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The 20 Most Expensive Penthouses in the World

Have you ever wondered where the world’s most expensive penthouses would be? Some pretty impressive places are available to give owners unique and luxurious space while avoiding the cost and trouble of lawn maintenance. Here are the top 20 most expensive penthouses in the world!

Amazing Penthouses From All Over the World Ranked by Price

This list details these expensive penthouses by price. Remember that a lower price doesn’t necessarily mean a penthouse is undesirable or less luxurious. As the prices increase, you’ll see that location, square footage, and so many other factors play into a property’s price.

Let’s take a look at some incredible penthouses.

20. One Madison, NY - $50 Million

The design of this penthouse is genuinely unique. The space is defined as “slim,” meaning that while the home offers plenty of room, that room moves upwards. Special features include an indoor swimming pool as well as around-the-clock butler service.

If you’re in the market for a gorgeous penthouse and love name-dropping, this could be your perfect piece of real estate. Names including Gisele Bundchen and Rupert Murdoch once resided here.

19. Faena Residence, Miami Beach, $50 million

Imagine living in a space that’s almost 8,273 square feet and has five full and two half bathrooms along with five bedrooms. It might be tough to imagine, but that’s what Faena Residence brings to the table.

Not only is this vast space located close to the ocean, it also has a pool on the rooftop. This way, you can enjoy a private swim away from the crowds while enjoying tranquil ocean views. In addition, you can also enjoy entertaining your entire crew since the pool is around 10,000 square feet!

18. The Time Warner Building Penthouse, NY, $50.9 million

Living in a penthouse doesn’t mean you’ll run out of space or feel cramped. Just think about this particular penthouse’s 8,000 square feet and 11-foot ceilings!

The property features media rooms, libraries, nine bedrooms, six and a half baths, a complete home sound system, two kitchens, and each room has its own television. If that’s not enough, the space also has a pool and a rooftop garden, giving residents an incredible view of Central Park.

17. Sierra Towers, Los Angeles, $58 million

Sierra Towers has been the home for many icons throughout the years. So if you’re looking for a penthouse with a bit of entertainment history on top of some luxury, this is the perfect fit. People like Elton John, Sandra Bullock, Cher, and even Lindsay Lohan have called this space home at one time or another.

It has around 7,000 square feet of space, a terrace, and a balcony. In addition, the penthouse has amenities like a fitness center, swimming pool, and valet parking. Although they aren’t part of the actual penthouse, it’s convenient and an excellent way to enjoy your extended community.

16. Dubai Marina Emirates Crown Penthouse, Dubai, $63 million

Nothing in the world quite matches the glitz and glamor of Dubai – except maybe this penthouse! This is a rooftop space with 7,600 square feet of space. It includes five bedrooms, two oversized living areas, six bathrooms, and balconies that are easily large enough to invite some guests over to enjoy the view.

You also have access to your own private jacuzzi and a sauna. This is the perfect space to do whatever you want, from relaxing to entertaining!

15. The Boyd Residence, Sydney, $66 million

Anyone looking for an incredible view from the top of the ANZ Tower in Sydney, Australia, must see the Boyn Residence penthouse. The modern and sleek design allows light in at almost every angle.

The home has four bedrooms, a cigar room, a gym, a conference room, a marble kitchen, a swimming pool, five marble bathrooms, round-the-clock security, and private elevator access. If you were to purchase this gorgeous home, you’d also get bragging rights that the penthouse was named the world’s finest residence by International Design and Architecture Awards in 2017.

14. Opus, Hong Kong, $66 million

This penthouse is also referred to as the “presidential unit” and is located at the top of a 12-story high building in Hong Kong. The penthouse has more than 5,000 square feet with an additional 1,500 square feet of rooftop space.

You’ll have plenty of room to host guests, with four en-suite bathrooms, a study, and an additional powder room. The garage holds two parking spaces for this penthouse owner, and charging stations are available if they have an electric car.

13. Eighty Seven Park, Miami, $68 million

Rumored to have a famous Serbian tennis player as a neighbor here, you can soak in some fantastic views of the Atlantic Ocean in this home. It also boasts an extensive private garden, bringing nature right outside of your living space.

Everything in this home was designed with luxury in mind. So you’ll see Zucchetti bathroom fixtures and vanities, Wolf and Sub-Zero appliances, and more.

12. Tower ONE, Dubai, $74.5 million

If you’d like to say that you live in the tallest residential building in the world, you’ll have to buy one of the best penthouses in the world. This luxury residential building hosts both penthouse owners and hotel guests. Home automation and the best of everything are included in the selling price for this residence.

11. Wallich Residence, Singapore, $79.65 million

Catching a private, quick ride to your penthouse is guaranteed every time you come home here! This home is at the top of a 64-story building. The owner of this dazzling unit can enjoy an oversized living room, dining room, and even a screen room concealed by a rotating cabinet.

Anyone who lives here will get the privilege of spending time at the pool, entertainment area, cabana, and jacuzzi. The scenery at any of these locations in the home is breathtaking and worth every penny.

10. Dome Penthouse at the Plaza, NY, $80 million

New York views can be appreciated almost anywhere in the city, but the views over Central Park and Fifth Avenue can’t be beaten from this home. The famous designer, Tommy Hilfiger, can claim to be an owner of this opulent space. It’s filled with lots of chandeliers and plenty of expensive artwork.

