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How Kane Lim Achieved a Net Worth of $20 Million

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If you’re a fan of U.S. reality T.V. shows, you likely have watched Bling Empire. It’s more like the Crazy Rich Asians. The show features Los Angeles-based reality T.V. stars of Asian origin. It depicts the lavish and grandiose lifestyles of the rich Asian kids. Among the richest stars in the show is Kane Lim. This article explores how he achieved a net worth of $20 million. He had made a sum of more than six figures by the time he clocked 19 years old.

Kane Lim’s Early Life

Born on 5th December 1989, Kane Lim is a Singaporean-American businessman and philanthropist popularly known from Netflix’s Bling Empire. He moved from Singapore to Los Angeles over a decade ago. By that time, he’s already found success as an investor. Dubbed “the Calvin Harris of Asia,” Lim started as a fashion designer after graduating from the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in 2013. Growing up, he was not treated like an egg like most rich kids. Instead of a chauffeur, his father would force him to school by bus or a van. According to Wealthy Gorilla, he set up his own fashion business when he was 17 years old. He began trading in stocks, raking his first $1 million. When he was 20 years old, Lim approached his father for a loan of $20 million to set up his business. His controversial family owns businesses in oil, shipping, and real estate. According to Clean Sheet, many people didn’t believe that he would pay his father back the money, considering how hard he made him work. Most people hadn’t realized that Lim was taught to be a hard worker. He learned that all the privileges he got resulted from the family’s hard work.

Why did Lim pursue fashion instead of his family’s business?

Unlike what most wealthy dads would expect, Lim didn’t pursue his family’s businesses. He always knew his sense of fashion with a touch of femininity would help him achieve his dream of becoming a fashion star and entrepreneur. He likes to flaunt his flamboyant collection on Instagram, where he had more than 482,000 followers in 2021. Today, Lim runs an investment fund in L.A. specializing in hospitality, wellness, and renewable energy. His LinkedIn page lists him as the Director of K-ix Capital. The company is responsible for investments in all investible products like shares and properties. It also provides services to clients as a business deal maker/broker.

How lavish is Lim’s lifestyle?

Lim’s influential status on Instagram has also boosted his fashion business. His followers love his sense of fashion and how he throws parties. Lim is warm and approachable, unlike other celebrities, and doesn’t fear meeting and greeting fans. As a philanthropist, Lim believes that every person has the right to a good life. He reminisces on how the COVID-19 pandemic affected people in Singapore and globally. He always advocated charity on his Instagram and social media. His parents have always advocated for non-profits, and it supports one that assists patients a day for free healthcare.

1. His family’s wealth

His family owns a billion-dollar company, though he doesn’t like to call his dad (Kenny Lim Oon Cheng) a billionaire. His father is the interim chief executive in Singapore. Kenny also has a brother (Lim Oon Kuin), the Singaporean Hin Leong Trading (HIT) founder. According to Dim Sum Daily, it’s unclear how much Lim’s family makes because he likes to keep his affairs secret.

2. His influence on Instagram

Lim has more than 400,000 followers on Instagram and a thousand others on Facebook and Snapchat. It’s all because of two reasons: His sense of fashion and the parties he throws. Did you know that Rihanna (An American pop star) is one of his followers? Everyone knows Lim can take a picture or video that will get them talking all-month long. He uses his influence to attract sales from his shoe line, allowing him to keep earning the top dollar.

3. He’s a reality T.V. star

Lim displays his lavish lifestyle in Netflix’s Bling Empire among other Asian-American rich kids. He’s been the reality tv show star since 2019 to date. In a 2019 interview, he admitted that he made at least seven figures before his 20th birthday.

4. He has a shoe collection

Kane’s love for expensive shoes finally paid off. His shoe collection is around $300,000. It’s reported that he has more than 300 pairs of designer shoes. He also loves jewelry, and you can see him wearing some of the most expensive collections in the world.

5. He’s invested in commercial real estate

Currently, Lim has invested in fashion and commercial real estate. That’s just realistic because his family owns many properties back home. In September, he disclosed that he’s selling L.A. properties on his Instagram page. For example, the house Zillow had a list price of almost $2.7 million.

6. He does charity work

Lim credits his presence on social media as one of the main platforms that promoted his success. He mainly uses social media to connect with fans who enjoy fashion. The second reason is his charity work. He uses his influence to raise awareness for charities that he supports. While he’s used to being rich and famous, Lim likes to give back to the community. Upon checking Kane’s pre-pandemic Instagram feed shows, you’ll notice how much he lives up to being a philanthropist. He even went ahead to spend Christmas with his family-sponsored non-profit organization known as Miracles for kids. This organization mainly deals with children battling serious illnesses.


It’s hard to imagine that a rich kid like Lim could have a net worth of $20 million despite having a billionaire for a dad. But it’s all because he’s smart and doesn’t ride on his family’s success. His social media presence, investment prowess, and endearing personality are the reasons he’s one of the most successful celebrities in Singapore and the U.S.

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Written by Allen Lee

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