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How Method Man Achieved a Net Worth of $14 Million

Method Man

Clifford smith junior is an American rapper and actor best known by his stage moniker Method Man. He is a big name in the east coast rap scene as a member of the rap supergroup the Wu-Tang Clan. In the group, Method Man is the most versatile as he has done solo, collaborative works and also ventured into acting. As with many rappers who built their worth in the 90s scene with their impressive lyrical ability, he has a decent net worth to boast of. At the moment, he sits atop a $14 million asset-base. So how did the Method Man net worth reach such fantastic levels? Stick on as we peruse the engagements that made this east coast rapper a millionaire.

Early Life And Background

Method Man was born on the 2nd of March, 1971 in Hempstead, a neighborhood in Long Island. When growing up, he spent time either at his father’s home in Long Island or at his mum’s in Clifton, Staten Island. While growing up, he ventured into rap, and met most of the future Wu-Tang Clan members. When the rap group formed, he was one of the most visible due to his physical presence and also lyrical play. He then met with fellow east coast rapper, Reginald Noble, known by his stage name Redman and the two went to collaborate on various tracks and even had two albums out.

How He Built Up His Net Worth

Back to the Method Man net worth, it stands at $14milluion as earlier indicated and supported by an entertainment website, the Wealthy Gorilla. Below are the ventures that continue to build up his impressive value.

Album Sales

When it comes to artistry in the hip hop and rap scene, Method Man is one of the artists that boast of a very impressive discography. A quick check from music news and review website, AllMusic, you can see his works over the years that have been active and earned him the consistent tag.

His first solo album was Tical, which came out in 1994 and garnered a decent reception from both critics and fans. It took the top spot in various charts, both in the United States and other international markets. The album showcased Method Man's lyrical ability and wordplay, a skill he earlier brought to light on Wu-Tang Clan's debut album, Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers). The following year the album got a platinum certification for shipping over a million copies.

His second album was Tical 2000: Judgment Day, which came out in mid-November 1998. The album featured top-notch production from producers such as RZA and the Trackmasters. There were also several featured artists such as Redman and Mobb Deep, as well as several Wu-Tang Clan members and affiliates. A month later, after its release and chart-topping stint, the album got its platinum certification, indicating the sale of more than a million copies. One impressive thing about his debut album is that it sold 411000 copies in its first week.

After joining hands with Redman and forming a duo, they released a collaborative album in September 1999. The combined lyrical prowess on the album drew in an impressive sale of 254000 copies during its first week. The album, like its predecessors, also went platinum. Clifford has several albums to his name, and most of them have a platinum tag. The album sales were one of his cash machines when he started in the entertainment scene.


Another contributor to the $14 million figure that defines Method Man is his tours. He has toured several areas both as a solo artist and as part of the Wu-Tang Clan or with his friend and collaborator Redman. He gets paid by the promoters of the venues he graces, which sell out as most want to experience Meth's artistry.


Many rappers have made the transition to movies such as Ice Cube and Will Smith. Another name to add to artists who have made the successful development is Method Man. He has taken part in various films such as How High, which he starred alongside Redman. Other movies in his filmography include Belly, a Hype Williams production that also featured Queensbridge rapper, Nas, and also Boricua's Bond. You can check out his IMDb page to view his vast filmography. Films pay decently, and it sure is one of the significant contributors to his millionaire status.


As an artist, one of the ways to gain from your dedicated fan base is by capitalizing on merchandise. Method Man benefits from both of his merchandise sales and also those from his Wu-Tang family that runs a clothing company Wu Wear. He also has tons of cannabis-inspired wear that take a page from his movie role in How High.


He has made money from endorsing various brands that seek entry into the hip hop market. Some of the brands he has had endorsement deals with include Adidas, specifically for the Superstar II shoes. He has also had deals with Eyehunee, Avirex, BlazeNow, and Mishka, as evident from Celebrity Endorsers. When in such deals, the brands bank on the artist’s image to improve their acceptance and sales in a specific target market. For the use of the artist’s presence, they pen up deals worthy of immense figures in cash.


Method Man is one of the solid names when it comes to hip hop. He has been in the game for almost three decades and is one of the members of the critically acclaimed rap supergroup the Wu-Tang Clan. He is rich, as you can see by his net worth that puts him some edges deep in the millionaire rank. Above are some of his ventures that contributed to the decent asset base that he now has. You can watch some of his movies or, better still, sample some of his albums to explore his superior artistry.

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