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How Rihanna Achieved a Net Worth of $1.7 Billion


Rihanna is not just a fashion icon, but the most successful female artist of all time. The numbers don't lie: this acclaimed singer has sold more albums than any other female singer-songwriter and is one of the highest selling artists of all time. She is also worth far more than any other female musician and is the highest-earning musician ever, regardless of her gender.

Much of Rihanna net worth value comes from her music as she continually sells millions of copies every year. However, Rihanna is also a very skilled business person who has multiple side companies and passive income sources that have pushed her net worth into the stratosphere. Whether you're a fan or simply curious about the richest musicians in the world, it's fascinating to check out her net worth.

Rihanna Net Worth Numbers are Out of This World

Rihanna currently has a net worth of $1.7 billion, according to multiple sources, with a net salary of $70 million per year. That makes her not only the richest female musician in the world but the richest musician period. She comes ahead of Jay-Z, Paul McCartney, and Andrew Lloyd Webber on this list, which may surprise many people. However, Rihanna has stayed consistently popular for many years.

This success is staggering considering that she started her career in 2005, while McCartney and Webber have been composing and performing since the 1960s. While Jay-Z has a shorter career than those two legends, he's been performing, producing, and releasing albums and working in the business world far longer than Rihanna. Her success is fueled by a consistently excellent musical career and strong business instincts.

A Short Rihanna Biography

Rihanna is a singer, songwriter, actress, and business person born in Barbados who started her career in 2005 with the release of her debut album, “Music of the Sun.” Since its release, she has sold 60 million albums and 120 million singles. This second number is staggering and has been heavily fueled by the advent of digital singles. She is the best-selling digital musician ever and remains heavily streamed.

Rihanna is also the youngest artist to ever have 12 number one singles on the chart. This success came after she turned to music as a young woman in Barbados to overcome a difficult home life. Her father was an abusive person addicted to both alcohol and crack cocaine. Music helped her not only express her pain but became her escape after being discovered in Barbados by an American record producer.

After being signed to Def Jam Records by Sean Carter (Jay-Z), she was signed to a six-album deal and continually released fantastic albums and singles that have earned her nine Grammy awards, 13 American Music Awards, eight People's Choice Awards, and 12 Billboard Music Awards. Rihanna has also worked in television and film sporadically, though she has mostly focused on her many business ventures over the years, rather than acting.

How Business Improves Rihanna Net Worth Values

While Rihanna's albums continually generate her great income, particularly her many singles, her net worth is focused heavily in her many business ventures. For example, she signed a $25 million contract with Samsung to promote their Galaxy line in 2015, which brought her consistent income and boosted her net value very quickly. However, she has also invested elsewhere.

For example, she has worked with brands like MAC Cosmetics, Budweiser, Armani, Dior, Cover Girl, Gucci, River Island, and Secret Body Spray. A naturally beautiful woman, she has focused heavily on beauty products and other unique items that make sense for her brand and image. These include working with sportswear brand Puma to oversee the woman's line of clothes and products.

One of her highest-earning businesses is likely Tidal, which she co-owners with Jay-Z, Madonna, and others. This service streams songs with high-quality audio and has been popular with urban-based music. Many of her songs have been released by her to heavy acclaim and earned her consistent income over the years. Rihanna often collaborates with Jay-Z and others in these business deals.

This steady stream of income means that Rihanna doesn't even have to release music to stay independently wealthy. However, she continues to release music to express herself and give her fans what they want. She is also willing to take risks by releasing concept albums and has continually funneled her music success into even more successful businesses.

Rihanna's Most Successful Businesses

Rihanna's net value mostly comes from two major businesses that have continually found success on the market. Even though her music keeps selling and brings in millions of dollars a year to her accounts, it isn't her success on the music charts that makes her worth so much money. Let's break down her two most successful businesses to get an idea of why her net value is so high.

Fenty Beauty Line

While the business ventures already mentioned have raised Rihanna net worth numbers over the years, her two biggest businesses have continually improved her worth. In fact, it is arguable that she is a more successful entrepreneur than she is a musician. That isn't a knock at her musical skills or her album sales: her success as a musician is obvious and cannot be ignored.

However, Rihanna has continually made intelligent business investments that increase her net worth. The smartest of these were joining up with the brand Fenty Beauty Line. Fenty is a partnership with the luxury goods company LVMH that focuses on providing high-quality beauty goods that Rihanna promotes. This brand is one of the most successful of its type in the world.

That company generates at least $100 million every year in revenue and continually improves her net worth. She owns a staggering 50% of the brand, which is currently worth about $2-3 billion. Obviously, that boosts her net worth far behind her album sales. After all, even one million streams of each of her songs is only going to bring in so much money. Even selling millions of downloads is not worth as much as her Fenty Beauty Line.

Savage X Fenty

Savage X Fenty is a lingerie brand launched off the main Fenty line. Fianna currently owns about 30% of this brand, giving her majority ownership. This brand has continually produces strong income for Rihanna and is valued at about $1 billion. Obviously, the fact that this business is worth $1 billion doesn't mean that it's all her net worth. She only owns one-third, meaning it's worth $33 million or so for Rihanna.

Its success does show the importance of a consistent brand. Rihanna has continually presented herself as a fashion guru and is continually among the best-dressed and most beautiful celebrities. Rather than venturing far outside of her interests, she sticks to what she knows and presents products that customers want, including lingerie and other beauty products that appeal to many.

Rihanna's success has also been a great example of someone not straying too far from their roots. That's because she has been one of the most philanthropic people in the world, one who has consistently supported great causes. This impulse has been heavily fueled by not just her success but some of her personal struggles later in life.

Personal Life and Philanthropy

Rihanna is known for her stream of high-profile relationships with various musicians and business people, including her late 2000s relationship with rapper Chris Brown. Unfortunately, Brown was proven to be abusive in 2009 after photos of Rihanna with injuries surfaced. The two nevertheless stayed together until 2013. Rihanna also had an on-again-off-again relationship with rapper Drake during this time.

Later, from 2017 to 2020, Rihanna dated a Saudi business person, Hassan Jameel. Since the, she has mostly focused on herself and her career. She has also provided philanthropic support for various charities over the years. Her biggest was the $8 million donation she has given throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. This money goes to helping people struggling to pay bills during this time.

Rihanna also set up the Clara Lionel Foundation to help abuse victims in Los Angeles. This group has raised over $2 million or more to help those suffering from abuse from partners and loved ones. She has also given $5 million to other undisclosed charities throughout her career. This impulse has been heavily fueled by her struggles as a young woman in Barbados. Also, her experience with Chris Brown.

Real Estate Deals

Rihanna also owns multiple pieces of real estate, including several mansions and penthouses throughout various cities and around the world. These have provided her with a consistent extra income when she sells properties. For instance, she purchased a $6.9 million mansion that she later sold for $14.1 million. Smart deals like these prove Rihanna's business acumen.

Since that sale, she has made other deals that have helped her continually earn income in multiple areas. She rents out multiple apartments and homes to various celebrities. This earns passive income that boosts her net worth every month.

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