based on a new film she's working on with Kevin Bacon. She also launches new wine when not acting or podcasting. When asked about how she feels about being rich, she answers that all she ever prayed about was good health and happiness, but not matters of finances.


Our analysis of how Drea de Matteo earned a net worth of 10 million stems from her years in acting. While she might have unknown stocks held somewhere that she doesn't want to disclose, it's clear that professional acting pays well. Plus, having an Emmy award gives her an upper hand in dictating how much she wants to earn should anyone want to hire her as an actress. Thanks to her role in "The Sopranos" and other shows, de Matteo was destined to earn her millions.

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