The 20 Best Places to Live in Detroit

Ann Arbor

No matter where in the world you want to make your home, it is always best to compare the different areas in a location as some are better than others. Detroit is no different as there are some parts that are highly desirable and other areas that may not suit your needs or lifestyle. When making comparisons of the different areas, some of the considerations include schools, safety, leisure activities, jobs, transport links, and house prices. The importance a person places on each of these factors will vary from one person and the next. So, what is the essential criteria for one person are not considerations for everyone. Based on a variety of the most common considerations, the following are the 20 best places to live in Detroit, MI.


20. Berkeley

Niche ranks Berkeley as one of the 20 best places to live in Detroit. It is a small Detroit suburb in Oakland County that has just over 15 thousand residents. Although it has a sparse suburban feel, there are many restaurants, bars, coffee shops, parks, and leisure facilities. This means that residents can enjoy an active lifestyle and a busy social life. Other positive elements of life in Berkeley are the brilliant schools, the diverse community, and the below-average cost of living.

Grosse Pointe Woods

19. Grosse Pointe Woods

The waterfront location is one of the biggest positive features of Grosse Pointe Woods. This area also has some fantastic outdoor spaces, so it is ideally suited to those who enjoy an outdoor lifestyle. In addition to the outdoor activities you can enjoy in this area, there are also many other leisure activities for residents to enjoy. This suburb has under 16 thousand residents, so the area has a rural feel. There are some fantastic schools, many jobs nearby, and various styles of housing. Despite the many positive features of this location, the cost of living is surprisingly low.

Pittsfield Charter Township

18. Pittsfield Charter Township

The highly-rated schools are a huge draw for people considering moving to Detroit. Other positive elements of life in Detroit are the housing options, the reasonable cost of living, the affordable house prices, the leisure activities, and the lively nightlife. The downside to living in Pittsfield Charter Township are the crime rates, which are higher than the average for Detroit. This is something that some people may find off-putting.

Bloomfield Hills

17. Bloomfield Hills

Located in Oakland County, Bloomfield Hills is a city in Oakland County that is a suburb of Detroit. It is conveniently located just over 20 miles from Downtown Detroit, which makes it a good option for people who have jobs in Detroit but do not want to live directly in the city. The transport links are excellent, so commuting into Detroit is quick and easy. There are fewer than four thousand people living in Bloomfield Hills, so its residents can enjoy an almost rural atmosphere that offers a peaceful environment away from the city.

Rochester Hills

16. Rochester Hills

Rochester Hills is one of the largest Detroit suburbs as it is home to more than 73 thousand people. It is an area that appeals to families and young professionals alike due to its many positive features. The areas in which this suburb scores highly include education, employment, safety, and diversity. It also offers a wide variety of leisure activities that will appeal to many interests.

Royal Oak

15. Royal Oak

Royal Oak is a city in Oakland County that is a suburb of Detroit, Michigan. It has a relatively high population of more than 57 thousand people, and it is the 27th-largest municipality in Michigan in terms of its population. The public schools in this suburb are above average, so it is a reasonable option for families. However, it appeals most to young professionals as the nightlife is fantastic, and the coffee shops, bars, and restaurants provide lots of opportunities for socializing. Furthermore, Royal Oak has some interesting housing options and the cost of living is below the average for Detroit.

Grosse Pointe

14. Grosse Pointe

If living in an area with highly-rated schools is at the top of your list of priorities, then Grosse Pointe is an excellent choice as the education in this area scores full marks from Home Snacks. Therefore, it is a great place to live for families. The schooling is not the only positive feature of living in this area as it has a lot of other features that people will find appealing. Job opportunities are plentiful, and the transport links in this neighborhood are decent. It is also an affordable area with below-average crime rates.


13. Farmington

A Detroit suburb, Farmington is considered a desirable area due to the outstanding schools the diverse community, the vibrant nightlife, and the many leisure activities for residents. It is also popular due to the variety of housing options and the reasonable cost of living. This suburb in Oakland County has under 11 thousand residents and a dense suburban feel.

Huntington Woods

12. Huntington Woods

A fantastic place to live for those who want to work in Detroit is Huntington Woods, says Home Snacks. This is because job opportunities are plentiful in this neighborhood and the surrounding area. It is also a safe place to live because the crime rates are low, and the schools in this district are outstanding. Other positives about Huntington Woods are the diverse housing options, the commutability, and the wide range of amenities. Furthermore, the cost of living in this area is reasonable, so it is an affordable option. On the downside, the community in this neighborhood lacks diversity.