The building was built in 1907, giving the space an air of classic wood finishes, high ceilings, and lots of room. Owners in the building have access to their own private entrances, a maid, valet, and even room service.

9. 15 Central Park West Penthouse, NY, $88 million

Yet another outstanding and pricey penthouse makes the list! This home has 4,024 square feet and one of the area’s most enviable city views. The owner can enjoy central air, a roof deck, a courtyard, a fireplace, concierge services, health facilities, and more.

8. One57 Penthouse, NY $90 million

As the New York penthouses climb this list, so do the price and luxurious features! Owners of this residence can enjoy six bedrooms, a movie theater, a library, and a steam room.

Those who live here can also access the amenities through the Park Hyatt Hotel. This includes the use of their huge swimming pool and gym. With such features, it might not be necessary to travel too far from home to enjoy a full life!

7. 432 Park Avenue Penthouse, NY, $95 million

If nothing else, this list proves that New York City knows how to do penthouses. Residents of this home can enjoy 13-foot ceilings, huge picture windows with seating, white oak flooring, and an eat-in kitchen. In addition, this home has 8,225 square feet, six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, and a reported 1,100-foot “great” or bonus room.

6. House No 1, The Peak, Hong Kong, $102 million

This outstanding example of luxury architecture may have an impressive amount of space, boasting only about 4,661 square feet. But while the space isn’t all that impressive, the location alone is worth the price tag.

The area around this exclusive house provides close-to-home amenities intended for residents in The Peak. This includes a hospital, grocery markets, private schools, Michelin-starred restaurants, and luxury hotels for visitors.

5. City Spire Penthouse, NY, $100 million

Only those who can appreciate an intricately designed and decorated penthouse should consider owning one like this piece of artwork. This home is unique as it was designed and built in a circular fashion. This allows anyone standing inside to enjoy full 360 views of the city from just about anywhere in the home.

This home has three levels with over 8,000 feet of living space. There are six bedrooms, nine baths, a private elevator, and a wine cellar. You may also find some exciting use for the separate main quarters if you don’t plan on hiring help.

4. Woolworth Tower Residence, NY, $110 million

Style is front and center when you enter this penthouse. This home was initially built with a neo-Gothic style back in 1913. Despite renovations, the space still holds on to its Gothic roots.

The home has a basement pool, fitness center, and wine cellar to complement the Gothic vibes. If you’re buying the top penthouse, you’ve likely fallen in love with the home’s five floors of housing its own conservatory. All of this adds up to make the price tag seem like a good deal.

3. Ritz-Carlton Penthouse, NY, $118 million

Back in New York City, this massive home has over 15,000 square feet of space. But that’s not all. Owners also have 2,193 square feet of additional space on the terrace.

The penthouse has plenty of living, sleeping, and kitchen space with an open living floor plan. It has 10-foot high ceilings, huge windows, and intricate custom millwork. If you’re rushing to move in, you can also get your penthouse fully furnished!

2. Penthouse D, One Hyde Park, London, $247 million

In London, a set of diamond-shaped structures are located between Buckingham Palace and Kensington Palace, with Hyde Park situated next to them. These four buildings feature four penthouses and dozens of apartments throughout them, also known as One Hyde Park.

While the location is ideal, living in this penthouse comes with so many perks on top of that. Amenities include a wine cellar, private cinema, steam/sauna, golf simulator, spa with a swimming pool, gym squash court, and more.

The benefits keep on coming from the Mandarin Oriental Hotel that’s next to the penthouses. Residents have access to the staff at the hotel day or night for things like room service, preparation of gourmet cuisine, concierge services, and more.

If all of the above isn’t enough, you’re guaranteed to feel safe in your penthouse. In addition, the security staff has been trained by British special forces. You can’t do much better than that!

1. Odeon Penthouse, Monte Carlo, $387 million

You can find this luxury penthouse teetering at the top of a skyscraper next to the border of Monaco and France. Anyone standing in this stunning home can take in a 360-degree view of the Mediterranean. This is widely thought to be the most expensive penthouse in the world.

The home has five stories and over 38,000 square feet. You can cook whatever you like on whichever floor you’re on, with a marble-covered kitchen available at every level. Other features include a cinema, library, infinity pool, and rooftop deck.

To really take things over the top, you’ve got to use the penthouse’s waterslide. It can be accessed from the balcony, and it will send you down to the pool on the lower rooftop.

No matter what kind of business or fun and games you plan from your penthouse, you’ll have access to your own private chauffeur, around-the-clock concierge service, a catering service, and an on-site health club.

The Most Expensive Penthouses Are Worth the Hype

Whether you’re someone who enjoys seeing how luxurious homes can be or you’re starting to look into buying your own luxury penthouse, it’s a great time to be shopping around. And, of course, if you’re simply looking for decorating ideas, you can’t go wrong with looking at luxury penthouses for inspiration!

Cutting-edge architecture, luxurious finishes, and desirable locations are all ready for you to enjoy and bask in penthouses worldwide. And with so many fantastic locations with extravagant options available to you to consider when looking around, whatever you can dream of in a penthouse location can easily be a reality.

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