11. Franklin

Not only is Franklin considered one of the best places to live in Detroit, but it is also often included in lists of the best places to live in Michigan. Located in Oakland County, this Detroit suburb has just over three thousand residents, so the area has a rural feel. It is ideally suited to those who want to enjoy a quieter lifestyle while still enjoying convenient access to the amenities in the city as there are excellent transport links The schools are excellent, the cost of living is reasonable, and there are many leisure activities to enjoy in this neighborhood.

Downtown Detroit

10. Downtown Detroit

According to List with Clever, one of the best places to live in Detroit is Downtown Detroit. This is an area that will particularly appeal to young professionals, and this is due to both the job opportunities and the excellent range of leisure activities that offer a fantastic social life to those who live in the neighborhood. There are bars, restaurants, coffee shops, parks, and even casino resorts. Another appealing feature is the low house prices, which make this an affordable option for first-time buyers.

Northville Township

9. Northville Township

Those who enjoy living in an area that has a dense suburban feel will like the environment and lifestyle on offer in Northville Township. This Detroit suburb has almost 29 thousand residents, and it is an area that appeals to families because of the range of activities for children to enjoy and because the schools are some of the best in Detroit. It is also a good choice for those who are looking for work in Detroit as there are many openings in various industries.


8. Novi

Novi is a town on the outskirts of Detroit in Oakland County, Michigan. It is an area that will appeal to those who want to live in the center of the action, close to local amenities and activities. The many restaurants, bars, and coffee shops mean that residents can enjoy a busy social life and a vibrant nightlife. There is a wide choice of leisure activities to enjoy, and residents can take their pick from jobs in several industries. Novi has one of the most diverse communities in Detroit, which is something else that residents enjoy. Finally, the public schools are great, which makes it a good option for families who are relocating to Detroit.

Grosse Pointe Park

7. Grosse Pointe Park

The diverse housing options and reasonable house prices make Grosse Pointe Park an area worth considering if you are moving to Detroit. It is particularly appealing to families due to the wide range of family-oriented activities and outstanding public schools. Other benefits of life in Grosse Pointe Park include high employment, low crime rates, reasonable transport links, and affordable housing. This area is a Detroit suburb that has just over 11 thousand residents.


6. Northville

Although the population of this suburb is less than six thousand, the area has a dense suburban feel. One positive aspect of the neighborhood is its parks, which gives residents somewhere to enjoy the outdoors in their free time. Another positive aspect is the public schools, which are highly rated. This means that families find this area particularly desirable. The crime rates in Northville are low, so it is considered one of the safest areas to live in Detroit. It is also an affordable option with low house prices and a below-average cost of living.

Beverley Hills

5. Beverley Hills

Rather different to the Beverley Hills of California, this Beverley Hills is a small suburb of Detroit with just over 10 thousand residents. The area is known for having lots of parks, which gives the suburb some nice aesthetic qualities and provides a setting for enjoying outdoor activities. It also gives the neighborhood a rural feel, which will appeal to people who want to live close to the amenities and job opportunities of the city but in an area that feels peaceful and safe.


4. Troy

If you like to spend your free time dining out, then Troy is a good option as it is home to some of the best restaurants in Detroit, and there is a great choice of different types of cuisine on offer. Troy is a large suburb with approximately 83 thousand residents. It is an area that will suit many types of people, including families, retirees, and young professionals, as it has something to offer everyone. Some of the positives include outstanding schools, low crime rates, diverse employment opportunities, affordable housing, low cost of living, and many leisure activities to suit varied interests.


3. Birmingham

Click On Detroit has named Birmingham as one of the best places to live in Detroit. One reason for this is the excellent public schools, although this is far from the only positive aspect of living in Birmingham. Other positives in this area’s favor include low crime rates, diverse hosing options, plentiful job openings, decent transport links, and a vast array of leisure activities to enjoy. The negative aspect of life in Birmingham is the high cost of living.

Ann Arbor

2. Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor is a city in Michigan that has a mixed feel of an urban vibe in some areas and a suburban feel in other parts of the city. Due to the various positive features of the area, it appeals to both young professionals and to families. It appeals to families because there are highly rated schools and plenty of family-oriented activities. Young professionals enjoy lively nightlife, good transportation links, and job opportunities. Although the housing options are diverse, the house prices and the cost of living are high due to the desirability of the area.

Bloomfield Charter Township

1. Bloomfield Charter Township

According to Niche, the best place to live in Detroit is Bloomfield Charter Township. This Detroit suburb has a population of just under 42 thousand residents, and it has a sparse suburban feel. It ranks so highly because of its highly-rated public schools, the diverse housing options, the reasonable cost of living, and the many employment opportunities in the area. There is also a wide range of leisure activities to enjoy in this neighborhood, including health and fitness facilities, outdoor spaces, family-oriented activities, and a vibrant nightlife.

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